The past two years, is the most fire dishwasher kitchen industry products. From the factory level, almost all mainstream brands have launched a dishwasher or are preparing to launch this product.

Home appliance industry price war is commonplace, especially, in recent years, the traditional domestic TV giant defeated many foreign companies, the current share of more than 70%.

GOME Electrical Appliances Holdings Limited ("Gome" or the "company", together with its Affiliated Companies, referred to as the "group"; Stock Code: 493.HK) announced that as of September 30, 2016 (reporting period) before the unaudited three quarter res

In recent years, there appear various types of TV brand, many users lamented the numerous gimmicks really dazzled: 0 yuan purchase, the content is king, into the virtual reality...... However, there is a demand on the market, and now for the purchase of T

Washing machine is not clean, clothes care is inappropriate, is vulnerable to pollution two. How to wash clothes, can be relaxed and at ease, to ensure that the family wear clean clothes every day?

Under the July to enter the air-conditioning refrigeration year ending June, high temperature, air conditioning companies are also in the full impact of cold in the last bus. The impact of the economic environment, the past 2016 years, air-conditioning sa

Air conditioning can be said to be an exciting invention, can bring people to replace the season experience. Now, has become a indispensable summer home appliances. However, the frequent use of air conditioning will always appear these small problems, you

With the development of science and technology, people's living standard has been improved, and the way of life has changed. Babies are more and more about health, love clean, daily bath to wash clothes.

July 13th, the group of the United States and HUAWEI consumer business signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will work together in the future of mobile smart terminals and smart home. Interestingly, the United States had reached a strate

In 2016, the domestic color TV market is the most intense traditional TV companies and Internet companies all year, to more than half, recently, Orville results released 2016H1 TV market summary shows that the first half of 2016 China traditional brand re

This is the best of times and the worst of times, it is a time to look at the face. With the Korean culture, on the flow of culture shock, people for plastic surgery is no longer a terrible topic.

As the establishment of a very short time, but 12 years, but we can see the shadow of the music everywhere, from the beginning of the network video website, to the development of sports, music, film, games, and mobile phone, TV, O2O, finance, super car.

June 1st, gas water heater and heating furnace version of the national standard of energy efficiency GB20665-2015, "household gas fast water heater and gas heating water heater energy efficiency rating and energy efficiency rating," the official implement

Dongdajie is the home appliance industry in recent years can be said to the Reds, the image has been active in the high-profile domineering major news, GREE air-conditioning in the industry is fully deserve the big sister".

The test results of the main performance indexes such as the color, brightness and quality of the tested products are much higher than the industry average level." In June 22nd, Beijing Terrett detection technology services limited liability company (the

Economic downward pressure is huge, weak demand, market downturn, channel change, the impact of the Internet, home appliance industry is facing the greatest challenge ever. And the transformation and upgrading is to break all of this golden key.

In the hot summer, when you return home to open air conditioning and pleasant to play, did not think of his mother or wife can not enjoy with you, you have to be in the kitchen that little heaven and earth to prepare dinner for the family? The cook sacrif

Trend of home network we have seen the greatness of Apple products, but ignore the marketing pattern of "NextBigThing (under a big son"; we see at the helm of the United States Xiangjian decentralization, but ignore the beautiful wolf full marketing team.

In the eyes of AOTIN agents, AOTIN integrated focus on functional innovation and product differentiation advantages, especially in terms of product innovation, AOTIN has been walking in the forefront of the industry

This is a war without smoke of gunpowder. When Haining and Shengzhou stove enterprise integration with each other to fight, the wind field unknown your nose to the grindstone; when we regard the currently focused to integrated kitchen manufacturing enterp

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