Henan Guangshan County Public Security Bureau official microblogging November 18th news, at 17 o'clock on the 18th, the Luhe Township government staff on the way back after the official official execution, the suspect suspected that a car crashed, causing three different degrees of injury The injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment. Currently,

In Wuhan, Hubei Province, there is an unremarkable small stall in the four-eye well community outside the main entrance of Wuhan University. There is no selling voice and no conspicuous signboard. A cart, an old wooden board with a wire, and a few plastic stools, this is the legendary tofu cerebral palsy and his booth. Never sell old customers for more than a year

01 The micro-incubation of the oasis looks more like a “common circle of friends”, and it is about to usher in a wider range of traffic and word of mouth tests. In Weibo’s third quarter earnings analyst conference call in 2019, Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei revealed that the video and video sharing platform in the internal test is an oasis.

Our reporter Wan Xiaotian Beijing reported that the control of electronic cigarettes, from the line to the offline, the scope is being expanded. After giving verbal notices and warnings to convenience stores around the campus, the China Business News reporter noted that some local tobacco monopoly bureau personnel extended the scope of control to non-school businesses.

Raic, head of the Dash Chinese community, said that Dash wants to never do an anonymous currency, but a payment-type digital currency. Anonymity is just an optional feature. Text | Huang Xueying Operations | Gai Yao Edit | Lu Xiaoming Produced | Odaily

Vibrato International Edition TikTok needs to pass this sensitive period safely, breaking through the pressure and containment from American political circles and Facebook; Vibrato needs to compete with the fast-handed commercial map in China, while ensuring data, user privacy and content can be safe and proper. storage. Text | "Chinese Entrepreneur"

The hardware and software of mobile phones have been rapidly evolving, and some hardware changes often cause some software to change. Are these changes on the phone a good thing for the user? This is not necessarily the case, at least the disappearance of some classic designs, so that the mobile APP is played a lot less, and users are lost.

Chinese food is profound and profound. In the world of senior food, we must not only know what it is, but also know why. In Yangzhou, the world's gastronomic capital, there is such a person who has collected more than 300 recipes. The earliest publication date was in the 1950s. Now, he wants to move some of the contents of the book to the meal.

On November 16th, the Dali Public Security Bureau of Yunnan Province issued a police notice. A student of a university in Dali, Wang Moumou, a student of a university in Zhengzhou, was sentenced to five days of administrative detention for spreading rumors. As for the rumors mentioned in the briefing, as early as November 13th, @Dali University did

The weather is getting colder and colder. For many people, the number of takeaways is increasing. However, if bad weather occurs, considering that the seller may be very hard, should we still order takeaway? Today, such a topic has caused a heated discussion among netizens and quickly sneaked on the hot search. Some netizens

After the 80s, the funeral director realized: Try to live, and say goodbye to the death kiss sculpture in front of the Boblenu cemetery in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Engraved on the pedestal: His young heart has been extinguished. The blood in the veins is getting cold, all the power has passed away, and after he falls into the arms of death, the faith is

■ Liao Muxing / Figure 1 Online children's programming agency announced that the online class has been suspended since last year, children's programming training is hot, a group of children's programming institutions and APP are springing up. Recently, it has been reported that the online children's programming institution Miao Xiaocheng has suspended the network teaching, and hundreds of...

At 11 o'clock in the middle of the night, a courier danced vigorously on the mobile phone. His mobile phone screen was his 3-year-old daughter. On the second shot platform, the video had more than 5 million hits. My daughter hasn't been in kindergarten yet, and I have to listen to stories to sleep at night. Usually empty

(Original title: suspected of accepting bribes of 338 million, this department-level cadre was prosecuted, the company he manages owns 10 million mu of land) In 2011, Yang Sitao, then secretary of Hainan Chengmai County Committee (Source: Visual China) November On the 18th, Hainan Provincial Committee of Political and Legal Affairs portal website - the sea

Dangerous driving after drinking is very dangerous. The traffic law stipulates that for the second drunk driving, it must be severely punished and administrative detention is required. After a second drunk driving was found, a man in Xuzhou was told that he was going to be detained. He was anxious to turn around. He hoped that the police could help him and did not want to influence the...

After buying and buying a while ago, the happiest thing every day is to receive the courier. However, several happy couples face these wonderful pickups. The courier only wants to say: I am too difficult to get close, #双十一奇葩收件名# On the hot search face these strange names

Surveillance is a weapon to fight a variety of criminal behaviors. A thief can sneak a probe to monitor the thief and monitor the contest. Who wins? Recently, the monitoring probe of a factory in Changshu was stolen from the factory and the police of the Hongqiao Police Station of Changshu Public Security Bureau immediately went to the scene to dispose of the police detection probe.

