Wang Junkai class chat screenshot leaked, four students satire run him, classmate relations again deterioration of what is the reason? Wang Junkai just came to Beijing Film Academy to report for school, first roommate warning, then net red sitting on his

This phone is no longer connected, there may be stolen face recognition, Tencent mobile housekeeper announced that, after verification, there is a similar phone FaceTime video fraud, when you answer, it may be recorded video. Once exploited by fraudsters,

Five-star hotels do not change sheets, really? Five-star hotels do not change sheets, test video, watch! Recently, the Internet opened a group of tests, they stayed in the five-star senior hotel, leaving a special mark, traces found in the blue light stil

The regulators of the ICO signal _ release severely bitcoin currency trading China suspended ICO, ICO (for the first time issued regulatory atmosphere, tokens) many ICO related parties choose to suspend operations for regulatory policy formally. In the mo

Japan was traced involving 60 thousand people from South Korea large-scale evacuation _, according to Japanese media, Japan is planning a large-scale evacuation operations may, to about 60 thousand Japanese citizens living in Korea home security. A Japane

The quality of the _ aunt quarrel: give me a close-up lens toward me, recently, a popular video network aunt and a man quarrel, aunt teach grandchildren don't learn to smoke, while the man tried to explain himself to smoke is the electronic cigarette, and

Women's handbags _ have accounted for parking spaces without the bag, Anhui Bozhou, a woman put a bag to carry on the parking spaces occupied parking spaces, and then to drive back to the area outside, ready to stop when they found the bag take wings to i

Japan will levy a single tax, or will lead to repeated marriages and divorce phenomenon, for the decline in the standard of living after marriage, can let single people to bear the tax issues, causing the Japanese public discussion. It is understood that

Thief 19 seconds to steal mobile phone girl _ police work encounter and arrested him, the afternoon of August 30th, the 58 year old Jiangsu Shen fled to Wuhan north of Hankou light rail line 1 bus station, less than 19 seconds before the girl's body will

The families adhere to _ maternal eutocia excruciating pain jumped to his death, September 5th reported: today, a maternal abdominal pain unbearable to caesarean section was refused, finally jumped to his death in the news that many people sigh. According

Losangeles is the largest in the history of fire _ over 1000 firefighters to extinguish the fire, the largest fire since the United States near Losangeles Burbank occurred on Friday in Losangeles's history. On Sunday, the governor of California declared a

That bloom on a perfect circle Peter Ho _ Wu was hired master collar lunch, recently, with the "bloom" was hit, inside Peter Ho's Wu hired warm, calm, polite, became a national good husband. The "circle" of Sun Lilai bloom year month

Last year, people who exchanged dollars cried: 1 million dollars, 430 thousand yuan, a short 8 month period, the yuan appreciated sharply against the dollar. From the end of last year, the exchange rate was close to 7, and the exchange rate appreciated to

Game farm suspected fraud 200 million yuan _ rip misappropriating game financial mask, stealing vegetables and flowers once popular social network games and become breeding a generation of memory, but now it has become a group of criminals cheating tools.

Fudan Professor couples send children enrollment three people into the alumni _ mother feeling too fast, September 3rd, Fudan University ushered in a new session of more than 3400 domestic undergraduate students and nearly 400 students. On the same day, i

Collin Chou responded by posting said: sorry _ derailed his wife and children, there are users exposed Collin Chou legs touch the photos, voice information, involved in cheating cheating suspicions. Subsequently, PO text back choke each other, then the ne

Please arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance to _ Shenzhen airport on September 2nd to 6 security upgrade, received notice of Civil Aviation Administration, from September 2nd to September 6th 24, @ Shenzhen airport will implement special security meas

Only eat soup is off Hot pot _ guy to show off Canbei, recently, on a TV dating show, a handsome boy living in Chongqing because you can't eat spicy food, eat only eat Hot pot soup, the heart area of the female guests who have chosen the light single dogs

Nine years old and 50 thousand out of 3 minutes of onlookers _ pension money looted, Wuhan citizens Ms. tube said, her mother suffering from Alzheimer's, on August 31st will be 50 thousand yuan savings for many years from the ten floor high SA, downstairs

Korean movie to discredit Seoul in Korea Korean Chinatown _ Chinese group angry! In Korea on August 9th release of the film "the youth police", the Dalin hole area described as crime ridden areas, will also Chinese compatriots portrayed a criminal group.

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