Delisting say it is oolong, Huiyuan normal end market Source: Author: web series: Wang Yue 2019-12-13 Recently, the National Huiyuan juice or the delisting news sparked heated debate, let some consumers mistakenly reports Thought that Huiyuan Juice would withdraw from the market, triggering various

The image copyright service platform exposed by the black hole storm was chaotic. The second shutdown and rectification revealed new problems. On December 10, due to the self-inspection and rectification, the official websites of Vision China and IC photo (formerly Oriental IC) were suspended. According to the official WeChat account of the National Cyberspace Office

Original title: Jia Yueting personal bankruptcy reorganization and then encountered Beijing Business News (Reporter Shi Feiyue) LeTV and Faraday's future (FF) founder Jia Yueting personal bankruptcy restructuring plan again wavered. On November 21, Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from informed sources that Shanghai Lazy Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Under the new round of expansion, the competition among the three major hotel groups in China has been arrogant. On November 13th, China Lodging Group announced its third quarter earnings report for 2019. So far, the latest transcripts of the three major hotel groups including Jin Jiang Hotel and First Travel Home have been unveiled. According to each family

Bank reproduction of one million tickets Xihua County farmers association fined 2.8 million yuan Source: Author: Cuiqi Bin Wu limit web series: Financial News 2019-01-08 Beijing Daily News (Reporters Cuiqi Bin Wu limit) the Banking System ticket It has become the norm. January 8th, Henan Silver

Recently, the topic of loose interest rates on mortgage loans has once again attracted the attention of the industry. On January 8th, a report by the Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the current first-home loan interest rate of most banks in Beijing generally enforced a 10% increase in the benchmark interest rate. This situation was slightly relaxed compared with the fourth quarter...

Pride is like Chile, and there are times when you bow down in front of the world. The ongoing riots have made the appearance of Chilean Latin American students unsustainable, and have no choice but to give up hosting two international conferences – the APEC Leaders' Informal Meeting and the United Nations Climate Change Conference. This time

After announcing the strategic investment outlook last week to the car, the treasure energy investment has a new move. In December 26th, Bao can work in the Whampoa  and Guangzhou development zones to build a new energy vehicle industrial park. The indust

This article is only used for research, and is not enough for any trading advice. China's HK:03333 and HK:01918 recently share prices plummeting. In order to find brick moving opportunities for comparison, the author estimated the valuation of all the int

The bustling Shanghai Huaihailu Road street, OPPO recently opened its own in the world's first super flagship store in intelligent mobile phone incremental ceiling effect more obvious today, OPPO hope that through such a way, consolidate the current marke

Beijing daily news (reporter Xiao Wei Zhao Chaoyue) the evening of December 22nd, Juewei food announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Changsha Juewei Food Marketing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) due to network advertisement content

The author | \ \ | slot slot value source (caozhi163) has been authorized to near the end of the year, many people will be called to attend the reunion. Toast each other between a few polite greetings, and sounded, everyone seems to know all too well: go

Yesterday (12.19), two real estate developers in the announcement, calm for a long time the real estate refinancing market aroused no small ripples. In December 18th, both real estate and rich real estate enterprises received the notice of the SFC, and re

Sina American stock news in the early morning of 20 Beijing time, the U. S. Republican final version of the tax reform bill has been enough votes in the house of Representatives, the vote is still in progress. The Senate will follow up later. The Republic

CNBC [Haoshiduomo, American tax bill Wednesday will usher in the finale] the Republican controlled Congress Tuesday for 30 years the largest tax reform plan to vote for the first time. Any legislative victory is only one step from Trump. On Tuesday aftern

In the evening of December 19th, TCL group announced that its TCL communications technology 49% share settlement has been completed, but at that time, it announced the transfer of shares from October, but it only lasted more than two months. In the increa

2018, the annual conference of NetEase economists is held in Beijing today. The theme of this forum is new economic reform. Dozens of economists and top think-tank in China's finance and economics field are gathered to discuss the most important hot topic

[China Times net] foreign exchange ran Xuedong can flow condition inside and outside the capital, is an important index of the currency depreciate in the future. In November, China's Bank made a double deficit and sold foreign exchange on behalf of foreig

"18 days, big news shocked China business came: take a stake under Yonghui supermarket, Tencent and big moves in the retail sector! Tencent and Jingdong have announced a final agreement with, and Tencent and Jingdong will invest about $863 million

In December 16th, Wei Lai car announced its first mass production vehicle ES8 was officially launched in Beijing. The limited edition of the first 10 thousand edition is 548 thousand yuan before the subsidy, and the price is 448 thousand yuan before the b

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