Recently, Xiao Bian also was the "Ode to joy" torture cruelly. It is not important to eat or not to sleep, and what is important is the pursuit of drama. I would like to ask how many people like Xiao Bian, here like Zhao doctor, over there for small packe

There is a saying: "wrinkles and youth, and nothing to do with beauty.". A woman can be called a goddess at the age of wrinkles. It must not be supported by beauty. But to keep the heart clean and pure. Faye Yu in this look at the face of the times, Faye

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have been in love for nearly 3 years now, and they have been in the middle of the entertainment business for 3 years, and they are also showing a show of affection. However, for Internet users, it is not enough to see their show l

Fan Bingbing is really like the stars in the middle of the night micro-blog, no one! This morning Fan Bingbing in micro-blog, said his work back to the hotel, also made a one or two day plan. Click on the photo to see the sofa and the table lying on a num

Referred to the Hongkong film and television circles, must not go past three letters: TVB. In addition to a variety of classic TV series, even more impressive, or the beauty of the show. The goddess today to say, is one of the four artistes TVB. She playe

Speaking of Feifei Sun, you may wonder who she is Indeed, in recent years, she has rarely been active on the big screen, but that does not mean that people will forget her. Her eyes is enough to seduce people. Said she was the first beauty, not a bit exag

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "ETTV cloud" reported on March 12th, just after the 34 birthday of Shiou, invited by Zhang Xiaoyan, Alien Huang and his friends. On the "swallow about this" big talk three brotherhood. Shiou is the cont

Be caught off guard, Jin Sha because of a leg injury on the hot search. I did not expect that many years later she was concerned about this form. According to friends broke the news, Jin Sha from downstairs, the doctor in a hospital in Sanya, slight fract

China News Shanghai, 10, Gao Yuanyuan debut AWE expo. The national goddess Gao Yuanyuan red dress appeared full of beauty. Gao Yuanyuan on stage and host interaction. Gao Yuanyuan red skirt. Gao Yuanyuan elegant temperament. Gao Yuanyuan attended the even

There is a girl, the first look she is not beautiful. But there was another taste. Her name is the name of the dish Nai Nai Nai, was born in 1996, looking at small make up good angry oh. Actually smaller than me, but also better than me, but I am not high

At the age of 67, in the popular imagination is what style? Square dance? Park to play Tai Chi? The retirement age? Sorry, today introduced this man, walk is completely different route. How on earth is not the same? The following details. First of all, to

I want to ask you, who has 365 day a year is never met a stranger called? The man who raised his hand is standing in front of you. Don't worry, I am not to complain, is wearing a vest to share how big scold. When Yuan Shanshan frankly speak this sentence,

Do three times a night before. But now this will die. - when the time is long, love becomes each other. Today's recommendation, "Twelve night" read the poster is not that I have to drive today? This is your fault (on the blackboard)! Of course, in a love

Do three times a night before. But now this will die. - when the time is long, love becomes each other. Today's recommendation, "Twelve night" read the poster is not that I have to drive today? This is your fault (on the blackboard)! Of course, in a love

When looking at the "Westward Journey", the celestial feeling really beautiful. A blink of an eye, can make people remember a lifetime. Grow up again, but found another neglected beauty, feel shy put the wrong map, open the right way should be like this:

Holding an umbrella, I wander along a long and lonely lane, I hope to meet a clove endofchou yuangirl. The reader of Dai Wangshu's "Rain Lane", my mind suddenly jumped out of a girl. She has a lilac like color, has the same fragrance of lilac, has the sam

Actors want to be known to the public, the first to do, not hype and marketing. But to shape their own classic characters. Like Jiang Xin's Hua fei. For example, Wang Lin's snow aunt. For example, today to say this one. "Startling step by step" Limaertai

Today we take a look of a beautiful and inspirational woman read the article before please prepare slobber wipe because she looks like you so you are the goddess Angelababy that all women envy the waistline, vest line that all men have to spray nosebleed

Speaking of the goddess, they are flourishing beauty -- some very sexy figure -- some Obama and South Korea, with a pair of long legs, today Xiaobian want to say the goddess, the three kind of everything, and one - her name is Gail · and flower. May

Remember those actresses who have been amazing? "Li flying" in a fairy. "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" at all. "Twin" in Shi feixuan. The actress's costumes, fresh and refined, so many fans always remember in my heart. Today to be said that the actre

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