The foreign brick home investigating the Hong Kong police turned away! Early in the morning on the 11th, Western media released a new face bomb of the Hong Kong Government: The Hong Kong Police Force International Brick House Group has resigned collectively! Various descriptions of the Hong Kong Government frustrated, followed by analysis of how the Hong Kong Government was beaten. Uh no

China needs to make a big move! According to reports, China plans to complete the domestic replacement of computers and software in government departments and public institutions within three years starting from 2020. On December 8th, the Financial Times of the United Kingdom titled "Beijing orders government offices to replace foreign PCs and software

Recently, in spite of Chinese opposition, the United States insisted on signing the Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy into law, and the Chinese government announced that it would suspend the approval of applications by US warships to Hong Kong for rest. Seeing that the warships could not dock in Hong Kong, some members of the United States Congress actually fought Taiwan's crooked idea and...

Today, China Chunying's domineering Hua Chunying announced that it would impose sanctions on several US non-governmental organizations. Why sanction non-governmental organizations such as the National Foundation for Democracy, the American Association for International Affairs Democracy, the American Institute of International Republics, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, etc.

As the world's most powerful country, the U.S. intelligence system monitors the entire world. Before, Brother Dao wrote an article: You all use Huawei, and how do I monitor the world? It analyzes the real reasons why Americans are madly suppressing China's Huawei. Published in 2019, Snowden, still reclusive in Russia

The sinister poison of the US politicians in the port of Hong Kong is no longer hidden! On November 19th, the US Senate passed the Hong Kong Bill of Rights on Human Rights and Democracy. Subsequently, a rare scene appeared: the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hong Kong Office, the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, the Hong Kong Liaison Office, the Hong Kong SAR Government, the...

It should be almost over from the perspective of the disk. Hong Kong stocks rose for two consecutive days and successfully reached 27,000 points on the 19th. The mob's incendiary bombs have not been completely extinguished, and Hong Kong's sensitive financial markets have already conveyed a somewhat different atmosphere. Yes, the news about Hong Kong this day is quite meaningful. Queued from

According to Indian media reports, the Indian-Chinese Business Forum, which was scheduled to be held in New Delhi from 13 to 14 this month, was forced to cancel because the Indian side refused to issue visas to the Chinese delegation. The forum is co-sponsored by the International Business Relations Forum and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and consists of...

On Sunday, Latin American President Emirates Morales, the longest-serving national leader in Latin America, suddenly announced his resignation. Immediately afterwards, the Vice President, the Army Commander, and the Senate President resigned, and the President of the Supreme Electoral Court was arrested. Bolivia is currently in a state of no country, and it can temporarily take over the...

Today, Jackie Chan should have appeared in a charity event called Vietnam Smile, calling for free surgery for children with facial deformities. But a good charity trip was ruined by the resistance of Vietnamese netizens. The reason is that Jackie Chan has publicly voiced support for China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea.

Today is simply the day of school escape. The black man is coming, my subject has fallen, and the alarm wheel is the same as the air raid. Local graduates of HKUST walked in a stroll, and their parents took a graduation photo happily; the mainland students fled in horror. Today's Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is performing a flight escape from the Mainland?

Han Mei reached a specific agreement for the first time on the strategic cooperation between India and the United States. This short message from South Korea’s Central Daily News did not go to the front page, but it really shocked a cold sweat: South Korea is going to join the US-Indo-Pacific strategy? Everyone knows that the US-Indian strategy is to contain China, and South Korea has not...

This time it is the turn of the New York subway! A domestic media is so emotional. Around 7 pm local time on the 1st, in the New York subway, we saw a familiar scene on the MTR many times: a large group of demonstrators (CNN reported hundreds of people, "New York Post" reported nearly a thousand people), whether or not Less with a mask, rushing

The US Congress has a moth. On the 29th, the US Senate unanimously passed the Taipei Act. The 30th House of Representatives of the Taipei Act will also be voted on the House Foreign Affairs Committee before being submitted to the House of Representatives. When both Houses and the Senate are passed, the final common version negotiated between the two houses will be re-elected.

The California Fire is the most famous fire in the world. Many stars have to join the California escape, almost to become a horror scene staged every year. The fierce scenes of the raging fires in the scenes, you can hardly tell whether it is this year, last year, or the year before. On the surface, California

The California Fire is the most famous fire in the world. Many stars have to join the California escape, almost to become a horror scene staged every year. The fierce scenes of the raging fires in the scenes, you can hardly tell whether it is this year, last year, or the year before. On the surface, California

Last week, the tragedy of 39 Asian smugglers who were frozen in the British container compartment shocked the world. At the beginning, the news from the British media was that these 39 people may all be Chinese. However, as more and more Vietnamese families report that their families are missing on their way from Europe to the UK, the victims may be –

What makes the country more patriotic after going abroad? Someone has done the data analysis, and the answer is cognitive bias, that is, it is not as beautiful as ever in the world. As a common Chinese feeling, there is nothing special about it. But the f

By December 1st, the Japanese Prime Minister, Parliament House and Senate speaker of the royal family attended the meeting decided, in April 30, 2019 May 1, Emperor Akihito abdicated emperor Norihito ascended the throne as emperor Xintian prince. It seems

As a veteran pseudo fan, knife sister will stay up every night watching the ball (player), of which the most support is the German team, the reason for the following picture: regardless of technical or non-technical reasons, the German team in China absol

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