Do you know how many couriers did the Chinese people send and receive in 2018? 50.7 billion pieces! According to the population of 1.4 billion, on average, each Chinese has handled 36 couriers in one year, that is, each Chinese has sent and received 3 couriers every month. Full text 1341 words, reading

The film and television works of "Three-body" are finally coming! On the 17th, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as B station) officially announced the first PV pilot trailer for the "Three-body" animation. In the trailer, Ye Wenjie, who is being tried, said: "Do you know what crime you have committed?" "I hope to build

On November 18, the Court of First Instance of the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued a judgment which found that some provisions of the Hong Kong Emergency Regulations Ordinance did not comply with the Basic Law of Hong Kong and invalidated the relevant provisions. Some NPC deputies expressed strong dissatisfaction with this, and the NPC Standing Committee’s Law...

On the 17th, the citizens of Beijing suffered a gusty weather of 8 to 9 levels. On the ridge near the crossing of Beijing’s Fangshan and Hebei’s Lishui, a female friend was inadvertently blown down by 20 meters when he climbed the mountain. The cliff was finally unfortunately killed. Beijing Fangshan Blue Sky Rescue Team and Baoding Blue Sky Rescue

On November 19th, Beijing time, the Chinese national team coach Lippi, who resigned recently, said in an interview with European sports that he chose to resign because the conditions for continued cooperation were gone. Regarding plans for the future, Lippi said: I don’t have the desire to return to the club’s coaching staff. I don’t think I will ever

Recently, the Nanchang Railway Police suddenly received a report from Mr. Zhang, a passenger on the G1394 train, claiming that one of his black suitcases was lost. There are more than 300 pieces of jade articles worth more than RMB 300,000. Due to the large value of the case, the Nanchang Railway Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force.

Telecommunication network fraud, which is a type of public security law, is the most common type of telecommunication network fraud. In order to deceive a liar, it can be said that it is a trick. Recently, the anti-fraud center of Changsha City has launched a public prosecution against fraud. The early warning platform found that the warning was high together

Recently, the net biography of Fuzhou female college student Han Mou suspected of being threatened by naked boyfriend threatened to cause social concern. Ms. Zhuang, the mother of Han, told reporters that she had decided to give up treatment to Han and had signed an organ donation agreement to donate all her daughter's organs. On the evening of November 18, a liver and two kidneys of Han

Overseas network November 18th It is reported that zebra is not easy to attract bugs. Then, if you paint other animals like zebras, can you fool the worms? A Japanese farm recently made an interesting experiment: put black cows on a white road to see if this black and white cow is also

Editor's note: Bringing your baby out to the sun and breathing fresh air is the choice of many mothers. However, a mother in Guangdong Yunfu is not so lucky. Her baby is not only not healthy, but her baby is exposed to erythema and develops rapidly. Into a fester. In the end what happened? In early October this year, I lived at home.

On-site map (KCNA) overseas network November 19, according to the DPRK News Agency reported on the 19th, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspected the Korean People's Army, known as the place of the Golden Sea, on August 25, the Fisheries Agency, and the new construction Tongchuan Fish Processing Business Center. Site map

How do the bad cards of the original family become kings? It seems that everyone has hated their native family more or less. The same is true of Wang Ziwen. In the variety show "Daughter's Boyfriend", others are voicing their parents' sticky people. Prince Wen is very envious. She and her parents never contact, no one asks her to suffer, tired

According to media reports, in November 2018, a senior student of a university in Shanghai, Xiao Wang, cheated in three exams and was expelled from school. In this regard, Xiao Wang expressed dissatisfaction and took the school to court. On November 29, 2018, Xiao Wang joined the last semester of the fourth semester of senior year.

At the trial site, the public prosecutor read the indictment and filed a public prosecution by the Fuling County Procuratorate of Henan Province. The court recently sentenced Wang Zhiyuan, the former chairman of Henan Guoxin Military-civilian Integration Industry Development Co., Ltd., to imprisonment for 11 years, and fined 500,000 yuan, confiscation of illegal income. . Defendant Wang Zhiyuan...

Know where your child is, whenever and wherever you want to call your child. In recent years, children's smart phone watches with voice calling, positioning and other functions have been welcomed by parents. However, Xiao Xue (a pseudonym) smart phone watch in the Outer Sea Central Primary School in Jiangmen District, Jiangmen, Guangdong. Let her parents feel scared &hell

The interview with Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom for “Public Relations” turned into his own “overturned scene”. Prince Andrew was the second son of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip of Duke of Edinburgh. In 1986, he was named the Duke of York. Not long ago, this prestigious royal family was involved in the United States.

