2020.1.2 Thursday, Alibaba Tmall Elf Upgraded to Business Unit Chen Lijuan

In 2019, 99% of the progress bar has been passed. In this year, it is not just the small and happy people who staged scenes of joy and sorrow, but the Internet industry is also surging, warm and cold prophets. Shared bicycles are down, new retail is emerging, and cloud services are accelerating; Tencent has no dream, NetEase only loves money,

2019.12.31 On Tuesday, Renren ’s new App is officially tested and officially returns to the social market. Beijing Duuniu Interactive Media Co., Ltd. launched the new Renren App version 1.1.0, which restored the social network positioning around the relationship between classmates in the era of Renren.com and its positioning. Function, positive

2019.12.27 Huawei responds to the rise of subsidies: The irresponsible Wall Street Journal 25th article announced that Huawei received huge financial subsidies from the Chinese government to help its rise. In response, Huawei issued a statement on the afternoon of the 26th stating that the "Wall Street Journal"

2019.12.23 On Monday, Meituan officials responded that the deliveryman stabbed the mall employee to death at 14 o'clock on December 22. At a shopping mall in Hongshan District, Wuhan, a man wearing takeaway clothing was holding a knife and wounding someone in the store. Hongshan Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau reported that the suspect was under police control and was a takeaway

2019.12.20 Friday, Foxconn's internal profit of 300 million shocked Apple on December 19. According to informed sources, employees inside Foxconn stole iPhone components for profit and helped some merchants obtain and assemble defective iPhones.

2019.12.18 On Wednesday, Moutai announced the dissolution of the e-commerce company Guizhou Moutai. On the evening of December 17, the company's board of directors agreed that the company's shareholding company Guizhou Moutai Group E-commerce Co., Ltd. (referred to as e-commerce company) was dissolved and liquidated and cancelled. The company will E-commerce company

2019.12.16 Monday, Gree's equity transfer was officially approved December 15th news, Gree Electric announced that Gree Group received the approval issued by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhuhai on December 13th, and the People's Government of Zhuhai and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhuhai have agreed to agree Gree...

2019.12.12 Thursday surged 1.2 trillion, the world's largest market capitalization was born On December 11, Saudi Aramco's stock price rose from 32 rials to 35.2 rials ($ 9.38) on the first day of listing, an increase of 10%, reaching Saudi Tada Ur

2019.12.11 Wednesday, Water Drop Fundraising Response to PS Medical Record Initiation of Fundraising Recently, a public account published an article stating that the water drop fundraising project was approved using the PS medical record. On December 10, Drip Chip issued a statement saying that after the review was passed, materials such as medical certificates were also required.

Alipay account was frozen on Monday, 2019.12.9, Taoji Ji declared bankruptcy. On the evening of December 8, Taojiji confirmed to reporters that the company would officially declare bankruptcy on December 9. This means that the company's merger and acquisition restructuring plan due to the break of the capital chain has failed. The day

2019.12.3 On Tuesday, there were only 10 people with a billion-dollar storm, and on the evening of December 2, the Storm Group announced that the company's operating conditions had undergone major adverse changes and that a large number of people had been lost. Except for Mr. Feng Xin, the company's senior management personnel All resignations, letter of assistance

2019.12.2 Monday Qualcomm CEO denied that China ’s 5G super U.S. December 1 news. Recently, on Qualcomm analyst day, a Bloomberg reporter asked Qualcomm CEO, do you think China has surpassed the United States in 5G? Qualcomm CEO replied, I

2019.11.29 Friday, Mingzhu Dong responded to the dispute over Gree Oaks. Regarding Gree and Oaks to report incidents before each other, Gree Electric Dong Mingzhu stated at the event that 'fighting' is inseparable, and it is to the market to say nothing about inferior products Disloyal, Gree naturally comes out '

2019.11.28 Thursday Alibaba will be included in the Hang Seng Composite Index On November 27, the Hang Seng Index Company announced that, because Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd. meets the requirements for the rapid inclusion of the Hang Seng Composite Index, Alibaba will be included in the Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng interconnected

2019.11.27 On Wednesday, Li Ka-shing contributed 100 million to aid Hong Kong's tourism industry On November 26, the Li Ka-shing Foundation announced that it would contribute 100 million Hong Kong dollars to assist small and medium-sized travel agencies. The announcement shows that the money was the Li Ka-shing Foundation's earlier announcement to donate HK $ 1 billion in emergency money

2019.11.26 Tuesday, Alibaba is officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Alibaba shares will be traded on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at 9 am on November 26, 2019. The shares will be traded in units of 100 shares each, and the stock code of the shares will be For 998

2019.11.25 Monday NetEase responded to violent layoffs On November 24th, an article called "Netease layoffs, let security guards out of the terminal, I drove out of the company. The nightmare I experienced in Netease! The article is circulated in the circle of friends, the article said that he encountered a variety of games in Netease

2019.11.22 Friday, Jianan Technology became the first block of the global blockchain On November 21st, the world's second largest mining giant, Jia Nan Zhizhi, officially landed on the NASDAQ market with the stock code CAN. It is understood that Jianan Technology issued 10 million shares of ADS at an issue price of

2019.11.21 Thursday's biggest single-day decline since IPO November 21, the share price of the stock closed down 22.89% on Wednesday, reported 31.4 US dollars, the biggest one-day drop since the IPO. At the same time, many market values ​​are evaporated overnight.

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