The network segment has come true! A few days ago, a network section calling for lipstick and a friend Li Jiaqi to endorse the navigation map sparked heated discussion. On the 17th, Li Jiaqi revealed that there was already a map company in contact with him... This morning, this news was also Like the hot search. Li Jiaqi,

[Text / Observer Network Zhao Noah] Chile's protests and protests due to rising subway fares have lasted for a month. Although President Piniella has made concessions, the protests of the people have not subsided. According to the British "Guardian" reported on the 15th, Chilean female singer Mon Rafael (Mo

[Compilation / Observer Network Guo Han] With the election on December 12 approaching, the British Labor Party leader Corbin, who is busy in the election, recently proposed two bold wins: every household and company in the country will enjoy free All-fiber broadband provides free national dental checkups in the UK.

(Observer Web News) Another Pacific island country and Taiwan's state diplomatic red light? According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 17th, tomorrow (18th), the Pacific island countries of the Marshall Islands will hold the first direct election of the president since 40 years of autonomy from the United States. In the course of the campaign, the pro-US current incumbent

In May of this year, the United States listed Huawei as a physical list. It wanted to take the opportunity to hit this Chinese enterprise, but it caused the survival crisis of Huawei upstream US suppliers and downstream US telecom operators. The US has extended the ban twice. In contrast, Huawei still maintains its rapid growth in performance. Huawei founding

[Text / Observer Network Guo Han] On November 16th (Saturday), in the crowds of protesters and sporadic violence, the grassroots movement of France, the yellow vest, protested the anniversary of the first anniversary. On this day, a total of 28,000 people across the country took to the streets, about last year.

On November 17, the official website of the Hong Kong SAR Government issued a press release. Today (17th), mobs continue to occupy the road near the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and hold deadly weapons, including bricks, petrol bombs and bows, at 10 am to attack the police line. . Around 2 pm, at Chatham Road

According to the DPRK News Agency on November 16th, Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Council, and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, observed the Korean People's Air and Air Force Flight Commander Combat Flight Technology Competition · 2019. The pictures in the text are from the division of the Korean Central News Center.

[Text / Observer Network Gu Zhixuan] The destructive behavior of the chaotic mobs spread from the streets to the university campus, making the students coming to Hong Kong to study. After many universities in the United Kingdom and the United States have called for exchanges between Hong Kong and Hong Kong, some universities in the Netherlands have been unable to sit still. Agence France-Presse...

(Navy News WeChat public account November 15 article) Recently, the Chinese Navy applied the civilian ship to install the modular navigation horizontal replenishment system for the first time, and achieved a major breakthrough in the marine recharge of surface ships. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the marine recharge test was officially launched.

[Text / Observer Network Deng Ruiqi] Local time Friday (15th), Trump former campaign consultant Roger Stone was convicted of a crime of obstruction of justice, a tamper witness in the US federal court Testimony, and five crimes of making false statements to Congress. see

(Observer Web News) According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden on November 16th, the Swedish PEN recently insisted on awarding Gui Minhai despite the strong opposition of the Chinese side, and the Swedish Minister of Culture insisted on attending the award ceremony. The Chinese side expressed strong dissatisfaction and resoluteness. Oppose. The Chinese Embassy in Sweden stated that

China Forum: Are there any surprises from representatives of the countries on China? Qi Dongsheng: When it comes to the attitude of the delegates to China, something really surprised me. The group representatives I participated in were high in level, including former Romanian Prime Minister, former Georgian Prime Minister, and former Austrian

(Observer Web News) Some US politicians have been dying with the short video application of Twitter's short video application. Tiktok can't get through and re-emphasize the threat of national security. However, these so-called threats in the United States have not affected Tiktok’s largest international market in India, India.

[Text / Observer Network Wang Hui] In addition to reminding soldiers to pay attention to traps on the Internet, the Indian military issued a military report based on the soldiers' online habit evaluation last month. Indian media ThePrint reported on the 13th that the report shows that the Indian military hopes

On November 14th, some netizens broke the news that the Central Saint Martins College Fashion and Textiles Foundation course published a student's work on the Instagram account that was suspected of racial discrimination. The picture not only contained the Chinese-made 0-value slogan, but also the suspected Qing Dynasty. Long

The website of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea today released a "Secretary of the Embassy in South Korea on the Situation in Hong Kong". The following is the full text of the article: The screenshot of the website of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea Recently, the situation in Hong Kong has received increasing attention from the international community. For various reasons, the facts have...

[Compilation / Observer Network Tong Li] Until today, the US State Department website still has a resume of Mina Chang, a Korean female singer who was exposed as a deputy assistant secretary of state. After the scandal was fermented, American netizens mocked Mina Chang’s fake set.

(Text / Observer Network Huo Siming) The Veneto Regional Council in Venice, the “Water City”, has just vetoed the bill to deal with climate change, and two minutes later, the flood flooded into the venue. CBS reported on November 14 that Venice suffered 50 on Tuesday night.

On November 14, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference. The spokesperson Yu Shuang hosted a question at the meeting. A reporter asked: The Australian government has introduced a new guidance program that requires universities to review cooperation with China. Does China believe that this move is aimed at China's impact on Australia? Responsive response:

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