Recently, Hong Kong media reported that Zhao Benshan’s daughter had a daily price of 100,000 yuan. The Zhao Zhao in the photo faced the full lunch box at the table and was eating with gusto. Although I can't see what I eat in the photo, I really want to express my envy: the breakfast of others is so full of flowers, think about myself.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 19th According to the relevant provisions of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, according to the nomination and suggestion of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs Carrie Lam, the State Council decided on November 19, 2019 to appoint Deng Bingqiang as the police...

Ma Sichun, Zhou Dongyu, Ma Sichun, Netizen Netease Entertainment reported on November 19th, 2016, a "July and Ansheng" let Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun both won the Golden Horse Award for best actress trophy, but there have always been netizens who will be two Acting for comparison. November 18

Li Ronghao reported on November 19th that according to Taiwan media reports, singer Li Ronghao revealed at the concert in Shenzhen on the 16th that Li Bai took only 15 minutes to complete. Many fans praised the idols for their amazing talents, but some netizens questioned: Bragging is not drafting! network

Kaka and his current wife, the famous Brazilian star Kaka, may be the most handsome man on the pitch after David Beckham. Kaka’s career has been brilliant, with almost all the honors he has earned, and he has won the World Footballer and the Golden Globe Award. Beijing time, November 18, 37-year-old Kaka

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 19th, on November 18th, Jinsha issued a message: Can I marry when I am married? And with a Zhou Zhennan I am too south of the expression pack. As soon as this article came out, it quickly caused heated discussion on the Internet. Netizens watched and commented, saying: Susu, Yi Xiaochuan may still

Beijing is now a well-known Internet company, from the middle to the top, most of them are Baidu people. When Yan Bing said this, the voice improved several decibels. This may be a bit exaggerated, but among the three big BAT giants, compared to Ali, Tencent, Baidu, known as the Internet Whampoa Military Academy, brain drain

Red Bull does not lack the Dongpeng special drink after the listing of the chasers can catch up with Red Bull? On October 9, the China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed that Dongpeng Beverage has completed the first stage of supervision and supervision under the guidance of Huatai United Securities. This means that Dongpeng Beverage is one step closer to the A-share listing. The...

The noble bird, a sports brand from China's shoes, Jinjiang, Fujian, is familiar to many people. However, in recent years, compared with the strong domestic brands such as Li Ning and Anta, the noble birds seem to be somewhat unsettled. In October of this year, CCTV Finance also reported that the expensive bird shop was in a horrible situation: it has been expensive for the past three years.

While watching the orders as snow flakes, bathing in the praises of the users, this is probably the ultimate ideal that every company dreams of. There are not a few companies that do the first one, and there are a lot of them in the second one, but at the same time let people praise themselves, even if they look at the entire business community.

Since the publication of the long article "The Confessions of a Lai CEO" on Weibo in early November, Luo Yonghao's movement has been concerned by the market and many netizens. Recently, Luo Yonghao issued a number of Weibo reports, seeking to introduce the management of a number of well-known brands such as refrigerators, mothers and children, yoga mats, and announced that they will

[Yibang Power News] November 18th news, Enterprise WeChat released a new version, adjust or add a number of new features. Billion Power found that the newly released Enterprise WeChat 2.8.17 version optimized the approval application function, and opened the application for approval of application, notification of status change, and application for acquisition.

Abstract: Offline business is not a day's work. Online bans, how to break through under the electronic cigarette line? Image Source @视觉中国钛媒体 Note: This article is from WeChat public account Finance (ID: rancaijing), author | Dawn, editor | Wei Jia, Titanium Media is authorized to release. Supervisor

The listing of the Bull Group has come to the forefront. The company's predecessor, Bull Electric, was founded in Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 1995. After the merger, it merged with Bull Electronics and Bull Electric to form the current proposed listing. In December 2017, it introduced high-capital capital and other institutions to complete the share reform, and the following year, the...

The coming is still coming. China Life Insurance, which has been falling for 7 consecutive days, ushered in a big drop after the first IPO after the A-share IPO. It once fell within the intraday limit. Since November 7th, the market value of PICC has evaporated by more than 53 billion. Today, China’s PICC A shares are lower and lower.

Abstract: The opening price on the 18th was 140 yuan / share, and the increase reached 208.37%. As of the titanium media, the total market value of Jinshan Office was 64.079 billion yuan. Jinshan Office, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, has been waiting for the listing on the scene for 20 years. Jinshan Office has finally been listed in Science and Technology today.

Author: Feng Chao Source: Business People (ID: biz-leaders) 2019 Nian 11 16, Accra, Ghana. Four judges appeared at the African Entrepreneurship Competition. The two are well-known entrepreneurs in Africa, and the other two are Ma Yun and Cai Chongxin. An entrepreneur

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