The NBA regular season regular season continued, and the Philadelphia 76ers (8 wins and 5 losses) successfully rebounded. Harris scored 27 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Embiid scored 14 points. They led the team to establish a big score in the first half. The 76ers were away on the road.

On November 18th, Beijing time, the Magic beat the Wizards 125-121 at home, and Marker-Fulz scored 19 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 10 of 8 shots, setting a new record in his career. Fulz as the No. 1 pick in 2017, its

According to the British media "The Sun" reported that in the just-concluded match between Portugal and Luxembourg, when C Ronaldo missed the goal and flew to the stands, the Luxembourg fans yelled Messi on the sidelines. Interfere with him. The conditions of the European preliminaries held in Luxembourg are worse, look

The NBA regular season regular season continues, and the Boston Celtics (10 wins and 2 losses) winning streak is over. Hilde slashed 35 points and 6 rebounds. He led the team to regain the lead in the final quarter. Holmes made two free throws to get the team to lead by 1 point in the 13.3 seconds before the game.

Rutaro Barcelona technical director Abidal said they are concerned about Inter Milan striker Rantaro Martinez. The 22-year-old Argentine striker has performed well in Serie A and has become one of the hottest shooters in Europe. Barcelona is looking for a long-term replacement for Suarez in the future, and Lautalo becomes

On November 18th, in Belgium's European preliminaries against Russia, the Belgian defender Boyata was wearing the jersey of teammate Bashuyai in the first half of the game. It was incredible. Boyata started in this game, but he wore the No. 23 jersey of teammate Bashuyai and his 4th short.

Beijing time today at 6 o'clock, 2019 U17 World Championships finals. Host Brazil home 2-1 reversed Mexico, the team won the fourth time in history. In the history of the World Championships, only Nigeria has won more championships than Brazil, and the African Eagles have won five times. FIFA Master

"Do you want to kick the ball if you die?" "Yes, let's play if you die!" "I will ask you again, do you want to kick the ball if you die?" "Yes, death must also kick!" Toys Gangwon-do, South Korea Chuncheon, an ordinary small town that can no longer be ordinary, calm and comfortable. In 1992, a special family in the city

Tigers on November 18th Portugal 2-0 victory over Luxembourg, successfully advanced to the European Cup, C Ronaldo scored the second goal of the team, the national team scored 99 goals. According to Squawka's statistics, C Ronaldo is the best scorer in the history of the Portuguese national team, leading the first

The 2019 season ATP London year-end finals came to an end. The 21-year-old Greek star Sisyphus completed the transformation from last year's Rising Star Finals to this year's first finalist in the finals. In the final he took 6-7 (6), 6-2, 7-6 (4).

Harry Kane scored again. In the final of the European Cup qualifiers in England, the three-lion corps pre-elected 4-0 to win over Kosovo. In the 79th minute of the match, the British star seized a goal from the opponent's defense. This is his 2020. The first in the European preliminaries

James James's offensive ability has declined this season. This is an indisputable fact. In addition to the decline in all aspects of the body, the offensive desire is not as good as before. This season has been James's 17th season, he still averaged 24.3 points in the first 12 games, but only strong

C Luo is injured in the end? Whether C Luo’s body is hurt or not is now a big mystery. Even C Luo himself constantly changed his mind, saying that there was a problem for a while, and that there was no problem for a while. Italian journalist Palmier questioned C: C Ronald’s physical condition reversed, C Ronaldo now

DeRozan Beijing time November 18, yesterday, the Spurs 116-121 lost to the Blazers, the NBA referee official today announced the final two minutes of the referee report. There is only one wrong penalty. With 37 seconds left in the game, Hood first hit DeRozan’s face.

In the NBA regular season, the Golden State Warriors played against New Orleans on the road. The media listed the injury list of the two teams before the game. It was sad that the listeners were sad. The Warriors list of injuries includes: Curry, Thompson, Russell, Lee, Evans, Luni, Smaj Raj. List of injuries

England's firepower is strong. Due to the poor performance of recent competitions in England, England has always been the king of the qualifiers. They often show great glory in the qualifiers, and the World Cup and the European Cup go home early. In the 2020 European Cup qualifier, the Three Lions continued their strong momentum.

For the Portuguese fans, this is a near-perfect night. The team defeated Luxembourg 2-0 in the final of the European Cup qualifiers, pushing Serbia to advance to the European Cup finals. At the end of the game, C Luo also scored a goal, continuing the good shape of the recent national team game.

Beijing time on November 18, according to US media reports, today's Warriors away to challenge the game, Draymond Green will be the starting point guard of the Warriors. Since the start of the season, the Warriors have suffered from injuries. Today’s away game against the squad, the Warriors’ injury list has been

Tigers on November 18th The Pacers official announced today that they have once again released Victor Oladipo to the Fort Wayne Crazy Ants of the NBA Development League. On the afternoon of the local time this Sunday, Oladipo will train with the Fort Wayne Crazy Ants. He will train after the training.

The Celtics' ten-game winning streak ended in Beijing on November 18th. In a game just ended, the Celtics lost to the Kings 99-100 and ended in a ten-game winning streak. The Celtics had a chance to beat the game, but the ball bounced five times on the rim and eventually rolled out of the rim. Celtic ten company

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