Samsung has studied the news of foldable cell phone for a long time. According to the latest revelations, if there is no accident, we can see that Samsung released related products in 2018, and the foreign media letsgodigital released the appearance map o


Although the PC version of the "Jedi" survival: Battle Royale swept very long, but for the host game player, you can only far view and not play, and want to play cool game, need to pay a huge price, because if your computer is not strong enough, the alloc

The day before, the "king of glory" prosperous Changan version, and finally the full opening of the high frame rate mode, any mobile phone you can open this option in the game, the frame rate is up to 60fps. This function is very useful for flagship phone


For a long time, Apple's cables and charging heads are all white, which will inevitably lead to an aesthetic fatigue. However, there is no need to worry. Now the black Lightning line is coming, but it's not so easy to get there. This cool black line Light

Not long ago Apple also used the system stability is known, but may be a large number of American Technology Corp hired three engineers because now compared to the stability of the latest iOS, macOS system is a lot worse before, and also appeared in a var

As the name of the Internet once with millet mobile phone brand, Meizu has unlimited scenery, its line store has also been covered on both sides of the Changjiang River, but with nearly two years in the hardware configuration of the Meizu Meizu has been l

The official version of Android 8.1 Oreo has arrived, and it has Go edition. The latter appeared in this year's I/O conference, but today it is late. Go edition specializes in the optimization of low-end devices, memory only - ZAKER, personalized recommen

Since the iOS 11 official version of the push, bug will let users worried iPhone emerge in an endless stream, and even their own, also encountered a lot of let me dumbfounding bug, such as sliding frame dropping, God disappeared, unlock the keyboard icon

In recent years, the flash memory capacity of mobile devices has been expanding, among which smart phones are most obvious. The storage capacity of smart phones is from 8GB to 256GB. When we start, our cell phone capacity is increasing. Nowadays, most fla

Apple in Beijing on December 2nd to push the official version of iOS 11.2, the update log showed that the restoration of a large number of bug, enhance the stability, distortion of the repair of Live Photos, and the repair of iPhone under the condition of

In December 1, 2017, Samsung and China Telecom organized the W2018 mobile phone release and the 10th anniversary Star public welfare ceremony, officially released the W2018. Its official name is W2018, which is the tenth generation of the world's mobile p

OPPO in the sale of King R11 upgrade comprehensive screen launched R11s, and the low-end products are also quickly follow the comprehensive screen, updated configuration, OPPO released second comprehensive screen machine A79. OPPO A79 inherits the partial

Glory will be held in November 28th press conference, bringing new aircraft V10, of course, before the conference broke the news naturally. Foreign media exposure of some apparent parameters of the glory of V10, the famous GeekBench run bank also appeared

As a vendor specializing in overseas sales machines, Vernee may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to the introduction of Shanzhai millet MIX2, I believe that more or less have some impression. In the near future, Vernee launched a new three defen

Every year, the mobile phone industry will have some irreversible trend, the previous screen resolution inflation, the core number of skyrocketing, Type-C interface evolution, cancel headphone interface, and belongs to the trend of 2017 and 2018, is defin

In order to sell his autobiography today, Zhou Hongyi ran to the Jingdong for a live broadcast with Liu Qiangdong. Luo Yonghao also went to live in Jingdong when he sold his mobile phone. During the conversation, Zhou Hongyi asked Liu Qiangdong a question

"Bloomberg news, Apple Corp is developing 3D laser sensor model for the next iPhone years, the sensor can provide image recognition deeper into a new generation of iPhone, enhance the image recognition accuracy, but also can provide a better function of a

One plus 5T will be released in November 16th at Broolyn conference in New York, and will be released in China in November 28th. Yesterday, only a detailed list of product parameters was leaked. In November 12th, there were videos from foreign media. The

The amount of iPhone X with a full screen and Face ID grab a lot of headlines, we are expected Apple will be popular in subsequent products OLED screen and Face ID, the first is the next generation of iPad and big screen version of iPhone X. - ZAKER, pers

HUAWEI Mate10 just released soon, and finally by the foreign media techinsights chip level dismantling and analysis, Kirin 970 some unknown details exposure. HUAWEI is the world in addition to Samsung, the only one master plan core chip technology -- ZAKE

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