I believe that everyone will remember the animated short film of "Watching Pioneer 2" officially announced at the Blizzard Carnival. Recently, Blizzard Entertainment Artist Jungah Lee announced on the ArtStation the NPC settings in the "Watching Pioneer 2" animated short film.

Previously, the developers of Quantic Dream's "Rainstorm" and "Superior Twins" have been logged into the PC platform. Recently, the official official announcement of the "Detroit: Change" PC version will be released on December 12, and also announced a PC version of the sale notice.

As the date of the launch approached, Netflix's promotion of its "Witcher" TV series began to increase frequently. Recently, Netflix has released a number of new stills of the "Witches" TV series. The familiar Gelot, Hiri and Ye Nafa have also appeared again in the TV series.

"Sammu 3" is now only a few days away from the official release. This game, developed by Ys Net, released by Deep Silver, recently announced the ultimate trailer. Your browser does not support this video playback video. Bar Moon cool came to Bailu Village, Guilin, China.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Recently, PearlAbyss's new escape movie "Shadow Arena" (provisional translation: Shadow Arena) opened the early download of the beta client. PearlAbyss through Korea Game Show G

According to Kotaku, "The Final Fantasy 7" Tifa's voice actor Itobu received a death threat from both men and women this summer. They were dissatisfied with their voice and threatened to Ito's acting studios and game companies: I want to put a fork on her back, think

Tencent’s shareholding in Ubisoft is believed to have been known to everyone. Recently, Ubisoft’s director of e-sports reiterated that he is working hard with Tencent to represent the national service of “Rainbow Six: Siege”, only to be reviewed by relevant departments. Domestically, the severity of the review of the game content is very deep, and it is similar to the corpse, blood and...

Today, Valve officially announced the new major action update of CS:GO - the split network action, the split network action pass international service and national service price are 106 yuan, there will be more than this big action New content online games, including new skins, new maps, come together to understand one

With three years of expectation and the study of island scientists, the long-lost "Death Stranded" finally met with the players recently. However, from the moment the score was lifted, there was a dramatic change in the matter: IGN announced the word-of-mouth with a score of 6.8.

After a few months of eager anticipation, the Hollywood action adventure giant "Brave Game 2: Fighting the Peak" officially filed on December 13th, and released the snow mountain poster and the comprehensive out-of-control version. . Jushi Johnson

I believe that everyone is familiar with the locked loot box sold in Jedi Survival. Recently, according to the foreign media VG247 report, the future "Jesus Survival" may cancel the mechanism of locking the spoiler box, let's take a look. Players who have played "Jesus Survival" should all know that in the Jedi

Today, the "Rocket Heroes" new sword of the death squad on the anvil ignited the war, the forging goddess Brigitte opened the trial for the heroes, every dance of rotation, every flight over the air, it is possible to be a hero They bring the threat of sudden death! So, before the battle starts, let’s take a look at Brigitte.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am a little brother. As a player, it is very common to insist on playing a game for a few years. If you insist on painting a game picture for a long time, it is very different. Recently, a Japanese player has produced a game of handcrafted work on a social platform.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Korean game company 4:33 Recently, it has released two new mobile games under development, the "Guardian Plan" and "Swords Time and Space" promotional videos. 1. Beautiful girl naval battle RPG mobile game "Guardian Plan" "Guardian

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] On November 18th, the Korean game company 4:33 said that its beautiful girl naval battle RPG mobile game "Guardian Plan" began pre-registration in South Korea. The Guardian Plan is a beautiful girl sea battle RPG mobile game

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] The "Arena Plan" is a new work developed by NGEL GAMES in this year's newly created Seoul Development Studio. It is a Roguelike+ escape that competes in the real-time changing battlefield. Kill game

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am scared younger brother! The high-energy warning ahead, the GIF updated on time every second has no point of urine, please look at it... GIF is bigger, please check the Wifi. Loading and defeating on the spot, playing away from the ordinary player and the player

Hello everyone, this is a history of accidental updates that are not regularly updated. I am a serious younger brother. Do you still remember this website? That's right, it is 4399, the page king who ruled an era ten years ago. Today's 4399 is no longer a small company that was originally created by people. They are located in Guangzhou.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Korean game show G-STAR 2019, officially closed on November 17, the total number of visitors reached 244,309 people (predicted at 17:00 on the 17th). Hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association, G

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] The "Lost Ark" once called the hope of Korean games. Now in South Korea, it is difficult to find players who say this. However, this does not mean that the game is yellow. Because, if the game is yellow, the Korean game industry is basically abolished.

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