Tiger flutter January 5th A new Chinese men's football national team assembled in Guangzhou for a three-week winter training. Player Wu Xi responded to his transfer rumors in an interview with the media and expressed his views on the national team coach Li Tie. When the new national team starts, what do you think of this training? Wu Xi

On January 5th, Beijing time, the AFC officially announced the selection of 10 stadiums for the 2023 Asian Cup, including the Beijing Workers Stadium and Tianjin Teda Football Stadium. The 10 selected stadiums are: Beijing Workers Stadium (71,000), Tianjin TEDA Football Stadium (37000

Xu Liang responded to the fake ball on January 5, Beijing time. In 2005, the famous comedian Zhao Benshan acquired Liaoning Football, which became a major focus of Chinese football. However, Uncle Benshan failed to solve the chaos of Liaoning Football. Instead, he poured a layer of oil on the fire . In the 2005 season, Liaozu had 0-5 misery

Once on January 5, Beijing time, according to US media reports, Larsa Pippen and NBA superstar Scottie Pippen are about to reach a divorce agreement. Earlier, Larsa submitted the divorce agreement to the court. In the divorce copy, Larsa wanted to swallow all of Pippen's property, and

Tiger flutter January 5 According to the People's Daily, the Chinese men's football coach Li Tie was interviewed for the first time after taking office. He talked about his coaching goals and philosophy, and revealed plans for the next winter training of the national football team. Before Li Tie decided to accept the challenge, many friends around him advised him not to do it

Tiger flutter January 5th At 23:00 Beijing time on January 4th, the 19th round of La Liga in the 2019-2020 season continues, Real Madrid away to challenge Getafe. In the first half, Getafe goalkeeper Soria gave a oolong gift, Courtois 3 times

Tiger flutter January 5th In the third round of the FA Cup, Manchester United have a 0-0 draw with the Wolves. Of the 20 FA Cup matches played on Saturday, local time, only this one was a void and no goals. This round of matches will be played again at Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium.

Tiger flutter January 5th At 01:31 am Beijing time on January 5th, the third round of the FA Cup, the Wolves face Manchester United at home. In the first half, Romero made a wonderful save and the two teams had offense and defense. Rushford mid-frame in the second half, Doherty scored first because of handball

Tiger flutter January 5 News Real Madrid coach Capello recently accepted an interview with Sportsmail and talked about a series of topics including Ronaldo, Zidane, Bell and Guardiola. Speaking of Ronaldo and Bell: Cristiano is important for every team

Tiger flutter January 5th In this round of La Liga, Real Madrid defeated Getafe 3-0, surpassed Barcelona in one more match and ranked first in La Liga. Real Madrid have been unbeaten in the last 10 rounds of La Liga, which is their first time since April to September 2017.

Tiger flutter January 5th Local time January 4th, Real Madrid's German midfielder Cross spent his 30th birthday, and he played for Getafe on behalf of Real Madrid, and finally the team won 3-0. Cross also wrote on Twitter: On my 30th birthday, we

Tiger flutter January 5th In the third round of the FA Cup, Manchester United have a 0-0 draw with the Wolves. What makes the Red Devils feel embarrassing is that Manchester United didn't make a shot in this game. This is the first time they have encountered such a situation in a domestic game (league + cup) in the past 5 years.

Don't bother us staying up late to watch the ball! Wu Lei presents a big gift to Chinese football in the new year! This morning, Chinese fans were boiling with a goal! At 4:00 am Beijing time today, the 19th round of La Liga staged the Catalan Derby, the Spaniards faced Barcelona at home. Wu Lei 73 minutes

Tiger flutter January 5th Wu Lei ’s 88th minute goal allowed Barcelona to take away 3 points away at the last minute. The Spanish media also praised Wu Lei after the match. Both Barcelona local media and Madrid media praised Wu Lei's final goal.

In the early morning of January 5th, Beijing time, the 19th round of La Liga ushered in the Catalan Derby, the Spaniards home 2-2 Barcelona, ​​Chinese star Wu Lei staged a superb play. After the game, CCTV's famous guest commentator Xu Yang wrote in the early morning to celebrate: Luck is the chance

Tiger flutter January 5th The Spaniard tied Barcelona 2-2 at home, Wu Lei scored a goal. In the official player sprint data given after the game, Wu Lei dominated the audience at 32.1km per hour! Retired Peter Pan Robben, who created the 2014 World Cup

In the early morning of January 5th, Beijing time, the 19th round of the La Liga focus war, the Catalan Derby Spaniards home 2-2 Barcelona, ​​Chinese star Wu Lei staged a draw. In the 88th minute, Vargas sent a subtle straight plug. Wu Lei quickly inserted a small angle to push a long-range goal.

Tiger flutter January 5th In the 19th round of La Liga, the Spaniards tied Barcelona 2-2 at home. Wu Lei came off the bench to help the team equalize in the 88th minute of the game. This is also the team's first game of the new year + the debut of the new coach Abelardo, such a result for the ball

Author / & amp; copy; Lone Shadow Editor / & amp; copy; Original report by Mengchuan Fighting Minet. Reprinting and plagiarism are prohibited! Just a moment ago, the long-awaited Huya anchor "Medical Brother" VS Yilong finally came to an end, and the process really exceeded our mortals' imagination.

Tiger flutter January 5 Barcelona tied the Spaniard 2-2 away, Wu Lei came off the bench in the 75th minute and helped the team score a scoring goal. As the first Chinese player to break the Barcelona goal, sofascore gave Wu Lei a 7.0 rating

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