Compal said shipments in February monthly increase is far greater than the degree of revenue, the main products are low in January, the overall first quarter shipments, March will be the peak shipping company, NB assessment, the most difficult time has pa

GoogleJamboard whiteboard, Google at the NextCloud Conference on Thursday confirmed that Jamboard5 month will be shipped in the United States, priced at $4999.

The music has been in the industry as early as in arrears rumors spread, the general manager Chen Ruicong said Compal will also explain, indeed with music as a large customer accounts receivable, but from the front

Huaxing Power eleventh generation line TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display production line ceremony held today, the project is located in Shenzhen Guangming New District

Some people said: "the mobile phone industry is not Ever-victorious general industry, following a 5 year cycle, and each cycle of the different game player." Looking back over the past 20 years in China's mobile phone market

After the October Shenzhen special tasting BOEMobile team went to Shanghai, invited the customer brand ZTE and Huaqin wingtech, dragon flag, sharp

The global leader in electronic paper EInk PVI today announced through subsidiary optoelectronics and Dalian Dongfang Branch Vein electronic Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as DK

In September 23rd, August 2014, Shenzhen soft technology company issued a thickness of 0.01 mm can be bent flexible display, by virtue of the thinnest "HK

Taiwan quantum dot optical film have been shipped, following the Ying Hui, China and the United Kingdom without cadmium quantum dots and nano materials manufacturers Nanoco technical cooperation, the use of Nano


The SFC website recently announced the "Fuzhou rockchip Limited by Share Ltd gem IPO prospectus", which means that the domestic core rockchip

In July 6, 2016, Kang Xin Group Chairman Zhong Yu, CEO Xu Shu visited kangdexin 3D group the world's first third generation of naked eye 3D technology of intelligent K

"Be sure to vote for the core technology, the next 30 years is the value of the era of technology change." Song Chunyu: "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter trainee in Beijing reported silver xin"

South Korean media reported earlier, Apple will TouchID iPhone7 and Home keys to integrate into the screen, embedded in the glass

From Taiwan Optimax Mr. Chen Wenjia, Mr. Chen share entitled "polarizing plate with the AMOLED development trend of" the theme of the report at the meeting. The following is the general assembly

Taiwan's first waste liquid crystal panel recycling technology! The environmental protection department and Institute announced the development of the waste liquid crystal panel glass, recovery after the restructuring of "nano pore adsorption materials"

The market is expected to organic light emitting diode (OLED) will replace the LCD panel, intelligent mobile phone panel become mainstream products, while Apple (Apple) driven by O

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, good morning, everyone! I am from China photoelectric weixinnuo Huang Xiuqi, today is very pleased to have this opportunity to share with you our country

Samsung display Asan L71 LCD production line factory at the end of blowing out the Korea industry and SamSung monitor (SamsungDisplay) at the end of the year

Weighs less than 1 grams, the thickness of only 0.01 mm, a plastic film that can play video in bending and folding state, the "curtain" in front of people ah

By the Nanjing flat panel display industry association jointly sponsored by the Taiwan Display Industry Association jointly sponsored the 2016 Cross Strait (Nanjing) new display industry summit forum 20

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