On October 30th, Guido, the father of Python, announced his retirement and left Dropbox. He said in a tweet that it feels bitter and sweet: bitterly, I am leaving Dropbox and I am now retired; sweetly, in Dro

"This order from the #ArchSummit class micro # online sharing. Xu Hanbin, senior engineer of Tencent (SNG), member

"Everything will run in the cloud". This paper focuses on the comparison of the top cloud service provider's cloud database schema behind the architecture, as well as some of the recent observations of the author's recent progress in the field of cloud da

Graphic programming language: Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, C#,, Ruby, PHP, and Objective-C. Who is the best language?

Business scene dada is the last three kilometres of the nation's leading logistics distribution platform. A business model with the drops and is very similar to Uber, the agency to Crowdsourcing way

A good CTO need to have what quality? CTO how to communicate with CEO? How to balance the relationship between business iteration and team technology accumulation?

(there is a surprise in the text: the first to use the first to get a special discount code) Scala is a new design of universal object-oriented and functional programming language, the design goal is to

Live such a fire, then, behind it, what specific technical support it?

In the era of information explosion, machine learning is the effective way of information mining, how to design and build the flow of large scale machine learning platform? This paper finishing the speech from the Twitter machine learning platform group r

Chen days, get a full version of the live video. Answer: InfoQ, join the big coffee exchange group said live. This video is 1 hours long 45 minutes, recommended in the Wif

RxSwift after the emergence of response programming under the iOS development with a variety of options, RxSwift may be more elegant program. More people feel that this is a big thing and MVVM are, in fact, this is just a way to change the way of thinking

In August 6th, the Alibaba held a technical forum in Seattle, after about 4 months, Zhang Jianfeng chose the occasion for the first time around, data calculation and algorithm three core system, expounds the technical layout of ali.

This article from the EGO technology management open class, just cloud technology founder and CEO Zhang Xin online sharing.

In October, QCon Shanghai 2016 will be predictable. QCon every time, we will try our best to invite the best experts, mining the latest technology of dry cargo. this time

Half past eight this evening, said large coffee waiting for you to live!

Using Docker can achieve the isolation of the environment and resources, but at the same time, it also needs a container cluster management system to carry out the overall application of the distributed container.

2011, Aurora was founded, and launched a core product Aurora push JPush. After 5 years of continuous efforts, continuing professional services, the aurora push has been

This is a story about innovation in the summer of 885, cool Mannheim, a young woman who was driving her husband developed 0.9 HP three cars

More about "cloud computing" Taizu Quan "series of available technology" articles, please pay attention on "cloud computing" (ID:CloudNote) and reply"

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