At 10 o'clock on the evening of November 14, Jia Nailiang Studio issued a statement announcing the divorce with Li Xiaoyu. The two married in 2012 and had a female sweetheart; previously, the staff of both sides denied the divorce. Source: ZAKER Xiaoxiang Comprehensive Editor Xiaomei

(Original title: Tao Yan, the former director of Zhejiang Satellite TV's editor-in-chief, was investigated. In March of this year, he left to go to college to teach.) The news reported on November 14 that he worked for Zhejiang Satellite TV for a long time. He served as moderator, producer, and editor-in-chief. Tao Yan, the media person in charge of the post, was investigated. November 14th,...

On the evening of the 14th, the TV drama "Qing Yi Xing" issued a microblogging official and starred in the men's and women's roles. The heroine Li Shubai was starred by Wu Yifan, and the actress Huang Wei was starred by Yang Zi. The two also interacted with each other on Weibo on Weibo. ten

Tell a sand sculpture story. Just two days ago, the lost train band sent a microblog, and the Tucai band lost a job opportunity because of the name. The reason is very funny. In order to celebrate the opening of the high-speed rail to a music festival, the organizers found them. When the contract was signed, the leader felt that the train was lost.

Give you Kang Kang this little baby ↓ white and cold, there is a kind of fairy supermodel feel. The calf is long and must be leg refined in the future. Mom, tighten the beautiful big light and hold it. A photo of the face, this pair of eyes sharks come to me. His name is Samuel.

According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Zhiling Kurosawa will hold a wedding at the Tainan Art Museum on November 17th. The wedding will be organized by Lin Zhiling. Only 12 tables will be opened. Only friends and relatives will be invited to participate. There is no bridesmaid, but it is very low-key. In addition to Cai Kangyong and Xiao S, friends Huang Zikai and Wang Li

NetEase Entertainment Specials November 14th reported that Li Xiaoying's studio responded to the indecent video event: it has been reported.

There are people who don’t want to record in half of the catalogue, Jiang Sida. In his own show "Only visible in three days", he encountered a strong enemy. This follow-up program is Jiang Sida and the artist to get together for three days, and then read from it. But by the next day, Jiang Sida could not stand it. Can I bother one person? I just don't want to

Come, let's play a few question marks first:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sorry for playing three more question marks, I can't hold back. Feng Timo recently went to the variety "Pension Prince" and said the above three sentences. Contact lenses, 20 days, not picked. The host, He Wei, was shocked. I was thinking: I just asked you to be lazy in life.

Recently, some netizens encountered a low-key appearance of Zhou Xun at the Beijing airport. On the same day, Zhou Xun did not carry his luggage. He did not see any staff members accompanying him. He didn’t know whether he was working or going out to play. He felt that the whole person’s state was very relaxed. On the same day, Zhou Xun wore a black inside, and a dark blue big outside.

Li Xiaoyu Jia Nailiang, a sweetheart, a NetEase entertainment reported on November 14th, on November 14th, Jia Nailiang's studio issued a statement that the official announced the divorce with Li Xiaoyu, confirming that the two-year marriage ended at the end of the year. Some netizens turned over the interview of Li Xiaolan’s husband Jia Nailiang, who talked about Jia Nailiang’s look.

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 14th, on November 14th, Jia Nailiang's studio issued a statement that the official announced the divorce with Li Xiaoyu, confirming that the two-year marriage ended at the end of the seven-year marriage. The studio also responded to recent events with PG One.

Netease Entertainment Specials November 14th reported on the afternoon of the 14th, papi sauce on Weibo through the video announced good news. Papi sauce and husband Laohu spent the fifth anniversary of their marriage in May.

Image source @unsplash文|Reading entertainment, author|Zero fans can't buy tickets, but they can always see the news of others' votes from various channels. From the singer stars such as Jay Chou, Lin Junjie, to the Ti9 and other electric competitions, they often see the phenomenon that the official website is one second and the ox is everywhere. I

Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Yang Yuanqing Image Source: Every reporter Li Shaoting photo taken on November 14th, the 5th Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference (Lenovo Tech World 2019) was held. This afternoon, Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuan

Introduction: In recent years, the postgraduate fever has continued to heat up, and the number of postgraduate students is expected to exceed 3 million in 2020. Enhance the competitiveness of employment, and increase your own future to become an important reason for many graduates and even graduates. Source 21st Century Business Herald (ID:jjb

On November 14, China Mobile announced at the Media Communication Conference of the Global Partner Conference that it will fully upgrade the 3G brands of Global Connect, Shenzhouxing and M-Zone. Since 2003, China Mobile has successively built three major customer brands, creating a precedent for the domestic communications industry. last year

