[Global Network Reporter Wang Boya] The documents are scattered, the tables and chairs are overturned, and the mattresses and refrigerators that have been thrown out outside the window... A number of British media recently exposed a video of the British Royal Navy, in which several recruits I got drunk and fainted directly in an abandoned bedroom at the training base. video

Recently, two nurses from a pet clinic in Baisha, Singapore, threw the cut animal testicles into the ball in the operating room. Once the video was uploaded to social media, the netizens immediately bombarded the animal and veterinary affairs team. The investigation has been involved and the two nurses involved have been suspended. Comprehensive foreign media reports said that the matter involved

Modern Express News (Correspondent Shen Juan Du Yueqin Reporter Jiang Zhenjun) Recently, the Yancheng Dafeng District Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a large-scale theft case involving over one million yuan and arrested four suspects. The reporter of the modern express newspaper learned that the suspects searched the court for auction information through the Internet and looked for...

The picture comes from the visual Chinese ordering company to make a written apology, and compensates for the loss of wages during the pregnancy period of 2064 yuan, the loss of maternity leave wages of 1875 yuan, the mental damages of 10,000 yuan … … Recently, Guangdong Zhuhai a property company Staff bell

Recently, a video was reprinted by major networks. In a kissing match held by a marriage and love website, a man under the stage suddenly rushed to the stage to hit and shirk a woman who was participating in the event. It is reported that this happened in Zunyi, Tantan. On the 13th, the parties publicly apologized and explained the incident. It turned out that hitting people

I will put your nude photos in the school forum right away! Tomorrow, I will investigate your parents and give a surprise to my uncle and aunt. This is the fourth year of Fuzhou Foreign Languages ​​College, Xiao Jing (a pseudonym) received information from her ex-boyfriend on November 16th, Xiao Jing’s mother Zhuang Ping (a pseudonym) ) said to Hai Dujun, daughter

Hyundai Express (communicator Jiang Gongxuan, reporter Ji Yu) posted information on WeChat and QQ, so that people with unwilling will be willing to engage in illegal transactions. Recently, the Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau arrested a woman who was recruited. Surprisingly, this is a good face in a circle of friends.

Tigers on November 17 Lakers forward LeBron James today reposted his video of the separation in the 99-97 victory over the Kings yesterday and expressed his thoughts. When the train is moving at full speed, please leave the train track unless you want your close relatives to wear black. . #过

In a European Cup qualifier, Belgium has already qualifyed ahead of the 4-1 victory over Russia, and continues to lead the group standings with a 9-game winning streak. Together with Italy, it has become the only two winning goals. team. As the core of the team, Azar has played well in the game, he used two

On November 17th, Beijing time, “Tianjin Daily” reported that the Chinese Football Association is inclined to lead the national football team to the World Cup in the combination of the coach and the foreign coach. The newspaper said that the turmoil caused by Lippi’s resignation has not seen any signs of ending, but the Chinese team lost to Syria on the road.

Tigers on November 17th Although the Netherlands did not beat Northern Ireland on the road, 1 point has been able to ensure that the Orange Legion returns to the stage of the World Series. After the game, the Dutch team took a group photo in the locker room. The players sent this photo through social media. Everyone said: Europe

Tigers on November 17th European Cup qualifiers, Germany 4-0 defeated Belarus, the game, the German team center guard Kintel opened the record, he said his goal is to pay tribute to Beckham. For his own heel goal, Kintel said: I also kicked the right side when I was young.

Bashu Yayi was dubbed by Chinese fans as the spokesperson of happy football because he often wastes the opportunity to score. In today's Belgian battle against Russia, there was another funny event on the happy dentist. Only this time, he was pitted by his teammates. In the face of Russia, Bashuay did not start. in

Downs, who is experiencing his fifth career season, is also celebrating his 24-year-old birthday today. This is the advantage of talented teenagers entering the league early, and the monsters have been upgraded, accumulating four years of experience, and looking at the age, and some older rookies who have just entered the league are generally big. It’s fabulous to win a victory on birthday...

James Beijing time on November 17, according to the NBA official website, yesterday, the last two minutes of the Lakers' home game against the Kings report was released. The report showed that there was a fatal error in the Lakers in the last 5.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Judge. Yesterday's game

Tigers on November 17 In the game against Guangzhou, Sichuan foreign aid Thomas Robinson was crying on the sidelines due to technical fouls. The official announcement of the Sichuan team said that Robinson mistakenly thought that he could not contribute to the team and was saddened. After the club leader explained it, he gradually recovered his emotions.

