In order to get rid of confusion.

How to break the daily work and other chores haunted by the barriers, we be worth exploring.

To be the owner of the emotion, to be a responsible person, we should first know ourselves and know ourselves!

I often hear old friends like me and those who complain: not a bit.


Sort out their own internal needs at the same time, to find the moment of breakthrough, to realize the change and growth from the inside out.

Someone asked the ancient Greek philosopher Telles: "what do you think is the most difficult thing for people to live in the world?" He replied, "it's the most difficult to know yourself."."


Each person has a role to play in the workplace, and the character of the character is the image of your workplace.

Can not brush out the new dynamic, but I still want to brush.

EQ is different from intelligence quotient, EQ is a kind of ability, it can be cultivated.

There is a framework for everything in life that can improve our efficiency.


Structured thinking enables you to gain more advantage in workplace competition and market competition.


From now on, do a essentials doctrine.


It's not a natural thing to say, it's not a natural thing to do.

Nine people came to this world, each with a different focus, tainted glasses, destined to have different interpretation of things.

Workplace abuse me a thousand times, I stay in the workplace such as first love.

Late at 8 in June 2nd, waiting for you!

Listen to Jun's words, better than reading ten books.

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