To kill him will only make him stronger. Zhou Hongyi was very angry. About noon Tuesday, one from the public, "said Philippines Filipino" article "a 92 year girl by Zhou Hongyi: don't stare at us", the circle of friends scraper practitioners in Internet t

Good evening, everybody. It's getting cooler and cooler recently. It's also cold and Jia Yueting's credit. Although Jia Yueting in the United States to continue his dream car next week, but the mess has to clean up. The arrears have been too long, and the

The day before PingWest got a play Meizu issued in December 11th "on the company's center level organizational structure adjustment and personnel appointment notice", this is the Meizu in recent years one of the biggest restructuring, with overseas busine

Original title: "nearly 500 stores closed, the cost of grinding machine Meizu dream a little big" in January 1, 2011, countless fans anxiously in a mobile phone store waiting at the door of the new flagship on sale. Although it's very similar to the annua

A company named TeknFun has just released a Picacho wireless charger that is cute, compatible with Samsung equipment, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. At present, this Picacho wireless charger is on GameStop for $49.99 - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popula

Can the media pay attention to midmont? In the past few days, I suddenly became popular. How many friends did I care about Mi Meng? I also buckled a big hat and said, "the more friends you have, the more you will fail to pay attention to MI Meng. Even in

In December 6th, apple CEO Cook attended the 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou and made a special dialogue. Video: when we face the question that apple is always being criticized by fancy, Cook said, "yes, I even have been criticized for breathing. B

WAL-MART announced on Wednesday that it would change the company's legal name from Wal-Mart Stores to Walmart Inc, which will take effect on February 1, 2018. WAL-MART's renaming is on the occasion of the company's strong investment in the digital strateg

I don't know when the phone has a headphone hole that has become a selling point. One of the biggest changes of iPhone 7 compared with 6S is that there is no 3.5 mm headphone interface. At that time, everyone's reaction is similar to that of iPhone X's ba

HMD released a new version of NOKIA 7 in Shanghai in October 19th of this year. At that time, TechWeb also brought new reports to everyone. NOKIA 7 uses two colors, warm white and bright black, and then Tech - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular

The annual World Internet Conference has closed. "During this meeting, we can see many dinner. Food is not important, and the issues discussed on the meal are important. "Ma Yun said in the" new economy of the Internet Age "in the summit dialogue of entre

This afternoon, the United States took the official micro-blog announced the news, to actively implement the national response to the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of culture, the state Internet Information Office, the State Administration of

Alipay recently issued a notice of the integral reset, but 1 years ago to get integral unused, January 1st of each year will be automatically cleared. The rank of ant membership from low to high is the public members, Gold members, Platinum members and Di


The authorized reprinted from: chief character view (ID:sxrenwuguan) author: Jiang Yue is a continental margin, many years later, when the Chen Xianghong bridge in Wuzhen Street station, will think of the first home office that day morning drizzle. At tha

Ma Yun convened all 36 partners in front of the media. Only Cai Chongxin and Zhang Yong, who travel in the US, and Zhang Jianfeng, who were on a business trip in England, did not participate. The last time that Ali partners were so full of public appearan

According to foreign media, in December 1st, the United States Senate passed the tax reform bill by 51 to 49, which would be the first time in 31 years for Congress to amend the tax law. The bill will reduce the corporate income tax from 35% to 20%, allow

Apple has made a more radical integration of the iPad product line in the past two years, basically putting all its energy into the iPad Pro. This reflects Cook's accurate trader marketing, because with the increase of cell phone screen, the status of iPa


I want to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, which is a "necessity of the middle class". It is really expensive. Wait until double 11 from the Spring Festival, just hope it can be a little cheaper. It has been proved that the middle class is not likely to be che

9to5Mac according to foreign media reports, Apple has been removed from App Store games, in the game, game player will play as the Philippines police chief Ronald dela Rosa and Rodrigo Duterte ZAKER, the president of the country, the personalized recommen

The safety distance of the common 110kV and 220kV high voltage lines in life is 1.5 meters and 3 meters respectively, and the transmission tower is often up to tens of meters high, far higher than the safety distance. | NetEase produced an author | electr

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