2019.11.21 Thursday's biggest single-day decline since IPO November 21, the share price of the stock closed down 22.89% on Wednesday, reported 31.4 US dollars, the biggest one-day drop since the IPO. At the same time, many market values ​​are evaporated overnight.

2019.11.20 Wednesday Ali Hong Kong IPO Guide Price or around HK$176 As of 19:19 on November 19, Ali's public offering for subscription of HK$13.6 billion, oversubscribed 4.78 times, the company will be officially priced today.

2019.11.19 On Tuesday, Tesla wants to spend $4.4 billion to build a Berlin plant on November 18th. According to the German "Pictorial" report, Tesla plans to invest 4 billion euros (about 4.4 billion) in its newly announced Berlin plant. USD), at most annually

2019.11.18 On Monday, Jinshan Office landed on the Science and Technology Edition on November 18th. Today, Jinshan Office will be listed on the Science and Technology Board. Lei Jun also sent an open letter to all Jinshan employees yesterday, telling a story of persistence and ultimate victory. Inspirational story and express WP

2019.11.15 Friday Alibaba's highest price per share 188 HKD Alibaba Group Holdings Limited announced the launch of the Hong Kong Public Offering as part of the Global Offering on November 15, 2019 Hong Kong time. This issue will be newly issued 500,

2019.11.14 Thursday, Microsoft AI rudder Shen Xiangyang left Beijing time On the morning of November 14, Microsoft global CEO Satya Nadella just announced by mail, Microsoft Global Executive Vice President Shen Xiangyangbo

2019.11.13 Wednesday, Xu Jiayin: The first car is scheduled to debut in the first half of next year. On November 12, Evergrande held the Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Strategic Partnership Summit in Guangzhou. Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande, said that Evergrande’s new energy vehicle is not going to overtake, but to change the road.

2019.11.12 On Tuesday, Huawei confirmed that it will distribute RMB 2 billion to employees for the bonus of RMB 2 billion for Netcom Huawei. Huawei officially replied: There are indeed bonuses, but the specific allocation rules are not clear. It is reported that the award is to thank employees for their own success this year.

2019.11.8 Friday Alibaba is set to start roadshow next week. Alibaba is determined to start roadshows in Hong Kong next week. This week, Alibaba has started to communicate with some institutional investors in Hong Kong. Alibaba's listed team has communicated with some institutional investors about pricing

2019.11.5 On Tuesday, Tencent sued Netease on Jay Chou's music infringement in November. China's refereeing paper published the first-instance judgment of Tencent on the Jay Chou music infringement v. Netease case. The court sentenced companies such as NetEase Cloud Music to compensate Tencent’s music for economic losses and reasonable expenses for stopping infringement.

2019.11.4 Monday McDonald's CEO Dismissed for Peach News on November 4th, McDonald's issued a statement saying that CEO Steve Eastbrook had been fired because he violated company regulations and was intimate with an employee. relationship. The company is in a new

2019.11.1 On Friday, Jia Yueting bought a luxury house before bankruptcy? FF: Lack of common sense On October 31, according to overseas technology media TheVerge, LeTV and FaradayFuture (FF) founder Jia Yueting in August,

2019.10.29 Bytes beating on Tuesday is scheduled to go to Hong Kong in the first quarter of next year. IPO According to the British "Financial Times" news, the jittery parent company's bytebeat is considered in the first quarter of next year in Hong Kong IPO. The company has hired a team at K&L Gates law firm for public administration - ZAKER, personalizing recommended hot news, local...

2019.10.28 On Monday, LV's parent company plans to acquire Tiffany for $14.5 billion. According to a source quoted by Sina US stocks, Louis Vuitton's parent company, LVMH, plans to acquire US jewellery for $14.5 billion in cash.

2017 is on the way, this year, the financial industry is a wonderful link. Do you still remember those big men who occupy the front page of the finance and economics page? Who is the financial headline in your heart? ZAKER finance invites you to take part


There's no danger and it's on the weekend again. Welcome to this period [Financial cram school]! Here, I wish you a happy winter solstice. This week, let's talk about the trust. What is the trust? Trust is not only a way of managing money, but also a spec


The 2017 financial new media summit hosted by the twenty-first Century economic report was held in Guangzhou in December 12, 2017. The theme of this summit is the era of empowerment and intellectual media. Senior vice president of Limited by Share Ltd, iF

The 2017 financial new media summit hosted by the twenty-first Century economic report was held in Guangzhou in December 12, 2017. The theme of this summit is the era of empowerment and intellectual media. A partner, Mr. Fan Zhihang, attended the summit a

The 2017 China finance summit (winter Forum) held in 2017 and explore the advanced economy with good Chinese butterfly path of steady progress, steady trend of sustainable development in Beijing, the supply side reform to China every industry ushered in t

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the financial cram class this week. Recently, there are three kinds of colors that cause anger and even make empty of it. And the public security organs have investigated and informed about the matter of red, yellow and blue k

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