▲ Video source: Xinhua International Turkish Parliament voted to pass a resolution on sending troops to Libya on January 2. This means that the Turkish government is authorized to send troops to Libya. On the same day, leaders of the two countries talked on the phone to discuss issues such as the situation in Libya. Analysts believe that the situation in Libya is deeply affected by the big...

On January 4, in Baghdad, Iraq, mourners took part in a funeral with a portrait of Abu Mehdi Mohandis, deputy commander of the People's Mobilization Organization of the Shiite Militia in Iraq. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Khalil Dawood) Reference News Network January 5

The following article is from the Beijing Daily. The author Beijing Daily On January 1st and 2nd, the outer walls of the Hong Kong High Court and the Court of Final Appeal were graffitied by thugs, and some judges were named and abused. In response, the Hong Kong Department of Justice, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the Bar Association and the Law Society successively...

The Iraqi capital Baghdad International Airport was attacked by rockets on the 3rd. Two important people were killed. They were Qasim Sulaimani, commander of the Holy City Brigade under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran, and deputy commander of the People ’s Mobilization Organization of the Shiite militia group in Iraq. Abu Mehdi

Comprehensive Reuters, Russia Today website and other foreign media reported that the Iraqi militia armed people's mobilization organization (PMF) issued a statement on the 4th, denying that its medical guards had been attacked in the Taj area of ​​northern Iraq earlier in the day. ▲ Reuters report screenshot Reuters reported that the United States-led, dozen

Foreign media said that the Turkish Parliament approved the deployment of troops to Libya on January 2 to support the United Nations-backed Libyan government of national unity. U.S. President Trump has warned against foreign interference in a war-torn country. US strict words against foreign interference

What kind of experience is it for the whole family to make dumplings in winter in the UK? British elder pony is a popular video blogger on social media. He has lived with his family in China for a long time. A few days ago coincided with the Chinese winter solstice solar terms, the Pony family decided to make dumplings by themselves after returning to Britain. use

Today (January 3) the news of the extinction of Bai Jue in the early morning has taken the lead in the hot search. It makes users sad and sad. Let's take a look at the last precious video of Yangtze Bai Jue. , The legend can grow to ten thousand pounds, once the king of Chinese freshwater fish,

Foreign media said that Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., a lawsuit-ridden company, absconds absently from Lebanon during bail in Japan. All three of his passports were in the hands of lawyers, and he was still able to escape under all-weather surveillance. Lebanese media claimed that he was hiding in a large musical instrument box, curated by his wife, and in an orchestra and a...

In recent days, a piece of news about American companies in China has been screened on overseas media. ▲ Reuters reported screenshots.On December 30, 2019, Tesla's first Model 3 electric vehicles produced in the first overseas super factory were delivered in Shanghai to China and the world's auto market.

Recently, Zhang Yingying, a visiting scholar in China, made new progress in the case of the murder in the United States. On December 30, 2019 local time, a federal judge in Illinois, the United States, ruled that Zhang Yingying's family had filed a civil lawsuit against UIUC.

Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" January 1 article stated that Japan will legislate to restrict the introduction of Chinese high-tech products. The article is compiled as follows: The Japanese government has decided that when domestic companies purchase high-tech equipment that involves safety, they will formulate a new law that will preferentially approve Japanese products through approval methods,...

▲ Wu Lejun introduced the situation. On the first day of 2020, the Hong Kong Democratic Front launched the so-called New Year's Day parade on Hong Kong Island, and it was again used by extremists. According to Wu Lejun, Senior Superintendent of Police Hong Kong Island (Operations), a total of 400 people were arrested that day for illegal assembly and possession of offensive weapons.

The Hong Kong Asia Times website published on December 29, 2019 Matt Lanzer's article entitled "Automatically Controlled Drone Groups May Tamper with Nuclear Weapon Status" states that nuclear weapons are actually outdated as deterrent weapons, and that drone groups are New weapons that could really be used to deter opponents

On December 31, 2019 local time, US President Trump tweeted that Iran is fully responsible for the attack on the US embassy in Iraq in Baghdad. Trump said: This is not a warning, but a threat! U.S. Secretary of Defense

According to Agence France-Presse, Iran said on the 30th that the United States has demonstrated its support for terrorism by launching an air strike against Iraqi forces against the extremist group Islamic State. Iranian government spokesman Abbas Moussavi said the attacks have once again proved the U.S.'s efforts to combat extremist groups

The lie was repeated a thousand times, and it was still just a lie. Standing back and looking back at the end of 2019, Xiao Rui found that this sentence could not be more appropriate for the year that is about to pass. More recently, such as the absurdity of so-called foreign prisoners in the Shanghai Prison; slightly further away, such as Navarro's book for vilifying China

The following article is from the overseas website. The author Wang Xiluo ’s Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held formal talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Chengdu, China on December 24. When he returned to his country, he participated in a TV program and evaluated South Korea ’s President Moon Jae-in as a gentle man. Gentleman, I hope to meet frequently in the future. ▲ day

US media said that US President Trump retweeted a tweet announcing the alleged whistleblower's name and then deleted it. It was this whistleblower's report that sparked congressional investigations and ultimately led to Trump's impeachment in the House of Representatives. According to the Washington Post website on December 28,

According to the US media, the Chinese government claims that the number of pigs in stock has bottomed out. Yang Zhenhai, director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said this month that the rebound should curb rising pork prices. Forbes Biweekly website reported on December 28 that according to Longzhou, an economic consultancy based...

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