That love and sex has come about marriage, was surprised to find his girlfriend has been nearly seventy years and their differences between the five Man Wang said his girlfriend has been forced, do not want to get married and worry about the things that c

The evening of August 17, 2005, the 23 year old Sun Li (a pseudonym) died in Suzhou in a rented house, the body of a dozen knives, together with Sun Li and killed her unborn 4 month old twins. The rainstorm washed away the traces near the scene. There was

The 7 - year-old boy of Linquan, Anhui, suddenly disappeared in November 15th, and was found in a well in a well on the corner of the school playground 5 days later. The Criminal Investigation Department of the Linquan County Public Security Bureau interv

A 70 year old farmer to cure cerebral palsy grandson, contracted 350 acres of land for Mao ke. After the harvest, the seed merchant said that the quality did not meet the requirements, and one Jin had not been recovered. More than 40 thousand Jin Mao Ke i

6 boxes of 42 pieces of mask, but the value of about ten million, the price of "Mask" behind what mystery? Recently, Xi'an police uncovered drug trafficking, drug use and mask possession, to express the way of drug trafficking. Let the police heartache is

The camera sweeping robot, &hellip, &hellip, monitor the home children or pets, and more and more smart home devices enter the family at the same time, some security vulnerabilities are frequent. In the hands of some lawless elements, they are light by br

Today, cheating artifact began stately selling online, some students have to pass the exam by buying crooked trick. Reporters found that businesses on the Internet sell the invisible stickers for cheating in art examinations, and can be put on tissues suc

The Legal Evening News, the view news (reporter Li Hongpeng edited Yue Sanmeng), in December 4th, the second instance of Jiangsu high court sentenced the former county magistrate Guo Xuexi of Fengxian County to accept bribes, and sentenced him to 7 and a

Legal Evening News News (reporter view Fangzu) before the parents of a student to view news, Legal Evening News reporters reflect, he found that students often discuss in children where the students live in our WeChat group, has entered the students throu

The rule of law evening news (Li Hongpeng) in December 5th, the Gansu Commission on discipline issued a message that the original deputy mayor of Qingyang was double opened because of the serious violation of discipline. Opinion journalist noted that the

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