These days, Ms. Chiang, in Qingtian, Zhejiang, has been trying to figure out one thing: who sent himself to the apple? Half a month ago, she received a box of apples. The sender did not know, and the contact phone left by the sender had stopped. This unso

The closet door opened, and there was a man with a height of 1 meters 8. The police are all scared, you hide from the girl's wardrobe, what you want to do! In the afternoon of December 24th, the police station received a police call for help. It was a 90


Yesterday afternoon, a micro-blog attracted a lot of people's attention. The poster said that more than 20 female models were attacked by the hotel staff, and one of them was pregnant. The identity conflict in the video can not identify, but men and women

Yesterday (December 24th), after 90 guy to film the lipstick micro-blog hot search to the mobile phone film, the film's lipstick to China is the first time I heard that … … the style is simply the film a stream, you feel carefully feel strai

Yesterday, China for college students is a special day, CET 46 and two to Yi ruo! What's the 46 grade this year? After the examination, the Tucao Carnival contracted all the laughing points of yesterday: … … in the initial part of writing an

In the face of acquaintances, most people will not refuse to eat. But some people are most afraid of have ulterior motives, "eat" the name but took the opportunity to set you up! From April to July this year, Hubei has a number of young women to go to din

There was a young man in debt to KI Le (very much), parents sell three houses to his debt, owed about 6000000 last night, then hang the two parents Dutch act. These days, the news spread in Ningbo, let the people see the tears run. The afternoon of Decemb

Many young people will choose to love at first sight after the flash marriage. However, a 43 year old Liu also flash marriage, but the result makes her very frustrated. Ms. Liu: I am 43 years old, and I have been unmarried. I am very anxious to have a fam

(original title: the forehead guest smashed a concave, the girl opened a claim for 100 thousand yuan! Rip off? She counted the accounts, and the police were silent. I would like to call the police. My forehead was smashed with a glass bottle. You see, it

This morning, according to a five Xi'an Road, Beijiao Fengcheng shopping mall owners reflect, they send the event falls together. When all media reporters from the city express arrived at the five road of Fengcheng, Beijiao, Xi'an, there had been a warnin

A primary school in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Guali, a grade 5 boy accidentally scratched classmate, classmate's father rushed to the school after that as the son of air, the boy a cuff and kick, the boy was beaten black and blue, nose fracture. Parents of both s

Ms. Chen Jiubao Jiang Tao Community Dream Garden residential owners yesterday, she called the 12345 hotline, said 18:30-20:30 daily, some residents in the District of central square square dance, serious noise nuisance. In December 3rd, the square dance n

First, look at a broken cell phone and a chat record. This is a mobile phone found in the evening of December 2nd at the accident site of G15 Shen Hai Expressway to Shanghai 1462K (three kilometers away from the city service area), and the cell phone scre

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