IT's home December 15th news, foreign revelers OnLeaks exposed today's Samsung S9/S9+ factory CAD rendering. According to its previous experience, the final product may be different from the current rendering. With the S8 Department - ZAKER, personalized

After a long time, apple finally sold the first square lightning 3 (Thunderbolt 3) USB-C cable in the official network. Apple launched MacBook Pro with USB-C interface only more than a year ago, which supports faster thunderbolt 3 -- ZAKER, personalized r

The company that released the Internet property card is basically Internet Co. Now, even the domestic express companies have begun to launch such products by joint operators. The circular express today announced that the China Unicom launched the roundabo

"Survival" of the game in the Jedi are a lot of game player in an effort to exercise a variety of skills, hope I can as soon as possible to eat chicken Avenue, but how to plug in groups, we can only fall into a box, a blue hole to plug, let the game envir

Editor's note: now many times, we are all looking for search (or Google or Baidu) or GitHub programming. How can we learn programming and become a real developer when there is no Internet in the early stage? Or as a little white, how to enter the age of I

According to some properties of restricted mobile phone, Google launched Android Go version of the operating system in the last week, this is a lightweight Android system, can use some streamlined version of the App system operation experience is enhanced

IT's December 14th news agency just by the Tencent, "call of duty" Online officially announced that the annual blockbuster version of the brave game officially opened, simple, brave game similar to the "Jedi" chicken survival mode, each game player of bar

T home for everyone to expose the HUAWEI thousand yuan comprehensive screen new machine to enjoy the release of 7S time. Just now, IT's home found that a lot of 7S versions of the document and complete configuration parameters have been presented to the M

If you are a Android user, I believe you have encountered such a problem: every time you unlock your cell phone, you will receive a bunch of annoying push messages, even though the software is not running in the background. Spam message, a rather annoying

Apple officially released the official version of iOS 11.2.1 system this morning, which is the incremental update of iOS 11.2. It mainly repaired some errors, such as the sharing of family applications, and users may not be able to access remotely. Update

IT home message sent yesterday in the December 14th Lei internal letter said, will be issued 100 thousand postcards in the new year this year, mainly to thank Rice noodles always, these postcards will be millet staff wrote a random distribution, perhaps c

IT home December 14th news, apple pushed the official version of iOS 11.2.1 system update this morning, mainly for various error repair, such as family application sharing, users may not be able to access remotely. In fact, this apple has also solved the

Not long after the backdoor listing of the Qihoo 360, today they live in the water droplets in the teeth of the storm. In December 12th, an article entitled "a 92 year old girl to Zhou Hongyi: don't stare at us again" detonated the network. The main idea


Recently, apple Apple Pencil shelves in the cap Chinese official website, the price of 228 yuan. Apple Pencil pen currently has six colors, apple said, this Apple Pencil cap made of durable leather, and offers a variety of color ZAKER, personalized recomm

In December 7th, millet held a new release conference in Beijing. It officially released 5 red rice and 5 Plus of red rice. With the release of these two mobile phones, the total model of the red rice series has also reached 20. Last night, millet officia

Nintendo announced today that 9 months in the global total sales of more than 10 million sets of Switch, by the end of September, the equipment sales is 7 million 603 thousand. Switch was released in the spring of this year, and Nintendo Co is expected to


About Continuum this function, all the value of friends should not be unfamiliar, was first used in the Lumia 950/950XL, known as the killer application, through a special box external display device, suddenly became a super mini PC, and used the mouse bu

In June this year, Apple released its first iMac Pro, and promised that the equipment will be listed in December, recently Apple Corp marketing director Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) said in an interview with the T3, the distance of the products listed a

Yesterday evening, China Science and technology held a new conference webcast, China officially unveiled the second generation AMAZFIT sports watch. Compared with the first round appearance, the second generation AMAZFIT sports watch has changed greatly i


Since last month, Apple has launched a comprehensive Sinicization work in the name of hardware and software. The latest software name localization is to turn the AirDrop name into an empty delivery, and Touch ID is also translated into touch ID. In additi

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