Look around the child, you will find that some children feel particularly good, they are refined and courteous, lively and cheerful, unmoved either by gain or loss, not stage fright, also very assertive; but some children especially bear, rude, afraid of

Near the end, children learn more and more nervous. This time if the children have learning problems, parents must be very worried that my heart. But here to remind parents: some words, please don't say. Because they are like a sharp knife, cut the child,

The smaller the promise more to keep the book I borrowed your next meal together, these blurt out words are small agreement, abide by the will to make each other happy ah, he still remember the original is not a polite, sincere and trustworthy and give ea

Many novice parents, because of their busy work, will allow the elderly to bring their children, and the children have developed the habit of sleeping with their grandmother. It's easy to go to bed, but how the children sleep is not easy! Those who sleep

All the people who finished the long run and entered the wedding hall were all tearful. We always think that marriage has completely consolidated the results of love, even if it is the end of the victory of love, we can take time to do something else. How

Every man will have some changes when he marries. Some of them will be better and gentler. But most of the women's voice is that men get married before they become premarital. After giving birth to children, he should have all of them. But when women have

In math and exams, there are some things that are most easily ignored. That's the draft. Many people think that if the draft can be understood by himself, what is it so neat? Wouldn't it be a waste of paper? A few dollars of paper, and not can not afford

Said the mother is not easy, but you know that a woman was to sin? How many women give birth to a man because of love, but do they know what they do? Is it cherished? Come and see a few stories from a doctor. The first to send a patient to the operation r

On the first day of school, the class teacher, standing in front of the students in grade five, told a lie. She looked at her students and said that she would every student equally Aibanli. But it's impossible. It's because of a little boy sitting in the

Parents all want to give 100% of their children's love, and also know that coddling is harmful to children, but do we sometimes do not share love and love? The following 10 cartoons, after seeing really deep feeling! Many parents complain that children ar

Children cannot have money worship, but also to promote the gentleman's love of money, in a proper way shortly before 1, the son of their school organization small reporter tourism folk songs. My son came back and said to me, mom, the family is rich. Many

Call my mother's leg pain to see the doctor, check the doctor and say, call mom! My face Meng ~ she said, call mom! To the ignorant...... At this time, the doctor impatiently stared at me, and I had to injustice and called a mother to the heart and starte

Preface: a good way of education sometimes makes a person's life. I would like to praise the teacher in the article. I wish everyone had an angel in his heart. In grade three, one morning, the health commissioner checked the length of the more than 10 stu

Children's fever, these 2 methods must not be used! This is the most effective and simple way. The baby has a fever, so give him a fever. Even if the baby has a fever, it is common, but every time you face a baby's fever, you will worry about your parents

Family education determines the child's life! The relationship between husband and wife is always the first important, don't put the child in the first place, who put the child in the first place, waiting for the family most is a tragedy; always keep comm

As parents, we all hope that he is gentle, charity, but the face of motionless on the ground rolling on the children, few parents can calm preaching, are often said. 1, good mother, play the child to the urine pants friend Juan Zi, hardly ever hit a child

The child's heart is simple and fragile, you say he is stupid, he feels you are dislike to him; you say he is tired, and he feels tired of him. I have recently seen some mother's message: my child is getting smaller and smaller. He has not yet taught him,

When it comes to children's height, it can definitely be one of the most important topics for mothers! In this society, seeing the society of the legs, having a pair of long legs is indeed a great advantage. Especially the children now, all look very tend

My children do not like drinking water, so they love drinks! I wonder if the drink can drink water. Many parents say that their children love drinks, drink water and drink, do not know good or bad? In fact, it doesn't matter what they drink once in a whil

Girls' parents want their daughters to be excellent, even better than boys. However, it has not been thought that the ways of education and lifestyle we are accustomed to are invisible to a lot of the talent and potential of the girl. Do you really want a

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