Last December 10, 2017, the European industry (an accident) accident that day, I was working in ZTE after ten years, from ZTE turnover for 70 days. This day was ZTE's payday, and it was on this day that I took the first month of unemployment insurance fro

As a user with nearly 1 billion of App, WeChat can get a lot of users' attention at any one action. But from the latest version of WeChat iOS released yesterday, it is not hard to imagine that this version is a big update. So, what are the updates on eart

This year Apple released three new iPhone, iPhone 8, 8 Plus market performance is very bad, but iPhone X, has been in a hot state, which may be the result of Apple wants. Now mobile analysis data company Mixpanel - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot n

According to foreign media reports, President Trump signed a decree on Tuesday. Next, all government departments will not continue to use the antivirus software of Kabasiji laboratories. The ban further strengthened the decree issued by the Trump administ

Recently, a programmer in the same department and another project team has been voluntarily left. Although I have never worked with this programmer, I have heard one or two times of his internal sharing and feel that the technology is quite powerful. Late

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