According to the air force China micro-blog news release, Chinese air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke December 12th morning news release said that the China air force in 11 days to carry out routine normalization system of ocean training, more bombers,

Russian media said China plans to build two molten salt reactors in Gansu province. According to the Russian satellite network reported in December 8th, this again proves that China is trying to master all the scientific and technological achievements of

According to CCTV news client news December 11th, aboard a supply ship after thousands of miles, strong wind and big waves exercise will. Today, 10 female soldiers boarded Spratly Islands Yongshu Reef, formally embarked on their work station. At this poin

Reference News Network reported on December 9th Russian media said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) official website announced in December 6th the "Chinese financial system stability assessment report" pointed out that from the absolute scale, C

The winter weather, the temperature is low, it is farmers kippers, drying fish good season. In December 8th, the biggest fish Shaichang in Chaohu Temple scenic area, lined in the net, forming a unique beauty of fishing. Fishermen took advantage of the fin

Reference News Network reported on December 7 according to EFE reported in December 5th, the Argentina Navy said 5 naval personnel are analyzing an object in southern the Atlantic under water depths of 940 meters that is missing 20 days ago, the ship carr

According to the "Philippines star" website in November 26 reported that recently, the U.S. F-22 Raptor stealth fighter bombers and B-52 launched a series of air strikes on Afghanistan and several drugs laboratories, this shows that the United States has

Reference News Network reported on December 7th, Japanese media said that soldiers carrying guns at every 100 meters on the road were coming along the road, and a port with Chinese identification. Here is the southwest oil transportation artery east of th

Saakashvili's farce is not finished yet! Following the forced entry into Ukraine, organized demonstrations, faced with the authorities' arresting threats and jumped the stairs after being arrested by the police, according to Russian media, his fan group t

Reference News Network reported on December 6th the British "Jane's Defence Weekly" website reported on November 27th, Pakistan and Poland are deepening bilateral military ties, in the 1 weeks of the 2 meeting, to discuss the possible ways of bilateral co

Overseas media said that the Chinese Air Force recently dispatched a variety of fighters to the Yellow Sea and East China Sea Training near the Korean Peninsula, flying past the route that had not been flying to the areas that had not been before. Hongkon

Reference News Network December 6 daily, according to the daily express website December 5th reported that, according to a new documentary, the United States is developing drugs for soldiers, and can turn them into Superman fighting machines. The American

In December 5, 2017, Nimitz completed the 6 months' frontiers in the Fifth Fleet area, arrived at the sea near the base of Pearl Harbor, and began the last journey home. And on the way home, the Nimitz aircraft carrier against the brigade's friends and re

According to Reuters, Saleh (Ali Abdullah Saleh), the former president of Yemen, was killed in the capital of Sanaa in the capital of Sanaa in the capital of the city in December 4th. The picture: Yemen's former president Saleh Yemen analysts said Saleh's

Reference News Network reported on December 5th the French "Le Figaro" reported on 23 November at a distance of only tens of kilometers from the border with Guatemala Mexico small fishing port of Chiapas, see the dealer after the vessel is not toxic and r

Reference News Network reported on December 5th the British "Jane's Defence Weekly" website reported on 23 November, official sources, India will make the independent design of missile tracking ship to enter service in 2018, to support the country's secur

Japan's "military research" published the famous Japanese military experts in the valley of heavy paper "self-defense" the bane of battle to seize the island, now excerpts are as follows: amphibious brigade in Japan GSDF (that is to set up a land GSDF cor

Reference News Network reported on December 4 according to the French "Le Figaro" reported in December 2nd, as the president of the Republic, Ma cron France is undoubtedly the most threatened people, so it is the best defended people. Since the election i

According to the 4 daily newspaper of December, according to the American media in December 2nd, China and Russia held a joint military performance in the Baltic Sea for the first time this year. A NATO report holds that China and Russia will enhance NATO

According to the December 4 daily of the reference news network, according to the Russian newspaper website in December 2nd, the research and development of the new generation of railway operational system has been stopped. Russian military industry sourc

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