A few days ago, Guangzhou doctor Zhang Hong took a breath on the plane to save people, causing a hot discussion on the Internet. The incident occurred on November 19, when a flight from Guangzhou to New York on CZ399, an old man could not urinate on his own, and there was a risk of rupture of the bladder containing about 1000 ml of urine.

It is a good thing that the old house welcomes the new owner. However, in a husband's office on Linping Road in Hongkou District, it encountered a horrible thing, and at the same time unveiled a bloody truth that has been hidden for many years! The old house was shocked and the identity of the deceased became a mystery. March 14, 2019, responsible for the renovation.

Lie that he is a university professor, and Joe has pursued the pursuit of Ms. Tang at the other end of the network. Ms. Tang has repeatedly returned to China to meet with Joe and fell in love. But when the two talked about marriage, Joe suddenly lost contact. More than 2 million yuan in the bank card that Ms. Tang had previously handed over to Joe’s custody was missing. A few days ago,

According to @齐鲁网 news, on the evening of November 19, a fire accident occurred in the Liangbaosi coal mine in Jiaxiang County, Jining, causing 11 people to be trapped. On the morning of November 21, the trapped miners are about to raise their wells.

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Procuratorate of Fushun City, Liaoning Province, filed a public prosecution against Mie’s suspected escape, and the Shuncheng District Court of Fushun City publicly tried the case of Mi’s escape from the first prison in Fushun, and sentenced him in court to sentence him to the crime of escape. He was sentenced to four years in prison and sentenced to 20 years...

At 3:48 pm on November 20, the Command Center of Changsha City Fire and Rescue Detachment received an alarm saying that a fire broke out in Building 1 of Shuguang Community, Shuguang Community, Renmin Road, Furong District. After receiving the alarm, the detachment command center immediately dispatched Wuli, Labor Road, Gaoqiao, Xianghu, Wuyi Square, Luo

△ Relevant instructions of the developer involved. Recently, the Beichen Central Park in Tianxin District of Changsha City (developed in the description called Xiangfu Century) said that the artificial lake in the landscape of the community has no water, and it is actually made of plastic. Raised netizens to discuss. Afterwards, some owners suspended the signing of the house. The developer...

Only after buying a house, I received a promotional call from the decoration company. The child went to elementary school, and the training organization continued to promote the supplementary products …… Nowadays, the advertising phone even knows the name of the consumer. The more I let consumers worry: my personal information has leaked more.

On November 20th, the reporter of Xiaoxiang Morning News was informed that due to the recent 7th-level winds striking Huaihua Fuling, the alarm of the wind and the disaster has more police. At 7:34 pm on November 18, a solar water heater in the residential building of the county government of Fuling County was blown off by the wind.

According to China's information disclosure network, Wang Sicong is no longer on the list of restricted consumers. On October 12, the Shanghai Jiading District People's Court issued a restricted consumption order for the case number (2019) Shanghai 0114 and No. 4909. The court in 2019

When Huaihuan was on a train to visit friends in the field, I saw a box of passengers who had got off the bus and forgot the car. I thought there must be some money in the box. When I got out of the car, I got rich. I don’t know if there is no money in the box. They are all precious red revolutionary artifacts. On November 20, the suspect was suspected of theft.

Intermediary recruits the egg sister, asks the hotel owner to recommend the buyer, Hunan Shian Health Consulting Co., Ltd. organizes an interview, Changsha Kaifu Yiya Gynecology Clinic checks and provides the injection site, the laboratory operation surgery, a single egg transaction is completed . Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter found that 120,000 eggs

The 71-year-old Luo Qifeng (a pseudonym) sat on the canopy on the 8th floor of a residential building in Sanwang Street, Changsha City. He was wearing a blindfold because of fear. At noon on November 15th, Luo Qifeng, the elderly man who suffered from the funeral in his later years, wanted to be alive. I was afraid of lying in bed afterwards, and my wife was taking care of me. △ graphic has...

On November 18th, in Chenzhou, Henan Province, the boy named Xiaogang, who was pointed at the girl’s eyes, said that after the incident, Xiaogang went to school and was refused to enter the classroom by the teacher. Then the vice president of Daxie Primary School asked the parents to take the children away. . The reporter went to the school to understand the situation, and the principal...

Before the rivers and lakes have been rumored to be a big hole in the Jingui silver industry listed in Zhangzhou, this statement has finally been confirmed recently - this is not a rumor. On the evening of the 18th, Jingui Yinye released an announcement again. According to China’s information disclosure network, the company’s information has been listed, and the company has been included in...

The newspaper Xiangxi News to find peanuts, find … … November 10 at about 10 am, Xiangxi Xixi Town, Dengyunzhai Primary School, this year, 7-year-old Gong Yuxin with long bamboo clicks Teacher writes chalk words on the blackboard to teach other children

Recently, a picture calling for people to find a trafficker Mei Long has been widely spread in the circle of friends, which has aroused the attention of the whole society. Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other places have reported and rumored information. The Guangdong police accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency on the 19th to respond to the matter. Mei Long’s...

Image source: Visual China's Zhuzhou News Zhuzhou man Huang likes to brag, usually claiming that he has a wide relationship and many roads. Many people believe that he is really, and spend money to help him. Unexpectedly, Hwang blew the cowhide. In order to cover up the lies, he even found someone to pretend to be the leader of the Education Bureau to deceive.

In the past two days, a blue plastic artificial lake network in the D area of ​​a residential area in Tianxin District of Hunan Province became popular. The artificial lake is made of blue plastic and there is a viewing bridge on the lake. The ideal is beautiful and the reality is terrible. Mr. Tan is one of the owners of the community, November 16th,

The newspaper Changsha News has always been forgetful, but not forgetting relatives. Tan Laojiao, who is 97 years old, misses her 82-year-old sister and is afraid of troublesome younger generations. She is still tough when she is alone. She goes out alone and crosses half a kilometer of Changsha City to find her sister in the country. Still a fan

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