December 18th -20 day, 2017 Liping • China Dong year and the eighth session of the Liping • the Chinese Dong cultural tourism festival will be held in Liping County, Qiandongnan, Guizhou. Figure /2015 November 29th, the Dong people are participa

Guangzhou south to Guiyang North on the train, a pregnant woman in childbirth. The critical moment, the flight attendants to help pregnant women get off early, from the passenger high-speed rail station staff and police emergency shot, build a temporary d


In Tuyun, Guizhou, a man over 400 pounds of weight, after falling on the toilet, was too fat to stand, and the family had to ask for help from the police. As a result, 5 police have to help, only to carry it to the living room and carry the room, fortunat


(Note: video by Guizhou Qiandongnan broadcasting television, Congjiang County Radio and television station.) As a list of the world's intangible cultural heritage, Dong's great songs have been well known. But almost 10000 people sing a great song of Dong

Feng Yun Xiang in Sinan County, only 20 years old woman met a 26 year old Shi Xiaorong Du Wei, with no legs, in later encounters, Shi Xiaorong was moved by Du Wei not to the status quo of the inspirational spirit, so her parents strongly opposed, resolute

In November 23rd 2017, Guizhou • Leishan Miao intangible cultural heritage exhibition held a wonderful, from the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Thailand, Laos and other more than 20 countries and Guangxi, Sichuan and other more than 20 pro

The morning of November 21st, the Department of Hematology of Guizhou People's Hospital stem cell collection chamber, 31 year old Xiao Wu (a pseudonym) after nearly 4 hours of waiting in bed, through the blood separator from his body were collected in 200

Zunyi Fenggang is still a internship driver, accidentally drove the car to the highway border on the roof. The two sides deadlocked for 3 days due to the lack of compensation. In November 17th, the local police forced the car towed away to eliminate hidde

When the baby was born, the right arm had a purple bag, and the parents thought it was a birthmark, which didn't attract attention. The bigger the birthmark, the bigger the size of the Hami melon was at the age of 5. At the time of the hospital examinatio

Recently, the "new Chinese singing" program group announced that Jay Chou will continue to serve as tutor in the third season program, and the news has aroused heated discussions among netizens. This announcement, also let the spread of the Internet befor

Recently, some friends broke the news, Shanghai kindergarten teachers have Ctrip child abuse behavior, in the video, in addition to teachers beating children to children eat unknown items. The child who loves to be torn down, takes the child to eat mustar

In the morning of October 27th, a 62 year old rural Party member in Zunyi city died after a traffic accident. He donated his liver and kidneys, and saved 3 lives. It is learnt that the old Party member was very enthusiastic when he was alive, and he helpe

The cat of a citizen in Guiyang falls from the seven floor and falls on the top of a street tree. He stayed at the top of the tree for two days and never dared to come down. Finally, after the fire brigade arrived, took a tremendous effort to rescue it do

The cat of a citizen in Guiyang falls from the seven floor and falls on the top of a street tree. He stayed at the top of the tree for two days and never dared to come down. Finally, after the fire brigade arrived, took a tremendous effort to rescue it do

In the morning of October 25th, the Guiyang evening news media reporter from Zunyi Moutai airport confirmed: passengers aboard the airport maiden flight, can receive a bottle of 50 milliliters of Moutai Memorial wine. The 31 day of this month, Zunyi Mouta

Ambulance is the symbol of hospital, which has priority to the duty of ambulance patient. But what do you think when an ambulance contains 17 people, without a medical worker or a patient? In October 14th, Tongren high speed Dalong provincial law enforcem


In October 16th, a wild boar in Songtao County near the attack people, killing two people were injured. After the police alarm, rushed to the scene, drove wild boar to the flood plain open area, and then shot dead. On the same day at 11:40, Songtao Public

In September 20th, a 6 ambulance carried 20 doctors and nurses to a district residents. Because the car is seriously overloaded, the traffic police seized temporarily. In September 20th, about 14:10 in the afternoon, an ambulance from the high road near t

The afternoon of September 6th, the twelve session of the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee decided to accept the resignation of Sun Zhigang as governor of Guizhou Province: Office of the request, Chen Yiqin was appointed vice governor of Guizho

Nayong County Zhangjiawan Town 8.28 landslides scene rescue headquarters informed: as of August 30th 16, the rescue scene rescue of 31 people, including 23 deaths, 8 people were injured, 1 injured have been cured, 7 injured in the hospital, students ZAKER

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