Guide: On December 12, after 10 days of default, Founder Group had two bonds with normal interest payment due, namely RMB 800 million bonds17 Founder 01 and EUR 80 million bonds 5484. HK, allowing investors in related bonds to relax slightly. Breathed.

On December 13, the official website of the Nansha District Government published the "Notice on Further Facilitating the Purchasing of Commercial Housing for Talents and Hong Kong and Macao Residents". The purchase of the first house above the undergraduate level is not subject to household registration, social security, and personal tax restrictions. Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau...

According to incomplete statistics, since November, 16 listed companies have announced the termination of the acquisition. The 21st Century Business Herald reporter combed and found that the reasons for the termination of corporate disclosures include changes in the A-share market environment, failure to discuss core terms, and internal reasons for listed companies. 21st Century Business Herald

Similar to the surge in volume, the trend of market differentiation is becoming more apparent. 21st Century Business Herald Zhang Min Beijing reports that within three days, two cities and two property market regulation information have aroused public opinion. On December 10, news from Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu said that properties under 2 years can be used normally.

A seemingly calm A-share undercurrent surged, and predators sneaked. Since this year, Baoneng Department has gradually retreated from Vanke, cashing in tens of billions of dollars, and now boss Yao has made new moves. On December 4, Nanning Department Store (SH600712) announced that Nanning Futian, the second largest shareholder of the company, increased its shares

Guide: The global bank layoffs! The continued overweight negative interest rate policies in developed regions such as Europe and Japan are posing an increasingly severe negative impact on the local banking industry. Origin 丨 Reporter of 21st Century Business Herald (ID: jjbd21) 丨 Edited by Chen Zhi 丨 Part of the content of Zhang Xing and Li Yutong

The wave of anti-corruption in Maotai, Guizhou continues to advance in depth. After Liu Zili, the former general manager of Maotai Group who had retired, was brought to sue for a bribery case, another former Guizhou Maotai executive who had retired for many years was dug up. On the evening of December 11, the website of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Guizhou Province and the...

The case where another founder of the mobile phone circle was forced out by public relations happened to OPPO, but the reason was very different from that of the friends. Although it is said that there may be temporary downtime during public speaking, this time OPPO INNO 2019

Get upset! Poor households with annual income below 360,000? Recently, a countdown to the entry of a well-off society was set by the National Bureau of Statistics: Articles with an annual income of less than 360,000 are poor households, which have been widely circulated on the Internet. And said that the National Bureau of Statistics proposed the so-called rich families, wealthy families, Chinese

Zhu Xinli, who created the tens of billions of national fruit juice empires in one hand, exploded into a new crisis. After being involved in the vanguard storm, China Deyuan Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Deyuan Capital), Zhu Xinli's authorized agent, was also seized by the court and its assets of 4.1 billion were frozen. According to Qixinbao, this year

Click on the blue text above to follow 21 Jun ~ All the guides into the economic life: At the same time as the bank APP has been investigated and rectified, the relevant departments of the central bank have started to promote the trial filing of mobile financial APP. Origin 丨 21st Century Business Herald (ID: jjbd21)

* ST Qiulin (600891.SH) The troubled autumn seems to see nothing. More than ten days ago, * ST Qiulin announced that its corporate bond 18 Qiulin 01 had declared a breach of contract under the condition of executives losing contact, stagnating business, inaccurate inventory, and unrecoverable receivables, as early as 7 months

Click on the blue text above to follow 21 Jun ~ All the guides into economic life: Netizens have a long-lasting aversion to pop-up ads. In fact, pop-up ads have already formed a complete industry chain. As long as advertisers raise demand, advertisers Services are available. Source 丨 People's Daily, Jinzhou

On December 7, Novo Nordisk announced that the world's first soluble double insulin Degu Aspart double insulin injection Novo Jia & amp; reg; was officially launched in China. Novozymes & amp; reg; was included in the National Priority Review last September because of its obvious therapeutic advantages over existing treatments

On December 8, Liu Yonghao, Chairman of New Hope Group, announced at the 2019 (18th) Annual Meeting of Chinese Business Leaders that he will invest another 9 billion yuan to build 9 large-scale pig farms and raise 6.8 million with the new good pig farming model. Head of pig. Liu Yonghao said that the pig industry has suffered since this year

What will happen next when the sales scale of the property market is about to set a new record for four consecutive years and is likely to reach an all-time high? In the first 10 months of this year, the sales of commercial buildings nationwide reached 12.44 trillion yuan, maintaining a year-on-year growth rate of 7.3%, which is 15 trillion yuan from the level of last year.

Guide: The crisis of funds is still difficult to solve. The danger of delisting is not today, and it may happen someday in the future. Origin 丨 Reporter of 21st Century Business Herald (ID: jjbd21) 丨 Edited by Zhu Lina, Gao Jianghong 丨 Li Yanxia, ​​Li Qingyu On the evening of December 5, the Hong Kong Air Transport Licensing Authority stated

Ye Maisui There are no losses in the world that cannot be solved by selling one house, if there are, then two. According to the straight flush (96.000, 1.16, 1.22%) statistics, as of December 5, there have been * ST Changsheng, * ST Shangpu, etc.

Guide: Guangshen, which has attracted the most talents, is also a large talent outflow. Origin 丨 Reporter of 21st Century Business Herald (ID: jjbd21) 丨 Wang Fan Shenzhen Report Editor 丨 Li Botu / Visual China What is the result of the competition for talent in cities in 2019? begging

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