The growth momentum of Ter Stegen in the past two years is extremely obvious, and the topic of whether Germany should change the starting goalkeeper has been repeatedly speculated. From the perspective of age, Neuer obviously does not represent the future. But in terms of strength, Neuer is still one of the best goalkeepers in Germany. In Germany's 4-0 victory over White Rose tonight, Novo

Tigers flew on November 17 According to the "Sunday Mirror" news, Mourinho had previously said that he did not want Manchester United to pay Maguire more than 50 million pounds. Mourinho had intentionally won Maguire before, and his price might be around 60 million pounds. But then Man

In the 9th round of Group C of the European Cup qualifiers, Germany beat Belarus 4-0 at home and advanced to the finals in 1 round. Cross gave a 2 shot and a pass in the game, becoming the biggest hero in Germany. In this game, Cross debuted and showed a good state. First half

Since last season, Waiters has had a fierce dispute with the Heat coaching team. From the allocation of the ball to the lineup adjustment, this summer, Waiters has even brought the issue to me. I have LeBron Wade Bosh and I can lead the team …& ;hellip; He was thus completely buried. Until this time,

The microblogging name Ryan Fannie’s miracle netizens issued a letter of apology and apologized for the false news that they fabricated the Yan Junling. After the game of the national football team lost to Syria, a contract suspected of buying a house for the national football goalkeeper Yan Junling was exposed. The contract showed that the total price of the house was as high as 7400.

A year ago, French Football Association President Legrai said that Benzema’s national career was over. Recently, Madrid media Benzema returned to the French team to hype, and Legrai now responded quickly. Benzema is a good player, I have never doubted his strength, he proved himself in the world before Real Madrid

Beijing time on November 17, according to "Clutch Points" reported that the Golden State Warriors win rate (16.7%) and the previous season's winning rate (69.5%) are very different. If it continues until the end of the season, its winning percentage deficit will refresh the history of NBA, beyond 199

Beijing time On November 17, according to US media reports, former North Carolina State University player, NBA player Anthony Grundy, who played for the Atlanta Hawks, had previously died in Louisville, Kentucky. At the time of death, only

In the football field, the case of the coach winning the class is rare, and the case of the class after the victory is even more rare. But in Italian football, there is now a world of anecdote. Due to the 27-0 victory over the opponent, Invic Rotherto coach Rickini was fired and his charges were not respected.

According to Lizhi News, a man in Hohhot spent 100,000 to rob the country, and the owner of the sports lottery said he was not bad, only bought the Chinese team to win. Lichee News wrote: The World Cup Asian Regional Qualifiers 40, the Chinese team 1:2 lost to the Syrian team, so many fans awkward. The next day, one

In Russia, skating can be called "home door movement." Many children just learned to walk and they were skating with their parents. It is no wonder that for many years, figure skating projects, especially women's slippery, Russia has always been at the top of the world. In the fifth stage of the just-finished figure skating Grand Prix, Russia

The NBA regular season continued and the Dallas Lone Rangers (7 wins and 5 losses) successfully rebounded. East Cicchi scored 26 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists. In the fourth quarter, he scored 6 points and played a 8-0 spurt to seal the victory. The Lone Ranger team at home.

According to ESPN, the pioneers have long been interested in melons and have tried to get him through various means over the years. And Anthony has a team that has the ability to win, and the best players must welcome him and other specific requirements. Wanting to get melon has always been the mind of the pioneers. Pioneer Basketball Division President

Tigers on November 17th The German team beat White Rose in this round of European preliminaries, but the German football media "Kickers" still criticized the performance of the German team. "Kicker" magazine said that although the German team won 4-0, but the opponent of this game, White Rose's FIFA platoon

This season, the Knicks are still the same as the eternal rotten team, which has led to many rumors of the head coach's class, followed by various condemnations that team president Mills should also be held accountable. According to New York media, the Knicks are already searching for new executives and have a list of names. Reporting this news is

Manchester United's attack power this season is very weak, the Red Devils fans missed Lukaku, the latter killed in the Italian arena. This summer, Manchester United sold Lukaku, fans believe this is Solskjaer's decision because he does not trust Lukaku. However, Lukaku’s pro-independence today is that he decided to leave Manchester United.

Tigers flew on November 17 According to Weibo women's football reports, Chinese national youth player Zhao Yujie played well in the NCAA Women's National Finals in the United States, contributing 2 assists to help the mother team Florida State University beat the opponent. 2019NCAA Women's Football League

On the 17th of November, many local friends circle and WeChat groups in Zhangzhou were spread. Meilong was arrested by the Yongquan police station in Beihu District, Zhangzhou. On the morning of the 17th, the reporter asked the website of Beizhou District, Wuzhou for verification. The director told reporters that the woman has not been confirmed to be online.

