Lin Qingxia, who is removing makeup, was slightly green at the time. She once played the unbeaten in the East. No one can surpass it. Although it is not in line with the original, it has become a classic in many people's minds. Under the lens of a realistic state, Wang Zuxian’s beauty is very arrogant, natural and innocent without carving, natural and even

The profession of stars is a relatively cumbersome profession. They need to prepare a lot of things every day, so there must be assistants to help them deal with some of the things. Because they have been with the assistant for a long time, the relationship is relatively intimate, so there is a new jealous call.

Li Xian and Akita are really silly fufu's smile, so good. Is this funny? Shu Qi and squid. Lin’s updated forest dog is not white. Wow, wow, so cute, Chen Weijun and this Keji. Yue Yunpeng smashed his face into this angry cat, all of which were round buns. Editor in charge: Xue Qiao (E

Zhang Guorong and Song Hye Kyo can be said to be very worthy of this photo. Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung are very popular stars in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. The relationship between the two is also very good. It is common to have a back-to-back or kiss each other, but their relationship is very pure. They have always been called brothers and sisters. But in 1999

The stars that look good in the entertainment circle can really make the number of people countless. A wave of old people, a wave of ups and downs, is really the wave of the Yangtze River. Stars can not only look good, but even the eyelashes are very good compared with the average person. Today, let’s take a look at the stars of the entertainment circle with big eyes and long eyelashes.

In the early days of the entertainment industry, the value of the crown is definitely enough to get on the list. However, with the passage of time, Edison Chen became like this, and netizens said that they saw the meaning of Zhao Benshan, which shows that the years are cruel. The famous pop singer Vitas from Russia is known as the dolphins of the dolphins. Vitas looks extremely

Julia and Dong Wei, both of whom are actors at the same time, are often ridiculed that they are the same person. Sun Yi and Li Wei, it seems to be copy-and-paste, the five senses are exactly the same, and the fashion wear is very similar. Bai Baihe and Wang Yidan, they look like undoubted, because they look too much, the road is the same,

In the early morning of November 16th, Dou Hao showed up a group of photos with his girlfriend He Chaolian on the social platform. The two men took a variety of sweet actions on the island vacation. Dou Yu also sneered at his girlfriend He Chaolian. . In another photo, Dou Yu wears a white T-shirt with black slacks, He Chaolian

In "New Pearl Princess", Xiaoyanzi fell into this scene, all looking at Fu Gege. Who noticed the car outside the door? The color of the drink in Yang Mi’s hand was still white, but the lens turned yellow immediately. In "Biography", the wall behind the handcuffs of Sun Hao is the wire trough, with the god of Sun Hao

When Bao Bo’s wife accepted a variety interview, she said that she would not do arithmetic. I don’t know how Nortel was admitted. In an interview, Li Yifeng was asked what he would do when he didn't usually work. Li Yifeng replied to go out to travel. The reporter asked again, is that a poor tour? Still traveling with the group? (Reporter is really good.)

Recently, Faye Wong appeared to be followed by fans and asked if she would stay up late. She bought her online shopping. She opened her eyes and couldn’t believe it. Then she asked me coldly: No, I will fall asleep. The consequences of the day are very focused on health. Editor in charge: Xue Qiao ( EK001 )

On November 12th, Hu Jun showed photos of his son Hu Yukang’s yesterday’s life on the social platform, as well as an old photo of Kang Kang and his sister Jiu, thank you for your blessing. In the photo, the overbearing little president Kang Kang made a wish to close the eyes of the cake, the youngster is full of sense, the longer the more handsome! Fans have also sent

The performance of Hu Ge and Song Yu in "The Pretender" is too bright, especially the dance of wearing a wedding photo is unforgettable. Li Yifeng and Li Wei in the "Return of the Golden Money", the two people together toasting this picture is too good. Zhao Liying wore a white wedding dress, and the slender little waist showed a perfect figure. Lin updated wearing it.

On November 12, Wu Zun posted on her personal platform that her 8-year-old daughter, NeiNei, asked her mother to take her to the ear hole, and then took photos of NeiNei's piercings, and couldn't help but sigh: God, I am not with her. It’s so brave, it’s sad. In the photo, Ne

Yang Mi, who is particularly beautiful in his own appearance, gives a special sense of glory after wearing military uniforms. Unexpectedly, Zhao Liying, who is very beautiful in life, will have a feeling of milk after the military uniform. Is it so fascinating? Zhou Dongyu is also in the TV series "The Spring Breeze is Less Than You"

On November 11th, Wang Xinling made two self-portraits on Weibo, and said with a text: Ending the Macau concert, I returned home yesterday. Although I feel a little tired, I still have to take the original schedule anyway. The determination to do fitness training, in addition to having developed exercise habits, physical strength is not a thing

To say who is more popular recently, then the war must be counted. In "Oh, my Emperor's Majesty", Xiao Tang's Beitang ink dyed himself proved himself with his own strength. He was very handsome in the drama. Many people were circled when they saw the shape of Xiao War. The powder is gone, some netizens even said that they don’t know

Recently, the newly retired BigBang member Sun Weibo paid attention to Wu Yifan, and many netizens speculated that there was cooperation and expressed great expectations. Fans have also commented: Maybe it is true! Specially look forward to the two of them working together! Two handsome guys cooperate, it is estimated that fans want

At a film conference, the stars must go forward to shoot the propaganda, and when Zhao Youting took the stage to prepare for the photo, Lin updated to stand behind Zhao Youting and hug him. It is not difficult to see from the photos. Lin update is trying to restore the story of Titanic, and Zhao Youting has leaked out.

Everyone has their favorite idols. In fact, many stars also have their favorite idols. Yang Mi has always liked Nicholas Tse. Once in an awards event, the organizer specially asked her to award her idol in order to allow her to see her idol. At the time she was all shy. Wu Hao's

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