According to the all star on February 4, 2013, Guo Degang broke the news, in Sina micro-blog issued a document, I as a Tianjin Hukou Chinese citizen officially announced, Deyunshe Australia branch has been established, the first overseas Deyunshe will be

These two days have kept users to take photos, outdoor advertising endorsement of Vivian Hsu have already been CHCEDO removed, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen City, some have rapidly changed it to Zhao Liying, because, quite a blow. Vivian

Recently, Tong Dawei and his wife boarded a magazine on the cover of the couple on the cover of. The cover in the area, Tong Dawei Guan Yue wearing the same color couple retro suit, turned modern couples, wearing exaggerated giant brimmed hats cool handso

(visual China / photo) recently, the return to Shanghai in the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the day wearing a hat, a coat out from the fast track to the outdoor article they took out a cigarette, but without fire, only a road with a cigarette to the parking

(all star exploration / photo) recently, the popular photographer shooting in Shanghai to hold the child Liyan Tong Shanghai lens. [Disclaimer: This article Sohu entertainment exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint and excerpt, otherw

31, at the 2016KBS Drama Awards, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo both become the award winner. Song Joong Ki moved to tears Song Joong Ki acceptance speech: Thank you very much for the audience, I got the script in the army, thanks to the director for the

Beijing time on December 31st, the first Japanese volleyball beauty Kimura Sari announced the good news of marriage in the personal social platform, she wrote on Instagram this year have registered to get married, but she did not specify their Mr. Right e

The evening of December 31st, Jiangsu satellite TV New Year's Gala, Jolin sang a medley of songs, after wearing sexy suspenders jacket show plump Wai clothing, wearing purple pants, super bright, sexy night burst table values. In the interpretation of the

In December 31st, Jiangsu satellite TV New Year's Gala, Lin Chiling sexy appearance, she wore a white dress skirt, dance partner is sultry, high up, big show legs, charming spurting. Lin Chiling was raised by his partner. Lin Chiling and Joker funny. - ZA

The evening of December 31st, the Oriental TV New Year party, Zhao Liying Zhang Jike in the chorus, the picture not too beautiful, two cross-border partner, hand in hand together to elope to the moon! Zhang Jike also Princess embrace Zhao Liying, sweet ah

Sharon Chan Sharon Chan birth birth in the little feet in December 21st, Hongkong TVB star Sharon Chan micro-blog in the sun as the Annunciation, successfully gave birth to the little prince, Sharon Chan drying out the baby's feet and her intimate photo.

Fan Bingbing drying out the cat Fan Bingbing screenshot micro-blog Fan Bingbing posed with a pet cat (map) the evening of December 20th, Fan Bingbing wrote in the micro-blog sun cat photo, and to the house, I finally saw the little sister! In the photo, t

Bao Qiang coming out of the airport. Out of the plane, treasure next to the physical side of a red girl very eye-catching. A strong woman in red Peibao hot talk, can reflect and maintain a strong wooden treasure the distance walked side by side with the l

Liu Shishi at the airport and the assistant and laughing, saying poetry is really what season wear what clothes ah, thick coat covered Liu Shishi makeup appearance, the skin is really good, the temperament of the goddess! The netizen said: This is the fac

In December 12th, Fan Bingbing drying out a photo in micro-blog, and issued a document called: sit, eat fruit. Photos, Fan Bingbing wearing casual, a pair of white slippers leisure home, surrounded by four lovely cat, Fan Bingbing also leaned over to feed

Irene Wan December 10th, Hongkong veteran actress Irene Wan Bo said: rendez vous, good school charity gala. And a group of photos, and the photos of friends Irene Wan dressed in a strapless gift from rendez vous, at the age of 50, she still looks like a b

Recently, Lee Hom has always been frugal, and Li Lianglei before the wedding was low-key down more than 400 million for the Taipei City, Renai road upscale luxury club two million per ping Wu xinjiang. After marriage, often a variety of Hyun wife Hyun chi

Recently, the Han Hong Charity Foundation launched by the love of you together with the official opening of the winter action. The scene, Han Hong not only to the sanitation workers donated more warm pericardium, the top 7 degrees below zero wind, with Li

Tencent November 29th sports goddess Liu Xiang on the social networking site swimming to bask in sweet self, graceful posture, at the foot of the Hello Kitty doll to steal the spotlight, said he is low head to look good. Friends said: how are good-looking

(visual China / photo) in November 27th, Hsu Chi served in Taiwan for the annual awards outstanding workers awards, host Momoco Tao Momoco Tao suddenly to Hsu Chi at the table, and then suggests that Hsu Chi is pregnant, Hsu Chi was embarrassed to face st

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