According to the news of the central war zone (ID:jfjbbjjq) of the WeChat public, come on December 16th. At noon 12 o'clock in December 15th, in a warm winter sunshine, a powerful domestic transport -9 transport slowly descended from the air and stably an

ZA. reported on December 16th, Taiwan China party held in Taipei 16 17th anniversary party celebration, and officially announced the emblem and modify the name of the party renamed the National Party, committed to the great rejuvenation of the C

This article reprinted from Phoenix WEEKLY (public No. ID:phoenixweekly) author Dong Chinese fish touted Japanese Kampo, which can cure constipation, tinnitus, anemia, hypertension, abnormal menstruation. In fact, the Japanese are not so silly. Chinese me

According to the news of the central war zone (ID:jfjbbjjq) of the WeChat public, come on December 16th. At noon 12 o'clock in December 15th, in a warm winter sunshine, a powerful domestic transport -9 transport slowly descended from the air and stably an

Wang Xiaoling, the writer of the viewer's network, has always been in close lock to the TV news in South Korea in recent days. The cold stream from the Arctic circle has frozen the Han River, the commercial street, and the youth's body sense of unemployme

Today, a news scraper in the circle of friends, the story is this: in February last year, Zhejiang Cixi Miss Qin to go to a bank in Henghe, asking for 22400 yuan. Who knows, the teller made a mistake of 24000 yuan to her, and gave her a withdrawal amount

Beijing time on December 15th, 2017, the International Table Tennis Federation finals in Kazakhstan to continue in Astana, Ocea Love needed 7 games in the first round, with 4-3 victory over Japanese player Tanba Xiaoki, reached the top 8 men's singles. Mo

[change] Boeing speculation new models for future air force in December 14th, Boeing defense division announced the official account on the social networking site, shows a plane covered with black cloth photos, text accompanying that change the future air

Tomorrow is on the day of the 46 level exam again! The V at the end of the day have also forwarded the high-frequency words Daquan, to help the candidates to fill gaps! But a net friend said, the last day, what are you going to do? This is the state of pr

[observer network TMT reports] WeChat IOS has updated version 6.6.0 recently. Users can modify micro signals after upgrading, but there is only one chance to modify them. The Android version is not yet open yet. Once, WeChat ID could not be changed as soo

Recently, a news caused widespread concern: historical figures Weiqing, Huo Qubing was a junior high school history textbook. PEP 15 days to respond, the original version of the history textbook in junior high school, the history of the new unified arrang

According to the report of lychee network on December 15th, 13, a pedestrian in Lianshui County of Huaian, Jiangsu was hit by an electric car. She was killed because of the heavy injury and died after rescue. The troublemaker was a girl who was only 12 ye

Yesterday, a net friend shared a hopeless story. This wave operates … … wants to kill … … some netizens also point out what the roommates are hinting at; … … netizens say, this key ZAKER, personalization recommend

[/] Xueying observer network high recently, international SOS released a "2018 World travel risk map", China is listed as "tourists low risk countries. China Daily released 14 video reports that foreigners in China have indicated that compared with their

Putin bye bye? According to Russian media reports, local time 14 days at 12 pm (5 pm Beijing time) Russian President Putin held thirteenth large annual press conference on 2018, presidential election, domestic and foreign policy, pension and regional issu

The 70 year old Matsuoka, came to Nanjing nearly 100 times, visited about 250 Japanese soldiers, led about 700 Japanese people to visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall … … she used his hands to collect information of Japanese textbooks ig

[] who reported observation network since March 2016 shocked the world after just out of the cottage, a dog (AlphaGo) continuous beating the chess master, a turn. What's terrible is its ability of self-renewal. The updated Alfa dog continues to improve th

A few wild boar suddenly appeared in the campus of Nanjing University, one of the boar paired photos were processed into various versions of maxed circle of friends, finished laughing … … wild boar broke into the campus of Nanjing University

[/] observer network in under - recently, some netizens posting said Guangdong Zhaoqing, a large truck at slow speed, the roadside a man suddenly rushed out from the side of the road, lying in front of the car and quickly pretend to be knocked down, tryin

According to the number of public affairs, WeChat (WeChat ID:xjbzse) reported that as early as 13, six, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City Commission announced: Harbin Nangang District, former Secretary Wang Chunsheng, expelled from the party and the publ

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