ZAKER Harbin reporter Chen Yue Photo and video interviewees provided a recent video of planting vegetables in the floor tiles, which received more than 5 million broadcasts on the video platform, and was reprinted by People's Daily Weibo, etc., which triggered a hot comment. The young lady who grows vegetables is called Liu Chunling, who lives in double

Li Pan ZAKER Harbin reporter Liu Ju, who lives in Harbin, is 15 years old. Her sister was found to have diabetes in a physical examination some time ago. Because both sisters are a little fat, parents are very worried about this. I went to check and found that Xiaoting also has diabetes.

Why do the teachers draw two horizontal lines under the score after the teacher changes the volume? You have to ask the teacher? Don't ask, maybe even the teacher doesn't know …… to see what the teacher who is a teacher said: I always feel the number of scores below, but I can't draw love, so

As the saying goes, freezing three feet, not a cold day, this sentence also applies to the production of cancer. why me? Why did the cancer find me? Many patients have had this mentality at the moment of diagnosis. Yeah, good end, how come the tumor suddenly came to the door? In fact, the occurrence of cancer

The wife let her husband throw garbage, and the husband readily agreed to go downstairs and throw garbage. After 9 hours, the two cried! Recently, a woman in her 50s rushed to the Caihu Police Station in the Xihu Public Security Bureau of Benxi City, Liaoning Province for help: Comrades, police, my family's necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc.

▲Video screenshots Recently, in order to break the Guinness Book of World Records, a school in India called up to 25,000 students to brush their teeth at the same place. The previous record was 16,141 people. According to the United States News Agency, on November 7, a school in India said that as many as 25,000

Recently I saw a Japanese brother actually used a fingernail to make a diamond ring. This is definitely the most top-level gameplay that turned waste into treasure. The netizens watched the thumbs up afterwards: The calf's shape looks like Cartier. This sapphire ring is human. The raw materials used by the little brother are only a year's fingernail cover.

Intern Tang Jiayue ZAKER Harbin reporter Zhu Hong Last month, the news of the death of Korean female star Shirley due to depression caused people to focus on the disease of depression again. Recently, the reporter visited the first special hospital in Harbin, doctors have the same sigh, these years, more and more young patients

Recently, a freshman student at Wuhan University of Science and Technology has fired! He has a very unique name, called the Spring and Autumn Warring States. Some netizens said ↓↓↓ "Well, this life can't forget his name." He said that the name originated because his father loved history. After listening to this name, there is a network.

In life, it is very common for couples to argue because of some contradictions, and the son-in-law sees her husband is usually respectful, but what happens next …… November 8th, a section of Sichuan The video of Bazhong’s mother-in-law and son-in-law was exposed online.

Taizhou Luqiao Court recently conducted a wave of [automobile] auctions including Porsche, Land Rover, BMW, Audi... and a Maserati auction titled ZJ6666T [First Auction] Zhe J6666T Maserati ZN6XU61E Small

On November 7th, the first China Chinese surname official meeting was held in Fuzhou. More than 200 experts and representatives attended the conference to promote the Chinese surname to declare the world memory heritage. Have you ever thought that one day your family name can also apply for a legacy? Do you really understand about the surname? Xiaoxin has compiled 20 last names for you.

On November 6th, Zhejiang Yueqing Court held a public hearing on Shen’s case of seeking trouble. From October 6th to November 16th, 2018, Shen had a record of 18 take-outs for refunds, 16 of which were based on the fact that there was hair in the food.

Intern Li Yunqi ZAKER Harbin reporter Liu Yang. Text / photo / video shooting at noon on the 7th, after a snow, the nine-station park union dock, the city's winter swimmers cheerfully prepare for the exercise before launching. At this time, the temperature of the river is minus 1 degree Celsius, winter swimming

ZAKER Harbin reporter Wang Tiejun Wen / Photo / Video shooting and production If someone tells you that he has a brand new Apple X3 discount shipment, do you believe it? The young woman Xiao Liu is a predecessor who trusts herself to work together. Although she has no contact in 3 years, she can

ZAKER Harbin reporter Gao Yunwen / photo / video shooting refers to the night show in the Northeast, usually everyone's first reaction is noisy! It’s not a two-person turn, it’s just a sing with a jump and a treasure, and there’s a big slam on the stage. I am so happy, I have to blow a bottle on the stage.

Two months ago, a "wild wolf disco" ran over the entire network, occupying the top spot in the hot search of major social platforms. Two months later, it swept the real life of people, from campus radio, square dance to wedding scene, everywhere. This rap song by the northeast singer Gem Gem in his hometown dialect,

The world's largest oil company —— Saudi Aramco's first phase of the domestic listing plan was officially approved by the Saudi market regulator on November 3, local time. This not only marks the world's highest market value to date, but also means Saudi Arabia.

Recently, a painted worker in Henan suddenly broke the rope during work! The basket fell on the sharp wooden needle at the door of the first floor when it fell, just in the middle of the workers … … incident on October 31, Zhengzhou, Henan. A worker is preparing to paint the exterior of the rotisserie upstairs.

When you fell asleep, you were really washed. This time, scientists at Boston University photographed the cleaning process in an unprecedented way: red is blood and blue is cerebrospinal fluid. The blood will periodically flow out of the brain in large quantities, and the cerebrospinal fluid will invade and eliminate toxins. And the eliminated toxins include β amyloid

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