"The best advantage of collective projects is helping each other, supporting each other, and making up for each other. & Amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Especially big. "What to do if I don't play football well? Female long queue

(Text / Observer Network Guo Guanghao) Japan ’s largest circulation Yomiuri Shimbun published an exclusive headline on January 5 stating that the Japanese government is coordinating and renamed the Air Self-Defense Force to the Aerospace Self-Defense Force. The move aims to make clear that space is also part of the field of defense,

[Article / Observer Network Guo Han] Due to the lack of wheels during take-off, a twin-engine regional airliner in Canada was forced to return to the voyage and eventually landed without any injuries. The entire process was photographed by a passenger on board with a mobile phone. The two photographers seemed very calm and laughed at their encounter. Netizens have said

[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing] The Trump administration did not declare war, and suddenly launched air strikes to kill senior Iranian officers. All their own parliaments and allies were blindfolded. The move upsets Britain's hard ally, Britain. British media "Guardian" reported that the British Prime Minister on a Caribbean island vacation

(Compilation / Observer Network Tong Li) As the situation in the United States and Iran escalated, Americans became more and more panic. On the 4th, demonstrators also took to the streets of American cities such as Washington, condemning President Trump for issuing orders against Iraq.

Screenwriter Wang Hailin is on the hot search again! But this time, it wasn't the familiar bombardment of Xiaoxianrou, but he was spit out. On the evening of the 4th, in the latest issue of "Tucao Conference", Taiwanese singer Dong Youlin, who was born from "Idol Trainee", talked about Wang Hailin. He

On the 4th, the topic # 白岩松 再 批 国足 # rushed to the Weibo hot search list, Bai Yansong said: If failure is the mother of success, there are too many mothers of Chinese football. In a popular Weibo video, a student asked Bai Yansong: Why can the Chinese women's volleyball team always make a comeback in adversity? For come

In the past two days, after the news of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., pending bail in Japan for suspected financial crimes, left Japan and arrived in Lebanon, it has received much attention. How did Ghosn escape from exit control and leave Japan? Turkish private aviation reported on the 4th

[Text / Observer Network Xu Qianang] Iran's No. 3 character Suleimani was beheaded by the U.S. forces in the early hours of January 3, and his successor promised to make Americans corpse in the Middle East. As a result, on the evening of January 4, local time, thousands of mourners ended their visit to Suleimani.

[Compilation / Observer Network Guo Han] The United States bombed Iran ’s Holy City Brigade Commander Suleimani in Iraq on January 3, causing tens of thousands of people in the country to protest on the streets, and Supreme Leader Khamenei vowed severe retaliation. On the evening of the 4th local time, many places including Baghdad were hit by rockets and

[Article / Observer Network Columnist Liu Yanting] The New Year's Eve in 2020, the US Embassy in Baghdad is frightening, the reason must start from an air attack on December 29. At that time, the United States killed the U.S. contractor with rockets in retaliation for pro-Iraqi militia.

On January 5, the website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States issued an important notice reminding Chinese citizens in the United States to pay attention to safety. The full text is as follows: Recently, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of the Holy City Brigade, Qasim Suleimani, died in the attack on Baghdad airport in Iraq.

(Observer.net) U.S. President Trump made his first public appearance after ordering the death of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Holy City Brigade Commander General Suleimani. The New York Times reported on January 3 that on Friday (3) local time, Trump attended an evangelical support for the Trump Alliance in Maia

(Observer.net) Chen Zhaoshi, director of the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said on January 4 that a total of 7 suspected cases of unidentified pneumonia after visiting Wuhan have been reported in Hong Kong. Four of them have been discharged and the remaining three are in stable condition. On the same day, the SAR Government announced

We warn everyone, be patient, and you will see the bodies of Americans all over the Middle East. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade new commander Esmail Ghani warns United States of the death of former Sulaymani. According to the British "Guardian"

Within two days of the New Year, there was breaking news in Taiwan-a Taiwan Air Force UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter carrying several senior Taiwanese officials crashed in the mountainous area at the junction of New Taipei and Yilan on the morning of the 2nd. Within 8 people were killed and 5 survived. Follow

We warn everyone, be patient, and you will see the bodies of Americans all over the Middle East. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade new commander Esmail Ghani warns United States of the death of former Sulaymani. According to the British "Guardian"

(Observer.net) According to U.S. National Security correspondent Peter Bergen's new book "Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos", U.S. President Trump criticized the former president's national security affairs in 2017 Assistant Michael Flynn and other senior White House officials

[Text / Observer Network Xu Lei] The scandal has come to Trump again. Former Fox News reporter Courtney Friel is about to publish her new book, Tonight At 10: Ki, on January 7

[Text / Observer Wang Kaiwen] Sudden air strikes in the United States have led to the death of several key figures including the Iranian Holy City Commander Suleimani, angering Muslim groups around the world, especially Shiites. Protest broke out on Muslim groups in India and Pakistan on January 3

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