For today's HUAWEI, if we want to compete with Samsung and apple, we still need to talk with products. Besides the current P series and Mate series, they will also develop new brand phones. @evleaks has sent four interesting HUAWEI posters on twitter, ZAK

That's love (AI). In December 3rd, the annual World Internet Conference was opened in Wuzhen. As the highest standard Internet Summit in China (probably not one of them), the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen has opened to the fourth session this year.

It is reported that Tencent is about to launch the two hand tour of Jedi survival, which is built by two studio of Tian Mei and photon, and it is a genuine hand tour cooperation with PUBG. Recently, the hand travel sharing community has been on

Because the mobile phone industry chain is more and more transparent, so for apple, the measures of confidentiality have been nominal. Look at all the revelations before the launch of iPhone X this year, which is all right, which is enough to explain the

Recently, a lot of users feedback, his apple official website to buy iPhone X delivery time ahead of schedule. Is it because the demand for iPhone X has been greatly reduced? But it is not the case, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji gives the answer. IPho

Some time ago, Samsung released an ad on the YouTube, the film from a small storage space, small screen, charging inconvenience, waterproof, Liu Haiping and a series of angles mocking Apple Mobile phone. Although these let the fruit powder see some unhapp

For Android mobile phone, long time operation will inevitably appear problem application Caton, flash back at this time, our first reaction is often run to restart the operation of mobile phone. The practice has proved that the solution is to restart the

Today the United States figure new conference held in Beijing Cadillac center, launched the luxury level Mito V6 mobile phone. Before the press conference, Mito has invited many fashion circles, big coffee for its show on the micro-blog self timer, to the

For Samsung, its biggest competitor in the smartphone industry is apple. Now iPhone X has started selling in various countries and regions of the world, as the old rivals, Samsung will not turn a blind eye, in addition to the launch of Samsung Note8 to co

SONY A7 released in October 2013, and it opened a new chapter with full frame non camera with A7R. Today, A7 is still on sale, and sold the cheapest 135 full frame digital camera (new second-hand machine). Note: SONY micro has its own products -- ZAKER, p

These days, the American media dug out a magic TV: in a shooting case in California, it blocked the bullets, saved the old man's life, and the key is to continue to watch the LCD tv. Oh, yes, or made in China?. This strong television is located in Califor

The S7 World Championship finals came to a close, and the Chinese team stopped the final four, without the bird's nest finals, and the champion was again defended by the South Korean team. In the face of such an outcome, around 80, 90 players can not help

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