IT House November 14th According to Huawei's official mall information, Huawei Mate X 5G folding screen mobile phone will start at 10:08 am on November 15 (Tomorrow), Huawei Mall limited sales. 8GB memory +512G

IT Home November 14 News GitHub today shared a plan to open Arctic Code Vault, which is designed to store and store open source software such as Flutter and TensorFlow. All open source items

This article looks at the fact that the Porn Valley has not been banned under the strict supervision of many parties and the colored glasses of the society, but has completed industrial innovation. Security measures such as xHamster are more cautious and comprehensive than large technology companies. Website development should pay more attention to content review, rather than blind pursuit of...

Before the double eleven, air-conditioning companies were more angry. Because of the eyebrows and the eyebrows, Galanz products were all removed from the Tmall. When they ran to the court to sue Tmall, they made a special microblog: single-handedly picking clouds. Wang Pushi said that this microblog is good, and that people have less hair and no dirty words. Weibo, the industry's overlord Gree

On the 12th, a shooting incident at a Thai court hearing was held. The police said that three people were killed in the crossfire. Two of the victims were lawyers. According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 12th, gunmen opened fire on each other in a dispute in the Chanthaburi court, and then a guard retaliated, eventually killing this

Recently, Jiangsu Changzhou police received a man alarm that he was suspected of being sneaked by the same sex when he went to the toilet. The police rushed to the scene to find the suspect Zhang. It is reported that since August 2019, Zhang has repeatedly used to buy short-distance tickets to enter the station, to the station to sneak shots of men to the toilet. Zhang claims

The introverted teenager, one night, suddenly said to his grandfather, vomiting: The blood is bleeding! Grandpa was shocked on the spot. After looking at his grandson's underwear, he quickly sent the child to the hospital... What happened? The teenager stuffed 53 buck balls into the body! 14 years old

50 undefeated boxing legend Mayweather is preparing to build a large casino in Tokyo, and is preparing to start the project with the most rematched WBA super boxer Pacquiao. The rematch with Pacquiao is a big battle that has attracted the attention of the world's boxing fans. It is also a gold fight. But at the same time, Ma Wei

Sun Yang’s hearing in Switzerland was less than 24 hours. After arriving in Montreux, Switzerland, Sun Yang posted a photo with Australian foreign teacher Dennis on the social platform, with a message: fighting side by side. Sun Yang wrote: Arrived in Montreux, walking along the shores of Lake Geneva with Dennis, we have experienced together these years.

Suzhou Kentiya team officially launched an online interaction with Jeremy Lin today. The Kendia men’s basketball team forwarded the video of the book philanthropy and announced that in the next game of Kendia’s home game against Beijing’s Shougang team, the team To prevent Lin Shuhao from making a three-pointer, he will donate 3,000 yuan to the non-profit organization. Yesterday

At 19:15 on November 14th, Beijing time, the fifth round of Group F of the World Cup 40 in the World Cup, the Japanese men's team played against Kyrgyzstan. In the first half of the game, 42 minutes, Nanye Tuo scored a penalty kick, the original goal of the 52nd minute free kick. most

Two days ago, Real Madrid striker Benzema was on the social platform to take photos of his cupping, with text recovery. Prior to this, the French had repeatedly issued such photos, which can be said to be a loyal fan of cupping. Six well-known journalists from Spain also experienced this oriental medicine under the influence of Benzema.

Austrian local time November 13th, the final round of the 2019 Austrian Table Tennis Open Qualifying Tournament, two Chinese players Wang Chuqin and Zhao Zihao met. In the game, Wang Chuqin was out of control in the face of backwardness, and he threw two shots and almost almost Zhao Zihao in the middle of the country, this is not appropriate

According to the Thai media "Siam Sports" report, Shanghai Shanggang is preparing to bid 2 million euros for the purchase of Messi Oklahoma, Thailand, and another Chinese Super League team Henan Jianye team is also very interested in Oklahoma. Thai media said that the Super League defending champion Shanghai Shanghai team is eager to sign Thailand Messi

Tonight, CBA's fifth round continued. Guangdong played against Sichuan. Yi Jianlian once again demonstrated his dominance in the basket and completed a separate dunk in the second quarter. In the second quarter, there are still about 5 minutes and 40 seconds left. Ah Lian receives the Weems hang from the basket, his moment

Tigers on November 14th, Beijing time 22:00, the national football team will play against the Syrian 40 in the preliminaries of the World Cup. Before the game, the two sides announced the starting lineup of the game. National Football Debut: Goalkeeper: 1- Yan Junling Defender: 17- Wang Gang, 5-Zhang Linyi, 22-Zhu

On the evening of November 14th, Beijing time, the 5th round of the regular season, the North Control team played against the Zhejiang team. The first three quarters of the North Control team scored the lead all the way, the end of the Zhejiang team outside the line feels tied to tie the score. At the last moment, the two sides alternately lead, and finally Beijing Controls with a stable free...

