In future life, look only at what I have, not what I don't. You treat me like a normal person, just a different lifestyle! On December 3, Du Fuguo, a minesweeper who ushered in his 28th birthday, said so. Du Fuguo is a native of Meitan County, Guizhou Province.

We have reported this unethical behavior of parabolic aloft many times. It was only a few months ago that the incident of parabolic lethality in the international city community did not take long. At around four o'clock in the afternoon on December 14, there was a high-altitude parabolic incident in the second group of the International City Group F, and this time the

In the past few days, Feng Shuxiang, the old squad leader retired from the Hong Kong garrison, has been on fire. On December 11, the client headline of the People's Daily published an article "Going Home!" The news that the old squad leader of the Hong Kong garrison retired, and the reaction of Meng Wa cried "made Zunyi veteran Feng Shuxiang and her 4-year-old daughter popular together

The square dance has swept China, and it has also attracted our officers and soldiers. Recently, the square dance created by the Guizhou Armed Police has become popular on the Internet. The brisk music is accompanied by the popular Internet ghost dance. The picture shows a military square dance created by the Armed Police Guizhou Provincial Headquarters Mobile Division. Guizhou Provincial Corps...

Recently, an 80-year-old man in Guizhou became angry. Her name is Liu Qingxiu, and she has been selling clothes and wool for many years in a small alley. Although the income was very modest, the elderly kept their children hidden, took out half of their annual income, and secretly subsidized several poor students. I also now fund 3 poor students, 2 of them from

The man and his girlfriend quarreled because of their emotional dispute, biting his girlfriend's left ear in a fit of anger. Recently, the man was sentenced to six months in prison by the People's Court of Guanling Autonomous County, Anshun City for the crime of intentional injury. 27-year-old Guan Mou and Cheng Mou were once a couple. On March 30, 2019, Guan Mou came to Anshun

My daughter-in-law was bullied. I went to question each other and was injured. On the morning of the 8th, Mr. Hu, a citizen of Guiyang, told reporters that his daughter-in-law was bullied in the evening of the 6th. He went to question each other and was wounded by three men. On the morning of the 8th, the reporter came to Mr. Hu at the south section of Xintian Avenue 41

On the morning of December 6, a multi-vehicle collision occurred near the Shibantian Interchange on the Rongzun Expressway Link. It was reported that the accident involved 37 different vehicles and was seriously injured. A number of eyewitnesses confirmed to reporters that when the accident occurred, there was dense fog on the scene and local icing on the road surface. according to

Fighting with heaven, the fun is endless; fighting with snakes, Guizhou firefighting is endless. By the end of the year, everyone was taking stock of the various people and events they had met in the past year. But what about Guizhou Fire Fighting? Take a look at the snakes you caught: first, second; third; catch too much, directly build a topic statistics and check in; grab

According to "People's Concern", Mr. Tong, who lives in Huanghe Road, Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, was upset recently because of an accidental pull a month ago. Mr. Tong's 9-year-old girl child was diagnosed with soft tissue on her right shoulder. He has not been able to attend school normally. November 3, my daughter

With the improvement of the living standards of our residents, it is not difficult to drink Maotai. It is not difficult to buy from the right channels. However, unscrupulous merchants have spotted Moutai's big profits, making fake and selling fakes has also become an old problem in rectifying the Moutai market. Many consumers who do not know much about Moutai often become illegal

Some people say that when driving on the road, they are most afraid of two situations: one is touching the porcelain, and the other is having close contact with the luxury car (the reason you understand). In the afternoon of December 1st, a car owner in Guiyang encountered a luxury car during the driving process. Before he had time to be polite, he would perform first.

Lan Luke (pseudonym) is a post-00 family living in a town on the outskirts of Guiyang. In the summer vacation after the entrance exam, he and his friends stayed in the city bar late at night. The flashing neon lights attracted the two young people and missed the last train home time. The last memory of Lan Luke was that he was brought into the hotel by a stranger

On December 1st, a batch of jewelry from the black boss in Zunyi, Liu Xiyong, went to judicial auction on Among them, Liu Xiyong named a silver 925 quartzite pendant, which attracted the attention of netizens with an evaluation price of 20 yuan. Netizen evaluation said: I ca n’t think of the black boss who opened Rolls Royce,

This thank you letter is so special, it is the most special thank you letter I have received since I became a doctor. Medical staff at Guihang Hospital 3000 said that the special thank-you note in the mouth of the medical staff was a song composed by the patient himself. The reporter saw the lyrics and wrote: "Doctors and nurses, benevolent hearts; noble medical morals,

A few days ago, a 90-year-old English teacher from Guiyang insisted on the podium and became popular on the Internet. In the video, an old man with a white hair and a naked body stands on the podium, giving English lessons to elementary school students with funny and vivid language. Many netizens in Guiyang leave messages after seeing Weibo: Isn't this uncle, I

Sentenced to one year in prison and fined $ 20,000! Two men from Chongqing opened a hot pot restaurant in Guizhou. In order to save costs, they even drank oil for customers! Illegal profit was RMB 82,050 within 5 months. In the end, both bosses planted & amp; hellip; & amp; hel

Recently, citizens reported that the 5th floor platform of Building B4, Jindi Huacheng Community, opposite the Zhonghuazhuang Bus Station in Honghuagang District, Zunyi was repaired as a hotel by the 5th floor owner. This should be a place for the owners to entertain. The owners hope that the illegal building can be demolished in time, and also provide a green platform for the owners. family

At noon on November 25, at the entrance of the ICU ward of the Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, a father and daughter took the pennants to the door of the attending doctor. Speaking of the origin of this pennant, it is a warm story ... The father and daughter who sent the pennant came from Guiding County, and the older name was Mo Yonghong.

For a moment, Hu Xiaochao (pseudonym) stepped into the air and fell from the second floor. The downstairs happened to be a reinforced house site. For a moment, a steel bar penetrated the young man's body. For a moment, the rebar avoided the testicles and penetrated the scrotum; avoided the internal organs and penetrated the abdominal wall. For a moment, the heart contracted, avoiding a fatal...

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