I don't know how many people are not sipping milk tea with the same day as B. chinensis. But is there milk in the milk tea we drink? Does sugar-free milk tea really have no sugar? The heart of the coming November 12 Fujian Provincial Consumer Council, Fuzhou Municipal Consumer Council released the current production of milk tea to carry out a comparative test to see 40 milk tea comparison

Recently, a video was reprinted by major networks. In a kissing match held by a marriage and love website, a man under the stage suddenly rushed to the stage to hit and shirk a woman who was participating in the event. It is reported that this happened in Zunyi, Tantan. On the 13th, the parties publicly apologized and explained the incident. It turned out that hitting people

On November 16th, a video was on the Internet. The video shows that a red BMW is parked on the side of the road and the body is all Chinese red. On the hood, a five-star red flag is strikingly printed. On the same day, the reporter turned to the video shooter —— Mr. Chen from Huangshi

Image Source @UnsplashTitanium Media Note: A few days ago, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hosted the 4th Seoul China Investment Cooperation Day, and Titan Media was invited to participate in the event. Through exchanges with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul entrepreneurs, and Chinese investors, Titanium Media tried to outline the entrepreneurship of Korean entrepreneurs.

Image Source: Vision China [Industrial Internet Weekly is a featured product released by Titanium Media TMTpost, which will integrate the most important enterprise-level services, cloud computing, big data frontier trends, heavyweight policies and research reports this week. Industry Internet (Industrial In

Text / Wang Xinxi, cover from Visual China A few days ago, Tencent released Q3 financial report, this year only began to emerge from the financial sector of the business sector - Tencent Financial Technology has become a relatively bright growth point in the financial report. In the quarter, financial technology and corporate services revenues reached 26.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase.

This article from the micro-channel public number Commercial Street, Holmes (ID: bustanan), Author: Xia Zhi, drawing questions from the visual China. The push is a big pit! After the 95th Xiao Li and the commercial street detective spit. When she graduated from college, Xiao Li has been selling in the auto industry. In the spring of 18, she switched to

This year's double eleven groups competed, but the fight and more and Jingdong also created a surprise? In the 2019 era of double acceleration, the eleventh ushered in its eleventh birthday. As the volume increased, the image of the double eleven began to become cumbersome. However, at this moment, 11 years old

Saying a very sad thing, the "Singularity" on the evening of November 16 did not have Fu Seoul, which made me have no target for this cut powder. Already in the sixth season, "Qi Yu said" after the wonderful people came and went, showing a bit of fatigue. In the mentor lineup, except for Li’s birthday, a suit is quite straight, like it’s not like

Li Xian and Akita are really silly fufu's smile, so good. Is this funny? Shu Qi and squid. Lin’s updated forest dog is not white. Wow, wow, so cute, Chen Weijun and this Keji. Yue Yunpeng smashed his face into this angry cat, all of which were round buns. Editor in charge: Xue Qiao (E

Zhang Guorong and Song Hye Kyo can be said to be very worthy of this photo. Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung are very popular stars in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. The relationship between the two is also very good. It is common to have a back-to-back or kiss each other, but their relationship is very pure. They have always been called brothers and sisters. But in 1999

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 17th that on November 16th, when Lei Jiayin attended the event, he was asked if he had read the new film "You are a teenager" and responded that he did not see it because I did not accept that he was already better than me. fact. Lei Jiayin and Yi Qian Qiang have worked together on the online drama "Long

The stars that look good in the entertainment circle can really make the number of people countless. A wave of old people, a wave of ups and downs, is really the wave of the Yangtze River. Stars can not only look good, but even the eyelashes are very good compared with the average person. Today, let’s take a look at the stars of the entertainment circle with big eyes and long eyelashes.

Netease Entertainment reported on November 17th, on November 17th, the online drama "There is a slap" drama reorganized the inside story, and said that the operation is very magical, which explains why Zhao Liying had previously posted on the Internet. According to insiders, the "There is a slap" crew is a group shot, the same

Netease Entertainment reported on November 17th that some netizens exposed Zhang Xinyu, who came back after marriage, to the latest tidbits of the new drama. She cut the short hair and let the audience shine. But the latest footage of the filming is actually a kiss, upgrade after marriage. For the hot mom, she boldly challenged the kiss, and the road was not restricted! now

Netease Entertainment reported on November 17th that some netizens met Tang Wei’s video at the airport during the 11th holiday on the social platform, and the text: South Korea’s plane encounters Miss Tang Wei, even more fortunate that she sat in my Next to it, the first zero-distance contact was too excited. Can be seen from the picture

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