Turn from the WeChat public number: Qin Shuo circle of friends (qspyq2015), author: Waterfall waterfall. China's original elevator media has won three international awards this year. They are the brand communication awards of New York Advertising Festival


Wen / Ceng Huijuan China's equity oriented housing lease is the first one. The morning of December 14th, the new apartment in Shenzhen REITs bell, bell for new apartment founder and CEO Wang Gehong, Kaiyin investment chairman Zhu Hong. The new apartment R

In November 23rd, the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, FCC, issued a document called Restoring Internet Freedom. Beijing time December 15th morning, according to Fawkes news report, the United States - ZAKER, personalized recommenda

Editor's note: This article from the micro signal (ID:lslb168), retail boss reference text: deutron. 36 krypton is authorized to be reproduced. Core reading: 1. previously, Yonghui Tencent unveiled a super species worldwide partner conference, what meanin

Editor's note: This article from the micro signal (ID:lslb168), retail boss reference text: deutron. 36 krypton is authorized to be reproduced. Core reading: 1. previously, Yonghui Tencent unveiled a super species worldwide partner conference, what meanin

Starbucks's goal is to open 10000 stores in China in 9 years, a meat that any giant will not let go. In December 5th, Alibaba's Ma Yun and Starbucks founder and former CEO Howard Schulz appeared in Starbucks ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, lo

Wei Feng Network December 6th news, "consumer reports" (Consumer Reports) today to share its final iPhone X test results, even though the site still gave iPhone X a recommendation, but this flagship intelligent ZAKER hand apple, personalized recommendatio

The furthest distance in the world is that some people have not finished the shopping cart yet, and some have received the goods. In 2017, double eleven, the big business platform sales of high innovation, buying and buying patterns of sequelae gradually

Editor's note: the author of this article, Tao Xun (Jeffrey Towson), is a professor of investment management at Peking University Guanghua School of management and a PE investor and consultant. Professor Tao Xun, who has 1 million 700 thousand fans in Bri

Today, the Tencent new headquarters Binhai mansion officially unveiled. Ma Huateng, chairman of the Tencent Inc board and Ma Huateng, said the Binhai building is a useful exploration of the Tencent in intelligent buildings. Binhai mansion adopts IOT and A

These two days of red yellow blue child abuse has been Shuabing major media, and the seriousness of the incident has aroused a lot of people angry. From the description of the parents, we can have a general understanding of the events, and what the drugs

Fingerprint, face, iris, sound, signature … … biometric based unlock method has become an important embodiment of intelligent device innovation in recent years. This year, iPhone X's launch has once again raised people's discussion on face r

History is to capture the market variation, foreigners, Hongkong island near Shenzhen quietly set sail, but this weapon is not fire and opium, but Internet plus China brand. The | editor Yang Qiubo Yang Xuan | year profits do not turn a few, you feel shy

Eleven of consumers, is a must win the battle, now smoke gradually, it is not difficult to imagine a future period of time, cut the hand after every sign wrapped xibuzijin from all over the country, and even wondered if there was no grab what regret, wait

This article comes from WeChat public number DT Finance (ID:DTcaijing) chop hands of the annual event double 11, and finally with your record of 168 billion 200 million yuan turnover ended. Focus on NEXT Intelligence Bureau of consumer data research, the

A merger of more than one hundred billion dollars is causing the global antitrust authorities to pay close attention to the world's largest mobile chip manufacturer, Qualcomm Corp (Qualcomm), may fall into the double whirlpool of anti monopoly and hostile

The Lake District, Lake Road, Guiyang city | the editor Wang BU Xiang Ming building 10 floor, filled with the Moutai group in sorghum wine, electricity company is preparing 11 pair of wildly beating gongs and drums. The company, which began in 2014, now e

Editor's note: Halloween has passed, but in Lynne Everatt, Amazon, apple, Facebook and Google are like a horror story that has been hanging over people's heads. None of the four companies exist to scare people, or even ZAKER, personalized recommendation h

November 3rd finally arrived. We all got up early in order to go to the apple store … … wait to see you get iPhone X. The time that I went to the apple store in Sanlitun in the morning was around 7:15, and people were already in apple - ZAKE

Tell jokes, sell feelings, long queues, it is not the quality of. Another red restaurant has fallen. Recently, Hushang media from Shanghai 100 percent exposed, net red restaurant Miss Zhao unequal, 6 chain stores have all been closed, netizens God comment

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