We have to say goodbye to 2017, but the entertainment circle is still a surprise to the people. And what is more surprising is that today's story is still brought by an old artist! It's like Hou Yaohua and his female apprentice. Today, paparazzi burst out

In this age of not making friends in the map, even old designers could not help downloading a map software. The male star is good, often has the female star to be exposed not PS, makes the person big eyeball. Today, the official non PS photos are no longe

Recently Li Yapeng and daughter Li Yan drying out the photos, and with the text: five minutes after … sorry Hachiko, you have to understand the difficulties for dad. Li Yanchang more beautiful eyes, the skin is very obvious, the hands of the Manicu

Angelababy late December 22nd, Angelababy (Angela Baby) in the social network rarely open a nail line map, the abdominal muscle is obvious, the waist is thin. Angelababy has recently seen a lot of people who have seen photos think of life - ZAKER, persona

Sun Li with her children Deng Chao buried ifeng.com entertainment news December 21st leaves, Sun Li drying out in micro-blog and children together in the leaves Deng Chaomai photos, and with the text said: wait, sister, mother works. Don't make a funny pi

Read "the actor's birth" people know that hard as long as Zhang Ziyi met a man on the second star eye, laughs educated, he is Yiwei Zhou Yiwei Zhou in the first PK time, Guo Jizhang becomes the second small fans sister, in the PingWeiXi crazy for him to p

Guan Xiaotong's drama "Aurora" love is really terrible, I did not expect to this age, but also to see ten to twenty years ago the rotten stems were re used to fry. What Out of blows friendship grows ah, men more money to spend and beat the rogue fight too

The title of the world's youngest beauty looks a bit exaggerated, but the netizens don't think so after seeing her. Speaking of the young woman, some people will think of the 4 year old Yang Mi, also some people will think of the 10 year old is popular in

Original title: the marvel of an era of the Titanic, it has been 20 years... And saying, in December of this year, "Titanic" has released over 20th anniversary. Over the years, we are still feeling the love story of Jack and Rose. They are still chewing a

Original title: "Hello old time" is a Virgo crew confirmation, it is fine to outrageous details do not know and orange king "old time" addicted hello girl how many bits. This drama is very slow, than the next door "to our simple small beautiful" a lot les

The sun, Min Hyo Rin South Korean men's team BIGBANG members of the sun broke the news this afternoon will be in February next year, with more than two years of married his girlfriend Min Hyo Rin, shortly after the two brokerage company has confirmed the

I believe many of the audience most love is sweet and fragrant star on one of the two generation, from the beginning of the variety and a half years old, renxiaoguitai, saying, a lot of bursting point! Sweet sweet home, mom and dad are artists, so parents

Zhang Yishan has been able to speak very well since he was a crime. Even if the "ten spring" as you play a slag male, but still acting burst, users get a lot of love. Success among elementary school students, can be said to be a child star debut, developm

In the middle age, people always learn one or two ways of health preservation. In the later years, they are more careful in everything, eating lightly, getting up early, and taking a proper walk to do exercise to prolong life. However, all this regimen is

When I introduced myself, I wrote my dream to be a 18 year old girl with little fresh meat, and many girls saw backstage messages to join me. I was a little excited and excited, so I thought seriously for a month. I think it is necessary for us to take a

Recently some friends at the airport to take Adam Cheng, a bit like the 70 year old man, is definitely a handsome fried day old man is not God, even the time of users feeling to steal. Adam Cheng, a dark coat, looks old, fans have tall,stately and handsom

Original title: the photo session of the debris flow, the South Korean female love beans than one thousand Iraqi song also play fine this two days, Pipi suddenly in the home page to see a funny girl love beans, is the ↓ in his new album the combined

To say that one is red, it is easy to be dug into the history of the past, because we only small beauty "to" hard brush wave there is a sense of Hu a day, today is netizens have found a red net ex girlfriend. The cause is called a @ entertainment earthy b

According to Taiwan media reports, the day before singer Taylor usher 28 birthday, Jo Alvin sent her boyfriend hides the lucky number 13 diamond necklace, bestie have on the social networking site to send birthday wishes, but she did not write the PO birt

Beauty apprentice kiss Hou Yaohua and grandson, the son of Hou Yaohua curse: shameless! The famous crosstalk master Hou Baolin's son, the famous crosstalk performance artist Hou Yaowen's brother, Hou Yaohua has recently become a hot search person. It's ma

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