On November 14th, Beijing time, the World Cup preliminaries, the Chinese team played in Syria. In the 4th minute, Exxon left the 45-degree angle and passed the restricted area. In front of Hao Junyu, he collided with the goalkeeper Alma and fell to the ground. Hao Junyi fell to the ground for treatment and the game was temporarily interrupted.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I said that I am scared younger brother! In the game circle, there is a kind of persistent insistence! There are a group of players, they, regardless of other people's eyes, whether the game is not cool, only play a game every day, only play a profession, a role! Focus on one point, repeat several actions every day, repeatedly tapping, most

The thunderous drums will ring again, pick up your weapons and prepare to fight again! —— On November 13th, the World of Warcraft classic nostalgia will officially launch the PvP honor system and the leaders Kazak and Isola. We will also open a new set of classic classic nostalgic servers.

In 2017, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against 4399's page tour "The Shootout Frontline" and the mobile game "Heroes Shootout" because the two games infringed on the "watching pioneer" and the unfair competition When the time passed two years later, the lawsuit finally got results.

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. Some time ago, League of Legends celebrated the 10th anniversary of the world. On this day, the fist did not know what kind of wind was drawn, and announced a number of "League of Legends" IP derivative works such as mobile games, self-propelled chess games, card games, fighting games, animation, etc. One

Sega today announced the latest information on the new series "The Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39's", introducing two new songs and T-shirt customization features of "Teo" and "Jitter Bug". Officially called "The Hatsune Miku Projec

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] According to ESPN editor Fionn broke the news, the fist executives confirmed that the LOL World Cup will be held in the future - this is the question of when the LOL World Cup will be held instead of whether it can be held. They want to host the World Cup and want to do it.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am your brother. I believe that many viewers who go to the cinema will not stay in the theater after watching the movie and watch the list of producers appearing at the end of the film. Even if you want to see it, the sweeping aunt will drive you to leave as soon as possible. For gamers, the game is cleared.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am a little brother. This week, the world's largest game media, IGN, can be said to be news. First, Hideo Kojima's masterpiece "Death Stranded" was rated as a low score of 6.8, and then Nintendo's "Bao Ke Meng: Sword / Shield" was played.

The official website of "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" has just updated two new information - the method of renting teams and playing the game against the competition, and also detailed the detailed operation tutorials for online and offline battles for the new players who are new to this series. The "rental team" system is in "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield", players can

Good evening Thursday, this is the 78th issue of Silicon Valley Telescope by ZAKER Technology. The President of Motorola revealed: Why is there a Razr folding screen phone? Motorola president: We see foldable Razr

Suspecting that his wife is not honest, the man Liu installed the mobile phone monitoring software. The result was a video of his wife’s sexual relationship with a certain person. Liu asked for a loss of 100,000 yuan, and sent a video to him in a rage. Yu a wife …… 35 years old

Modern Express News (correspondent Zhou Jikun reporter Jiang Zhenjun) Yancheng man has been divorced for more than 20 years and has not found a suitable object. Now he is over 60 years old. Recently, he used the spirit of alcohol to harass the widows in the village, and the other party reported the police. In the face of the police’s interrogation, he actually said that he was looking at the...

Modern Express News (trainee reporter Cao Feng) Because of the needs of National Day security, a female teacher who had just taken up a job in Yangzhou delayed the marriage with her police boyfriend. A month later, she received an unexpected surprise on the wedding day: at the scene of her wedding location, the whole class of boys suddenly appeared collectively and dressed handsomely.

Korean media said that with the intensification of the repairs in Hong Kong, Korean students have returned to South Korea in consideration of personal safety. According to the Yonhap News Agency on November 14th, the Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong sent vehicles to help more than 40 Korean students studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong leave the city on the 13th.

Recently, Liao, a man from Cili County, Hunan Province, is preparing to take the K808 train to Changsha at Zhangjiajie Railway Station. The monitoring showed that when Liao was passing the security check, the security inspector found suspicious items in his suitcase. After checking the bag, he found that there were 8 standard pistol bullets inside. (Editor Jiang Wenjia

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