Before, we are like this: buy a ticket ticket, no evidence, roll! Penzion Plesnivec Hotel, no evidence, roll! Go to the bank to do something, no evidence, roll! Even go to the police station to alarm, but also with ID card to prove that you are you! Just,

I have no time left in the time of a circle of friends. 1, there is a kind of sadness that the other people's year-end bonus is less than 2018 weeks. In the less than 1 weeks, HUAWEI has reaped countless fans, for nothing else, because of the trench. - HU


Source: the world inequality report released by World inequality Lab, Russia's satellite network, says China's income inequality is in the seventh place in the world. According to the report, China's richest 10% people - ZAKER, personalized recommendation

Original title: Sun Hongbin: the biggest uncertainty is expectation. I am very pessimistic about real estate: Sun Hongbin: Source: finance and conference information (ID:fci0630), near the end of the year, Sun Hongbin, chairman of China's board of directo

Source: Yuan Yihong initially saw the news, I have some surprise. In November 16th, the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Committee and the Guangdong branch of ICBC, Guangdong branch of China Construction Bank signed a cooperation agreement, the two banks

At present, sharing bike failures is also a problem. To the supplier of business failures, leaving a pile of bad debts, blue bicycle CEO even father Li Wensheng moved to the supplier, the following reply: no money. Who wants money, I go with whom, I go to


Fierce! The guy made 500 thousand with this set of expression packs! You may use reading guide every day: a set of facial expressions can earn 500 thousand yuan! Recently, this hot micro-blog search news let netizens not calm: you are still fighting figur

Old investors said, select potential stocks have three: grow fast, the industry is pretty, some people hold. If you compare the city to the stock, which one will you hold? Today, 800 business leaders, scholars, experts, private equity chiefs vote with the

Author: Song Xuetao Tianfeng securities macro team review of the U.S. economy after World War II, each Juglar cycle represents a leading industry system of investment opportunities: 60s three, 70s three automobile giant chemical giants and three oil giant

Source: Chinese business newspaper (chinabusinessjournal) text / Li Kunkun Zhao Wei and his husband Huang Youlong are unknown. Recently, Mr. Zhao Wei due to Tunxiang acquisition case fined 10000 culture (five shichangjinru). At present, in the Yellow - ZA

It's crazy! 80% Shoufu, capital verification 2 million, off-site registration, known as the most stringent opening in Nanjing history, under such circumstances, Nanjing Hexi region still formed a night queue, a room hard to find, 10000 people robbed the h

Source: WeChat public number: Xiamen, Xiamen, Xiamen real estate joint network (xmhouse99) does not represent this account view second-hand housing cold winter came straight down 330! Xiamen landlord knife from the house on sale, ranging from 300 thousand

Not listed will not find a girlfriend in Wang Xiaochuan, for 14 years, finally tasted the joy of victory, the U.S. Eastern time on November 9th, Sogou (Code: SOGO) successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange after the stock price rising for two day

Crazy! 10 seconds, the turnover exceeded 1 billion 600 million! 3 minutes, 01 seconds, breaking through 10 billion!! Last year, Tmall "double 11" turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, with 6 minutes 58 seconds. A new record was broken this year! Tmall has ju

Source: Zeping macro (zepinghongguan) author: Ren Zeping this is Dr. Ren Zeping speech in the real estate cycle during the training session: the long term population, medium term land, short term finance ten years of real estate in 2015, I'll tell you rec

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