IT House November 21st News At the end of each year, Xiaomi will hold a family feast. This year, Xiaomi will hold the first family feast in Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. Xiaomi’s new media director Lu Wei said that Xiaomi’s family dinner this year is under intense preparation. Lu Wei said that the first home of Xiaomi Science and Technology Park

IT Home November 21st According to the user's response, Apple's iOS 13 system (especially the first few versions) has more bugs and vulnerabilities than previous systems. According to Bloomberg News, Apple is changing the way it develops internal versions of its operating system to prevent it.

IT Home November 21st News According to all-weather technology reports, Xiaomi responded to the news that Xiaomi's self-built factory: Yizhuang factory is a pre-production trial plant, not that we want to make mass production phones there. Earlier today, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

IT House November 21st According to the First Financial Report, at today's Innovation Economic Forum, Bill Gates appeared to share his views. For the host's proposed decoupling between China and the United States, Bill Gates said that between China and the United States Communication and cooperation brought mutual understanding, he opposed this to someone

IT House November 21st news Previously, it was reported that OPPO had dug a lot of engineers from Xiaomi MIUI and Meizu Flyme; yesterday, some netizens asked the official on this rumor under MIUI official microblog: MIUI engineers are not OPP

IT House November 20 news mixed more than $31.3 opened, down 23.13%, affected by the stock price, according to the Forbes real-time rich list on November 20, the company's founder and CEO Huang Wei's real-time wealth fell to 16.2 billion Dollar

IT Home November 21st news Apple iPhone 11 series smart battery case is now available on Apple's official website, priced at 1071 yuan. Official website information shows that the iPhone 11 series smart battery case can extend battery life by up to 50%, iPhon

IT House November 21st news Huawei officially released a promotional video, suggesting that Huawei MatePad supports stylus. Just after Huawei officially released a promotional video, the general design of Huawei MatePad was also exposed. Let's take a look. Propaganda

IT home November 21st news According to theglobeandmail news, Huawei company spokesman said on Wednesday that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. lawyers asked the Canadian court to immediately suspend the legal process of extradition of Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Xizhou to the United States. Huawei spokesperson

IT Home November 21st News This morning, Luo Yonghao officially announced that he will hold the Senior People and Haihe Science and Technology Conference at the Beijing University of Technology Olympic Stadium at 19:30 on December 3rd. Luo Yonghao said that the tickets for the conference will not be sold to the public.

Since the charging of the mobile phone needs to be pulled out, the place where the data cable is plugged is particularly easy to be broken, and if it is broken, it needs to be replaced with a brand new one, which is very wasteful. Recently, Japanese manufacturers have introduced a product called a zombie data line, which can solve this problem well. It is reported that the type of this data line-

IT House November 19th News Is your Alipay Sesame credit score not rising for a long time? Alipay Sesame Credit recently answered the relevant questions because your credit has been stable. So why not stabilize the sesame? Because of stability, it means that the credit level has not been seen recently.

IT House November 20th News On November 20th, Hainan Haikou Maritime Court successfully auctioned a giant tanker at the Ali auction. The object of the auction is the Guanghui gem wheel, which has a total length of 333.14 meters and a ship width of 60 meters. In the end, a foreign netizen

IT House November 20th news Beijing time this afternoon, realme company launched realme 5s mobile phone in India, using Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and 5000mAh battery capacity, the price starts from 9999 Indian rupees (about

IT House November 20th news, mainstream flagship phones have already supported wireless charging, and the speed of wireless fast charging is getting faster and faster, but have you ever thought about the wired charging and wireless charging of mobile phones? What? Now, the charging head network has done an interesting experiment, right?

IT House November 20th According to the Titanium media report, Luo Yonghao will hold a black technology conference at the Beijing Olympic University Olympic Stadium at 7pm on December 3rd with the theme of the elderly and the sea. According to the report, it is reported that this conference is a new technology tip.

IT House November 20th news More than a lot of today released the third quarter of 2019 financial report, financial report shows: the third quarter revenue of 7.514 billion yuan, the market expectation of 7.654 billion yuan, compared with 3.372 billion yuan in the same period last year, an increase of 122.

IT House November 20th News US time late yesterday, Tim Cook attended the Salesforce Live conference and co-founded with Salesforce Mark Bay

IT House November 20th news A recent website called Spend Bill Gates' Money is on fire. This website assumes you have $90 billion in wealth, and then you can use this virtual money. body

IT House November 20th News Huawei officially announced the repair price of Huawei Mate X (protected or man-made damage), including battery replacement 278 yuan, replacement / repair screen 7080 yuan, replacement / repair motherboard 3579 yuan, replacement

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