Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Ali Research Institute, said at the 5th New Economic Think Tank Conference held by Ali Research Institute that as of 2019, there were over 4,000 Taobao villages and only 20 in 2013. You buy Taobao East

According to a survey by, Microsoft spends more budget on Surface than Apple iPad to promote the product line. In 2019, Microsoft spent about $ 219.1 million on Surface TV ads.

By Niu Geng Editor | Su Jianxun From January 7th to 10th, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in 2020 will be held in Las Vegas. This exhibition was supposed to lead the consumer electronics trend, but the lack of bright and innovative technologies for many years has gradually reduced it to

After Lu Weibing took office as the president of Xiaomi China, Xiaomi China ushered in a new organizational adjustment today. 36 氪 Exclusively learned that Xiaomi's China sales line will be merged into 3 departments, as follows: Set up a sales department, and Zhang Jianhui will continue to serve as vice president of China and general manager of sales department, responsible for

Editor's note: Integrity At the end of 2019, during the past 20 years of this century, major media in the United States have a wave of reflection, including Silicon Valley and digital technology. Many voices believe that digital technology has not only failed to create more jobs and made society more peaceful.

As a ten-year-old game, League of Legends has been recognized as one of the hottest games in the world. However, with the continuous emergence of new games in recent years leading to a large loss of players, LOL has been generally stalemate. But with a huge base advantage, the scale of e-sports events and the original

Ju cost-effective tossing lately. Following the launch of the tens of billions of subsidies, the tens of billions of subsidies will be rumored to be the first-level portal for mobile phone Taobao. Today, a source told 36 that the cost-effective tens of billions of subsidies will become Spring Festival Gala partners. Previously, it was cost-effective, and a tens of billions of subsidies had...

The more you hate the current NBA President Adam Shaw, the more you miss David Stern. In the new year of 2020, the former president of the NBA who had been in charge of the NBA for 30 years lost his last lore in life and was capped by death at the age of 77. Died in Stern

Insiders of the Wanda Group confirmed that Qi Jie, former president of the Wanda Business Management Group, has been appointed president of the Wanda Group. Former President Ding Benxi officially retired. Wanda has not officially released the personnel change, but in the group's internal working system, Qi Jie's position is already the group president. (Finance Network)

On January 2nd, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as B Station) and QQ Music announced an in-depth cooperation, focusing on the promotion of high-quality music, resource sharing, and support plans for musicians. As early as last September, Station B tested water with QQ Music and launched Hao

According to The Spoon, Germany's Legendairy Foods has raised $ 4.7 million in angel round funding, funded by German pharmaceutical and technology company Merck KGaA and British investment company Agronomics. Le

Editor's note: This article is selected from KrASIA, author Thu Huong Le, original title Southeast Asia ’s new star: The rise of Vietnam’ s tech s

In his New Year's speech last year, Yu Chengdong said that 2019 will be a more turbulent year, but he may not expect the script that will be staged later: Huawei enters the physical list and faces an unprecedented blow, and the mobile phone business bears the brunt; then it starts the spare tire Plan to release Hongmeng system to increase domestic market to

In the evening of December 31st, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as Station B) will host the most beautiful New Year's Eve party in 2019. The party, which has been officially promoted as the last night of 2019, ushered in a surprise on the day of the event.

After the friction between Baidu and today's headlines, the smoke is still permeating. In response to Baidu's recent lawsuit against millions of lawsuits in which it intervened in search results, Toutiao made a positive response on the official WeChat account on the morning of the 30th. According to headline search, since its launch, it has always supported brand protection, regardless of brand

At the end of the year, the shop was fighting, and then upgraded. Today, there was news that Yonghui Life, the first convenience store + fresh food model, had to change doors behind closed doors. The direction is, the community fresh vegetables market, targeting offline community home users. This is not the first convenience store targeting the market this year. Earlier, Suning

Editor's note: This article is from the micro-channel public number fairy JUMP (ID: xrtiaotiao), Author: semi-immortal Buddha, 36 krypton release authorized. 12019 is about to pass. Have you bought the train tickets for the New Year? I know many of you have n’t bought it, I can

Text | Edit by Li Zhenliang | Su Jianxun On December 26, Huawei Cloud released WeLink to government and enterprise customers. Huawei positioned it as a smart work platform, but it is actually a corporate office application similar to Nailing. As early as 2015, Huawei, which had not yet entered the cloud computing, clearly stated that

Text | Edited by Yuan Silai | Su Jianxun After being disconnected for 24 hours, I finally contacted the world again. It is also at this moment that I feel the complexity of Indian society. Previously, in many people's minds, India seemed to be a gold mine. In terms of smart phones, India, which has a billion people

Text | Wang Yuzhang Yang Xuan has no influence at all. When asking a middle-aged woman in her thirties who was an internet company, whether giving birth to a child hindered her career development, her first response was definitive. Going deeper, the story takes on a different look. She gradually remembered that her father drove her every day during pregnancy

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