On January 5th, Luhan social network took a selfie, saying: I want to eat haha, then Deng Ziqi saw that there was a toilet in the background of Luhan's selfie, commented: Why did you want to eat and went to the toilet? Luggage, Deng Ziqi Comments: Luggage is all light, will it suck?

According to Taiwan media reports, the producer of "Kangxi is Coming" Chen Yanming (B2) registered with the grandma in March last year, and completed the engagement ceremony with the grandma in Xiamen on December 15 last year, and today (5th) in the Taipei Cold House Emmys has a 35-table banquet hosted by Wang Weizhong and Zhan Renxiong

On January 3rd, Du Jiang updated a set of photos of a family of three skiers with a text: Two days of New Year's skiing have become masters. Hello there! 2020 is here! The man in the photo wore a helmet and took a professional ski pose. He also pouted with his dad for the auction. A family of three

Deng Lun has a kind of thick and fine youthfulness in his traits. He looks both Han Faner and classic. The eyes are sharp and powerful, and the acting is online. The eyes and small expressions are very dramatic. It is suitable for clear teenagers and beautiful men with unique costumes. Zhang Ruohuan, although his facial features are not outstanding, he wins

Recently, the Hunan Satellite TV New Year's Eve concert schedule was revealed online. Yang Mi, Tengger, and Wang Chenyi will collaborate on the same stage "Wild Wolf disco". Wang Junkai and Yang Zi will perform on the same stage. As soon as this news came out, netizens have said: Looking forward to Yang Mi and Tengger's "Wild Wolf disco",

Recently, there have been news that Zhang Ruohuan had lip nails on the Internet. Netizens have teased that he was a wild boy before, and even some netizens said: Does lip nail pain hurt? Drink water leaking? Caused heated discussion among netizens. On December 29th, Zhang Ruoyu posted a post on his personal social account to respond to the matter:

Recently, Cecilia Cheung shared a video of her second son Quintus kicking the bottle cap on Weibo, with the text: So cool. In the video, Xiao Q was wearing casual summer clothes, turned around and kicked back, kicked off the bottle cap of Cecilia Cheung's hand, and the action was super cool. Chief Editor: Xue Qiao (

On December 28, Ren Jialun successively released two oasis to share selfies. Nine photos before the 18th grid and 9 photos after the 18th grid. The two oasis have a single selfie, but the very idea of ​​Ren Jialun turned the angle of the picture and typeset each of the eight selfies into a circle, creating a kind of

In the classic "Journey to the West", there has never been a remake of the series. Sun Wukong in the play is played by Liu Xiaoling. And his interpretation of Sun Wukong is definitely the most classic. Although many male stars have played Sun Wukong over the years, it is not as good as his penny. All

On December 27th, Wang Feng posted a beach family portrait on Weibo to wake up and celebrate, and with the text: Xingbao, the few lines on the beach are your 4th birthday gift from mom and dad ... we believe this A very special, sincere, priceless gift. I hope that one day you look at the photos of the past

Recently, LOL female commentator Li Fangyi Lei suspected of destroying the feelings of others. When the third incident was aroused, the Internet exposed that Li Fangyi Lei took an indecent video after a private date with her boyfriend. Bo was attacked by a large number of netizens, and the competition side also canceled

Peng Yuyan and Zhang Junning worked out together on December 27. Some netizens broke the news that Peng Yuyan and Zhang Junning had secretly obtained a marriage certificate. In the screenshot, the netizen said that I had a friend of the school director here to attend their wedding. know. This has been verified by the media

Whether it is in the entertainment industry or in the workplace of our ordinary people, being able to have a leader to lead yourself will greatly help you inspire your life or career, especially in places where the entertainment industry is deep, A good Bole is very lucky. Like our familiar Jin Dong and Wang Kai,

In the entertainment industry, there are a lot of artists. Although there are many artists in the entertainment industry, there are very few stars who can really become front-line actors. Often, the stars I see often start with a dragon runner. Started. Only then can I become a big star, but only a few people want to be

If 2018 is the year of the noon sunshine screen, then 2019 is the new world. There are "Sesame Alley" and "Spy in the Deep Sea", followed by "Xianxian" and "Celebrating the Year", each of which can retain the audience and generate popularity. Recently, another masterpiece of Xinli Company

Actresses in exotic costumes in foreign dramas are always beautiful and moving. Today, I will introduce you to the exotic dresses of popular female stars, and see which female star exotic dresses can surprise you. Yang Mi, Wang Zhaojun, Liu Yifei, Fairy Sword King Jing Tian, ​​The Legend of Ban Shu, Gulin Naza, Shan Hai Jing, Chen Yao, The Cabinet

As a star, body management is very important. No matter from which aspect, it is thinner and more beautiful. Do you know that even a sportsman may have a history of failed body management? Let's take a look at those male stars who have been fat or are now fat, and see if there is your favorite

Actresses are inevitable to have kiss dramas. These actresses have their own tricks when shooting kisses, and neither of them has to borrow money for kissing. When Reba filmed the kiss, he took a card between the two's mouths. I have to say that Reba's method is quite good. It is said that Yang Zi will eat a lot before eating a kiss

As the Taiwanese idol drama queen, Chen Qiao'en, who was born in 1979, is also 40 years old. She celebrated her birthday some time ago and Xie Na also sent her blessings on social platforms. Zhang Ziyi, born in Beijing on February 9, 1979, is a Chinese film and television actress and producer. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama

Beijing time on December 21, according to Hong Kong media reports, Li Yanan and Wang Zulan's daughter Wang Tianyun's first birthday, the two husbands and daughters held a birthday party for her daughter, Li Yanan's good sister Wang Junxin and Gou Yunhui attended the party. Wang Junxin and girl Gou posted photos on social networks, Wang Junxin held

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