Today seems to come faster than expected, in fact, from the beginning at noon, we all gathered in front of the Steam for updates. Yes, waiting for a long time, the official version of Jedi survival is coming this afternoon. But if you think it's just a ge

You are still the strongest launch machine iMac Pro drool with envy? Don't worry not to worry, let's take a look at a few of the Apple Corp presented iMac Pro professional view, draw a pie for yourself with hunger. They test the iM - ZAKER, personalized r

Although the hard disk manufacturers in the development of new technology to make the hard disk storage density becomes larger, however, MAMR microwave assisted magnetic record technology Seagate hopes for the HAMR heat assisted magnetic recording technol

Yesterday, NVIDIA has started selling Volta architecture in the official website of the United States TITAN V's new nuclear card, although the first time we order, Hao the most expensive $37 the next day the freight, but to get a hand will take time. And

Qualcomm and Microsoft jointly issued today, Always Connected PC, is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon processor using Windows 10S notebook products, ASUS took a NovaGO, while HP took Envy X2, two - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local media

We compared to the end of August: "Jedi Battle Royale" survival performance testing, performance optimization now this time does seem to have a lot better. Although still do not see what a powerful enough card can run in the 144 stable FPS frame ceiling,

When all the chassis manufacturers encountered shackles in that year, Tt launched a Level 10 chassis that captured my heart, not only because of the limited sale, but also the relatively advanced modular design. In recent years, only Tt and so on - ZAKER,

DxOMark camera single 100 points in the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro, the foreign institutions in the domestic camera instant fame, launched the official version of the official website for Chinese, trying to further open the domestic market. Recently, DxOMark - ZA

Here is the real thing I have ever experienced, recently a friend asked me to help the computer upgrade, see his original configuration I really want to ask him to change a set point, however, is willing to invest limited funds, can only upgrade, his orig

The Coffee Lake lineup that has been rushed out in response to AMD Ryzen has apparently not been fully integrated, such as the low power version of the T suffix that hasn't been released yet. It's been almost two months since the launch of Coffee Lake, an

Although it is a science and technology information website editor, but I was a mild mobile phone users, mobile phone is more for WeChat, micro-blog and mobile payment, video, photos and games almost do not use in the mobile phone, so every year a new iPh

The Intel 6 series motherboard motherboard to cooperate with the partners to launch at the end of 2010 began to promote UEFI BIOS, now 7 years later, currently on the market basically is to use the UEFI BIOS motherboard, but you have to look inside BIOS Z

In the current domestic market Mobile Games NetEase, semi instant turn RPG "Yin and Yang" division, Tencent MOBA "king of glory", the most popular Mobile Games because of different types, different for the two different game player, can earn the money, do

At the end of August this year, MediaTek released Helio P23/P30 two processor, which was considered to rival competitors Qualcomm snapdragon 660/630 positioning product combination. Today, Helio P23/P30 has been on the market for more than two months, car

Officially on sale in the iPhone X, we made 27 mainstream applications and games on the Apple's first full screen iPhone suitability testing, due to APP publishers, developers need time to adapt, and submitted to the App Store ZAKER, personalized recommen

President Trump plans to pay a state visit to five Asian countries in from November 3rd to 14th, and arrived in China in November 8th. The plane went to the Imperial Palace Museum and President Xi visited together, opened a couple of days of bilateral rel

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