A lot of people are from the "Legend of Sword and Fairy" came to know Hu Ge, in fact as early as in the legend, Hu had a minor celebrity. Recently, the netizen picked out the video that Hu Ge hosted in Shanghai education television station in 1996. At the

Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong are the most regrettable friends. They are unaware of their gods together, and then in micro-blog also sweet interaction, low and happy, and everyone is very optimistic. But who thought they broke up. In the dear Inn, Chen Xian

Eighty years before the Hong Kong actress Amy Yip appeared, the former generation of super sexy, now reclusive, a plain water of life. In addition to Amy Yip, the former because there are a group of erotic star, they have fond memories of the days of the

Recently, a netizen in Macao encounter Guan Xiaotong, praising the real super slender straight. On the same day, Guan Xiaotong was shopping with her friends. Besides that, she was still taking pictures under a big Christmas tree. She wore sunglasses, and

According to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese actor Shun Oguri since the child started, because of the appearance of handsome and superb acting, many girls captured the hearts of fans, also attract many manufacturers to come, invite him to speak their o

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao's son, Xiao Xing, is one year old! Michelle Chen micro-blog update a little star's adorable photos and a birthday cake photo for a son's birthday, may you grow up, but don't grow too fast, one year old Happy birthday, my star.

Van Chengcheng December 20th, van Chengcheng opened micro-blog and announced to join the "Idol" practice, said: I am the idol trainee fan Chengcheng, a producer, please! Fan Bingbing micro-blog and Fan Bingbing friends screenshots, said: the official will

Who do you think of the old goddesses in the entertainment circle? Whether it is Brigitte Lin, Angie Chiu or Liu Xiaoqing, most of them are the goddesses after 50. Liu Xiaoqing recently shared a group of his calligraphy pictures, Liu Xiaoqing said: in suc

The woman should have the sky, the earth will have a few people heard. In the photo, Angie Chiu, wearing a long white gauze dress, shows fair skin and slim figure, and is very immortal. The netizen exclaimed: I seem to see Chang'e. There are good people i

A young Jay Chou and young Yang Mi, the two year is the face of sentimental feeling when young Stephen Chow sing, is now on, Yeh, next to him who was Nicholas Tse to play with Yao Ming, the height difference is too big Pete and Tony Leung, and two winner

You may not be very clear about the name of Gong Yuefei, but she has heard of Pan Jinlian in "new Jin Ping Mei". Gong Yuefei in the super large scale bare lens to show his good figure, to figure out the figure, the first thing you think of is Liu Yan, but

Bai Baihe recently, Bai Baihe late at night in the streets of Beijing, with friends to go to the nail shop to be a nail. Bai Baihe, a prime minister, is very casual, even in the night shift. Bai Baihe fat Bai Baihe loose clothing, face bloated, fat of the

The day before, a rich two generation man drying out a photo in the photo, micro-blog, baby, Yang Mi, Zhang Dada again with the frame, sandwiched a super rich two generation Qin fen. Baby Yang Mi is big again with the same frame! This time also added a Qi

Liu Wen recently sent micro-blog to say he had met Liu Wen at the airport and had a photo of her big cousin. In the photo, Liu Yan Wensu wearing black rimmed glasses, quietly standing in the crowd, quiet brush mobile phone. Liu Wen was alone at the airpor

Ariel Lin, according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Ariel Lin positive image, not only acting is modest, hard attitude made her almost no negative news, did not expect the endorsement of the female intimate care products manufacturer, before the date

Ray caroling recently, ray caroling appeared certain activities media group visit, said longtime friend Guo Jingfei, Lei Jia could not help but to shout: don't wear a mask with Yang Yanghao at the airport? Also the tucking Guo Jingfei this is the heat of

Zhang Ziyi (data plan) "the actor's birth" ushered in the last two shows in Zhejiang, Shaoxing, before the program recording, recording six in stage three in the first half finals, mentor Zhang Ziyi in their team members canvassing session, talking about

Netizens met Huang Xiaoming on a subway trip. In December 19th, some netizens were exposed to a group of photos of Huang Xiaoming who met Huang Xiaoming when he was in the subway on the Internet. In the photos, Huang Xiaoming wore a long coat and stood by

The day before, Liu Yifei at the airport, wearing a long coat of small fragrant elegant and charming, on the heels with significant international range of children. - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authority media information

Guo Jingjing, once the dive queen, has been envied by Guo Jingjing since she married into the grand gate. But the netizen doubts: is Mrs. house really good? Many people are affected by the continuous. It's not a recent corner with the father-in-law becaus

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