According to WeChat public Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) December 18th, on the evening of 17, the PLA Air Force released a promo called the cruise around the island in the official micro-blog air force release. In the film, with the vio

Recently, the Chinese referee's document network announced the first trial of the first instance of Li Xiaoping, the former party secretary of the Lincang municipal Party committee. Li Xiaoping relates to charges including bribery, bribery two, eventually

The author between | Rui special generals and recruits the distance? Maybe it's a letter. The newspaper published yesterday published such a warm news: the eighty-first group army commissar Fang Yongxiang, he wrote to recruit He Huiqiang back a letter. Al

The boots came to the ground at last. Yes, I'm running for the Russian president. In December 6th, Putin announced the long - awaited answer to the question. People's attention to this problem is far more than Putin can be reelected. Perhaps, the reappoin

The reporter learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of environmental protection in December 4 to the city of Tianjin and the surrounding area issued "on please do bulk coal comprehensive management to ensure that the masses of war

Yunnan network news, in December 3rd, Yuxi intermediate people's court held a public hearing of the Yunnan provincial Nongken general, the former party secretary, Ma Jilin suspected of bribery crime. Prosecutors accused Ma and Jilin of taking advantage of

In the list of academicians published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017, a newly released 70 young academician is very prominent in 61 academicians with an average age of 54.1 years old. His name is Xu Tao. Xu Tao, born in 1970, is currently Vice

At the invitation of the government of Zimbabwe, Daniel Chan, the Assistant Minister for foreign affairs of China, came to a formal visit today. The fourteenth day after the coup took place, the special envoy of the Chinese government arrived. As everyone

Latest news: Korea's military said North Korea tested a ballistic missile in the east of the Korean Peninsula in the early hours of the morning. The United States initially decided that the missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile. But since mid

[reports] observation net of the person China FA U20 selection team encountered Tibet's in Germany have made new progress. According to the latest news of the official website of the Chinese Football Association 24, the Chinese Football Association and th

The latest news from last week, the North Korean border, who risked off North Korean soldiers in the 7 gun is awake. South Korea's Central Daily reported today that the 20 year old soldier has been recovering from breathing in the state of self breathing

[/] Chinese Tongxiao observer timed by The Belt and Road initiatives have made many small countries see the hope and opportunity of development, they all want to ride Chinese rapid development, in order to achieve their own economic leap. But some of the

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Burma yesterday briefing, Minister Aung San Suu Kyi invited foreign minister Wang Yi tomorrow will be a trip to Burma, and attend the thirteenth ASEM foreign ministers' meeting. Chang'an Avenue governor App rough count,

According to foreign ministry news, should be the rotating presidency of ASEAN, Philippines's president Duthel Te invited Premier Li Keqiang yesterday afternoon flight arrived in Manila to attend the ASEAN conference series, and an official visit to Phili

Today's people's Daily published a signed article by Zhao Leji, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee, comprehensively u

President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan met with us president Trump and his wife May Rania at the the Imperial Palace Museum on the afternoon of 8 th visit to the State Museum of china. Xi Jinping warmly welcome Trump to pay a state visit to China,

Just now, the nineteen Party passed the resolution on the constitution of the Communist Party of China (Amendment), and Xi Jinping wrote the party constitution of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The party constitution of the theory

Just now, the nineteen Party passed the resolution on the constitution of the Communist Party of China (Amendment), and Xi Jinping wrote the party constitution of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The party constitution of the theory

Who is Lu Yonggen? One day in March, the 87 year old lady got down to the bank with her wife and transferred the more than 10 Passbook Deposits to the account of South China Agricultural University. It takes 1.5 hours before and after the transfer of pass

To be or not to be? That's a problem. Release or sentence? Recently, a park Geun hye also confronts the problem of hamlet. And this question will soon have an answer. Park Geun hye impeachment in March, April 17th by South Korean prosecutors to prosecute,

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