According to foreign media reports, Apple once again defended its ability to use strong encryption on the iPhone, this time in response to threats from the US Senate Judiciary Committee. According to Ars Technica, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

According to foreign media reports, Nintendo Switch is still the best-selling game console in 2019. According to a recent report by NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella, Switch once again topped the list in November

Last year marked a major shift in Samsung's smartphone launch strategy as the South Korean giant decided to prioritize innovation in mid-range devices over flagship products. Samsung is using the relatively new Galaxy A series phones to showcase new phone features, which will then be upgraded and moved to upcoming launches

Future versions of Apple Pencil may be customized to provide comfort, and various parts of the stylus can be expanded or changed to fit the user's specific drawing or writing style. Apple Pencil and many other pens, pencils and similar issues

When Motorola released the Moto Razr, many people were surprised and worried that the flip-type folding screen of the machine would leave creases as easily as Samsung Galaxy Fold. But in fact, in order to make the Moto Razr as durable as a traditional clamshell machine,

When Motorola released the Moto Razr, many people were surprised and worried that the flip-type folding screen of the machine would leave creases as easily as Samsung Galaxy Fold. But in fact, in order to make the Moto Razr as durable as a traditional clamshell machine,

According to foreign media MSPoweruser, with the official release of Tesla Cybertruck, many netizens have successively captured the road test pictures of this electric pickup. Recently, Twitter user Cody Simms took photos around Los Angeles Airport

The Elec website in South Korea reports that the 2020 iPhone 11 models are expected to adjust the battery protection circuit to half its original size. It is speculated that this will not only free up the internal space of the iPhone 12 (become thinner), but also plug in a larger

Artificial intelligence has been widely used in the field of video games, but there are still some returning developers who are creating text adventure games such as dungeons, such as AI Dungeon 2 which this article will introduce to you. As a machine learning for Nick Walton

With the popularity of smartphones, video has become a new form of social networking. Whether it's Vlog, Douyin or a small video in the circle of friends, they all satisfy the mobile consumers ’great desire to create and share. As a result, users have higher requirements for mobile phones, especially photography

Microsoft performed password reuse analysis on more than 3 billion corporate accounts in 2019 to find out how many passwords are used by Microsoft customers. The company collects cryptographic hash information from public sources and obtains additional data from law enforcement agencies and uses this data as a basis for comparison. For 2016

In a new U.S. Patent No. 20190365286, Apple describes a new disease diagnostic feature for the Apple Watch. Apple Corps is investigating the use of new sensors in the Apple Watch to continuously monitor dyskinesias and tremors, which could help clinicians better treat Parkinson's disease. apple

In August of this year, Dutch technology media LetsGoDigital was the first to disclose and bring a patented appearance of a suspected PlayStation 5, but it turned out to be a real PS5 development kit. Although it's unclear whether the consumer version will be so aggressive,

Update: Alipay just responded to this on Weibo, saying that there was a brief jitter in the computer room network, affecting the user experience of some users. Everything has returned to normal, and everyone's funds and information security will not be affected. According to the V2EX community and Weibo user browsing, some users in some areas

Qualcomm announced the upcoming flagship processor Snapdragon 865 at the annual Snapdragon Technology Summit held yesterday. Although the latest Snapdragon 865 is Qualcomm's most powerful Snapdra ever

In recent years, the pixel level of the main camera of a smartphone has continuously increased. While many mid-to-high-end cameras embrace 48 million pixels, Xiaomi has taken the lead in equipping 108 million pixels, but this is not the pinnacle of smartphones: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 processor announced today can support up to

According to foreign media reports, before that, Bugatti had built a black car-literally a black car, and its name-La Voiture Noire in French means black car. It is reported that this car quickly became the highest-priced new car in history.

Modern medical technology has allowed doctors to replace donor organs with defective and healthy organs by transplanting donor healthy and functional organs. After decades of development, the transplantation technology has become more secure, and the success rate has also shown an upward trend. But due to the lack of suitable heart donors, much needs to be done

Last month, Lenovo announced the long-awaited foldable phone-the Motorola Razr 2019. After the live experience, the editor of foreign media SlashGear confessed to it. Following the discovery of Razr 2's foldable phone patent last week, Dutch tech media Le

Beijing time December 4 news, Google co-founder Larry Page (Larry Page) announced on Tuesday that he will no longer be the CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet, leaving this position to Google CEO Sandal Pichai

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