The amazing -5 of the rainbow is reported. According to the influential Arabic newspaper in the Middle East, Egypt recently signed an armed UAV purchase contract with China to purchase the newly developed rainbow -5 large armed UAV in China. This order is


Phoenix Jin Hao military honor guard belonging to the PLA Beijing garrison a guard division, Tiananmen flag guard belonging to the Beijing Armed Police Corps division. Two forces are corps and division of troops, will perform a "people's Liberation Army d

Original title: what makes us army not dare to spend the night at the airport: this Chinese newspaper four years ago! All the 2017, the US Army was in a hurry. From the beginning of February 2017, the U.S. military in Okinawa Kadena base and Finland Herbe

The map is the F35B aircraft of the US Marine Corps, which is a shortcut to the revival of the Japanese mobile fleet, but it can also lead Japan to a dead end. (data map) the Phoenix military Phoenix army commentary in December 26th has a special meaning

Lockhead Martin, the predecessor of Rock West Germany, was founded in 1912 and is one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the United States. In 1995, the company joined Martin Marieta strong and renamed Lockhead Martin. Currently, Lockheed ma - ZAKE

At present, the scale of the Chinese army is in the forefront of the world, and the achievements of the equipment construction are very obvious in recent years. If the whole army fire Chinese ranked first in the world is also not a bad idea, at the same t

Original title: Russia expelled US military batteries in Crimea: May you come try warships!! In September 2014, during the Crimea crisis, the US and European countries sent naval forces to the Black Sea to defend their regional ally Ukraine. The US Navy d

In the two days, the United States and Russia were arguing because of an air encounter in Syria. December 13th, Su -25 attack two Russian air and space force by a U.S. Air Force F-22A fighter escort in the delivery of goods the ground convoy harassment, F

The J-10 has identified the cause of the accident crash accident, no one is caused by the FBW; in addition to a handful of human reason -- such as flight in illusion, not the sky on the ground outside the case, almost all from the engine fault. The J-10 d

The official public number on the wisdom of XAC XAC before the disclosure of a group of batch production shipped -20 large transport delivery dynamic, including a picture rare 3 aircraft -20 batch production aircraft, which means that since July of last y

! [CDATA [95 rifles recently circulated on the Internet for a Zhuzhou city police handling dangerous animal law enforcement Video: a cow ran into the street, and trampling pedestrians may crash at any time, then rushed to the police use of firearms the ca

Recently, the state issued the Air Force fleet around the island of Taiwan in flight. It is worth noting that the fighter 11 fighters are mounted or the old R27 semi - active radar guided medium - range missiles. The missile that has been developed for ne

The picture comes from the Internet. The United States has always been prepared with two hands on the Peninsula issue, carrots and sticks. The US and South Korea military exercise had just ended soon, but the situation was far from calm, and the United St

Original title: what kind of examination let the famous gold medals go to Mai Cheng? The northern theater Army Special Warfare brigade for the past, year-end assessment, are the early assessment program issued, and all related to assessment content, asses

As president Putin announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria, the Russian army put an end to more than 2 years of military operations in Syria. Compared with the protagonist of the Russian Air Army, the Russian Navy since October 2015 has entered the

Author: Xiao Cheng. From the outbreak of cyber civil war in Syria, all forces are involved rapidly. Terrorists also take the opportunity to expand and expand. With the help of Russian army, Syria government forces have taken the initiative. In December 12

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Australian Army, like the British, faced the problem of a lack of a submachine gun. Under the leadership of the UK, Australia tested a small number of Thompson rifles in early 1941. Although Australia has fina

The air force China JH -7A Flying Leopard fighter bomber, is a tall on the ground strike fighter, can you imagine a sword like the KD88 missile, accurately hit hundreds of kilometers away from the target, a female pilot's hands? In fact, the air force has

Author: Wild reckless frank, passionate, is the five Olympic decathlon athletes, but also the United States fencing master. "New York Times" is also on his comments: compelling, overbearing, the gun from the body, religious and profane. He used a cracking

Russia completed the upgrading of an -124-100 transport plane in December 1st. It is the second largest transport aircraft in the world. The larger -225 is actually only one. So it is widely believed that -124 is the largest transport aircraft in the worl

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