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On December 10, local time, the world's first fully electric commercial aircraft took off at Vancouver International Airport, Canada, and successfully completed its first test flight. MagniX, the company that provides electric motors for the aircraft, said, "This marks the third era of aviation-the era of electric."

The Game Awards (TGA) awards ceremony, which is known as the "Oscar" in the gaming industry, officially announced a series of award results in the morning of December 13th. Everyone's most concerned about the best game of the year, was awarded to "The Wolf: Shadows Twice". This is also producer Miyazaki

The notion that data is oil in the Internet age is not new. Thirteen years ago, British mathematician Clive Humby once said that data is the new era of oil. "It is very valuable, but if it is not refined, the data cannot show its value. It must be turned into natural gas, plastic

When it comes to Kindle, what do you think of immediately? Maybe not reading, but pressing noodles and eating ashes. Although the global demand for e-book readers is still growing, sales of physical books have also begun to pick up, and smartphones and tablets have become a new choice for many people to read digitally. Electron on the other hand

The co-working unicorn WeWork's IPO abortion did not scare off its peers. Its Chinese rival Youke Factory submitted a prospectus to the SEC on December 11 and sought to list on the New York Stock Exchange. The size of the investment was not disclosed. Youke Factory was established

New end, new list. Recently, we may see various year-end rankings or selections in different media. Of course, we are tired of these routine operations. The popular website Pornhub also released the 2019 annual report. This year you "old drivers"

Mac Pro, the most powerful Apple computer in history, has been officially launched recently. This type of professional-grade equipment targeted at specific fields will obviously not be targeted at mainstream personal computer users. What most people can do is just to find a top version with a price of nearly 400,000 yuan on Apple's official website, and then cut it

On December 11, VSCO issued an announcement on its official website, announcing the formal acquisition of camera company Rylo. When it comes to VSCO, everyone is familiar. Photoshop, Lightroom Post Preset VSCO Fil

There are many people who have made short videos, but as few as overseas, like Li Zihuan, she is the first person in China to be a celebrity. It ’s not news that Li Zi has been smashed. Li Ziyu, who became popular three years ago with a video of making Lanzhou beef noodles, is already quite popular on the Internet.

At the end of the year in February, my cousin who was trying to grow vegetables was always asking me which version of Switch to buy to play "Doraemon Nobita's Ranch Story" which was about to be released. The Japanese version is still a Hong Kong version of the tangle. In line with her usual procrastination, it has been dragged on until April. Tencent officially announced

Hello, this is XXXX. Do you consider buying a house here? Hello, our bank has now launched a wealth management product with an annual interest rate of more than 5%, which is specially targeted at new and old users ... Information on stock news will help you complete the transaction as quickly as possible. If you are unfamiliar with these calls and have not received them, then

As in previous years, Qualcomm once again updated its flagship processor-Snapdragon 865 in Hawaii, along with the mid-range Snapdragon 765 / 765G, which is Qualcomm's first integrated 5G dual-mode baseband processor. At this point, the mobile phone processor officially enters SA / NS

Video streaming, led by Netflix, has the potential to replace traditional TV networks. Anyway, cable companies have given up their efforts to retain customers. This is one of the main contents of the latest report by analysis company MoffettNathanson. In the third quarter, the traditional American cable

After Apple announced the "AppStore 2019 Annual Pick", it was quickly selected as the annual trend app, and the comment area was quickly surprised by the surprise: Is there a fast app for the selected app? Quick: Who am I? where am I? However, some readers expressed the opposite voice: What happened to the fast hand? Flower half

"Your next computing era." Magic Leap's official website put it like this. It perfectly explains why this startup, founded in 2010, has reached its peak and fell to the altar today. When most people in the world do n’t know about virtual reality (VR),

Yin Yuetai, which once hosted the memory of countless girls from chasing stars, may have come to an end. Recently, some users have found that some pages of Yinyuetai ’s official website are unreachable, MVs are not playable, and the app has been removed from the App Store.

On December 5, Huawei officially released two new phones, Huawei nova6 and Huawei nova6 5G. Like the product concept that Huawei's nova series has always implemented, the newly launched Huawei's nova6 series has a selfie as its core selling point.

Two days ago, the head of our long-time programmer in the United States sent me a WeChat angrily: You said that Mercedes' XX 1.3T seven-seater SUV. Although he did not specify which car, but when I saw the keywords of 1.3T and seven-seater SUV, I immediately

If it were not for the "Yellow Ban" a year ago, Tumblr would not have entered the public eye on a large scale, although it has long been known as a welfare place for old drivers. No matter how passionate the user is, and how the experts and the media are not optimistic about its future, Tumblr quietly spends the first time saying goodbye to porn

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