January 2 news According to Digitimes, in addition to the iPhone SE 2 launched earlier this year, Apple may also launch a second version (iPhone SE 3) at the end of this year or early next year, which is expected to be equipped with 5.5

News on January 2 Tonight, Beijing time, the well-known news source Mukul Sharma broke the news on social networking sites. 17 Huawei or Honor phones passed Bluetooth certification. Mukul Sharma said that a large number of Huawei / Honor phones via Bluetooth

News from IT House on January 2 Today, 3.91 million bought a mobile phone number on Weibo Hot Search. According to the Ali auction, the most expensive mobile phone number in recent years has been 8, 7 and recently sold for 3.91 million sky-high prices. Some netizens commented that with this money to buy a suite in a third or fourth tier city, it does not

IT House January 2 According to Korean media koreaherald, Samsung ’s de facto leader, Lee Jae-hyun, discussed on Thursday the company ’s strategy to make chips using the world ’s first 3 nanometer process technology. Lee Jae-hyun visited Samsung on the same day in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do

IT House January 2 news Samsung (China) Totem Information, the largest smart product, accessory sales agent and after-sales service provider, confirmed on official Weiwei that Samsung's flagship S series this spring has been confirmed to be named S20 series. Previously there were multiple Weibo Samsung KO

News from IT House on January 2 This morning, Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced on Weibo today that former vice president of Lenovo Group and head of mobile phone business often joined Xiaomi as vice president of Xiaomi Group. After that, Lin Bin also teased on Weibo that the furnace was officially closed.

News on January 2 This afternoon, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, released a full letter for the 2020 New Year. Lei Jun said that 2020 is the year of Xiaomi ’s 5G business offensive, and it is a key year for Xiaomi to promote the dual-engine mobile phone + AIoT. On 5G +

News on January 2 Today, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the National Railway Group) working conference was held in Beijing. According to the information from the Central Broadcasting Network, the National Railway Group revealed that this year the National Railways will improve the quality of railway passenger and freight transportation services and market...

According to the report on January 2, according to 36 氪, a document from the Credit Center of the People's Bank of China showed that on December 4, Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., the operating entity of the Harbin trip, Used for bicycles related to bicycle sharing business, mortgaged to

News from January 2 On January 2 last year, Lei Jun sent a Weibo to welcome Lu Weibing, the former president of Gionee, to join Xiaomi. On January 2, 2020, Lu Weibing tweeted this morning to commemorate the first anniversary of joining Xiaomi. In this year, Lu Weibing became the vice president of Xiaomi Group and Xiaomi China

IT House January 1 News Samsung may show a groundbreaking new TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week: a completely borderless 8K QLED TV. Some media call it Samsung Zero-Bezel TV, and its model is reportedly Q90

On the morning of January 2nd, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, stated that on the first working day of 2020, welcome to join Xiaomi as the vice president of Xiaomi Group, responsible for mobile phone product planning. Previously, on December 31, former Lenovo Group Vice President, ZUK C

At the beginning of December last year, the QQ Android version of Tencent's mobile phone ushered in the 8.2 official version update, which brought floating window coloring pages to temporary pages, real-time location sharing within the session, chat history support for backup to the computer, migration to other mobile phones, etc. Features. But on December 31, Tencent

According to the official information of Haidian Court Network, Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd. sued the company on the grounds of unfair competition because it believed that the watermark removal in the watermarking app developed and operated by Beijing Pengtu Help Dream Technology Co., Ltd. constituted an infringement. Stop infringement, eliminate impact and compensate for economic...

News on January 1 According to DVBCN's report on December 30 last year, Broadcast & TV is expected to officially shut down analog signals in 2020 or pave the way for 5G at 700MHz. On December 26, 2019, Shaanxi Radio and Television Network West

News from January 1st Yesterday evening, a Weibo user @ 林林-Yizhi Xiaobaitufa Weibo, certified as a senior product manager of Lenovo ’s Tablet PC Business Unit, said that the new Lenovo laptop comes pre-installed with WPS / Iqiyi / Tencent video software. And apologize for this. @ 林林-a

IT House January 1 News According to surging news reports, Hebei Unicom actually designated the mobile phone number of the user's tail number as 66 as the Liang number, and the mobile phone number to be transferred to the network also requires a penalty. It is reported that Mr. Li, a user of Hebei Unicom, was informed that his tail number was 66 when he handled the port number transfer at the...

IT House January 1 News Realme 5i, which will be available on January 6, has appeared on Geekbench, and key configurations have been confirmed. Geekbench shows that Realme 5i (version number RMX2030) will be launched

IT House January 1 News For players who want to check Steam game results or the latest promotions on your wrist, an Apple Watch app called Smoke can meet your needs. Smoke app as an app

IT House January 1 News Today, Huawei authorized the smart unmanned store to officially open in Wuhan Optics Valley New Development International Center. It is reported that the design style of this unmanned store is extremely technological and modern: the overall building structure is cylindrical, and the facade is surrounded by a full 360 °

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