[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing] On the 13th local time, the first public hearing of the US Congress against Trump impeachment finally kicked off. This historic event swept through CNN, The Washington Post, and New York. The front page of major foreign media such as The Times and The Guardian.

[Text / Observer Network Guo Han] Turkish President Erdogan, who was humiliated by Trump's letter, finally had the opportunity to report a revenge. On November 13th, local time, Erdogan revealed at a press conference after visiting the White House that he would face Trump on October 9th.

[Compile / Observer Network Li Huanyu] Re-examine the truth of the World Vietnam, the economy that has been sluggish for 8 months, the African swine fever epidemic ... Recently, South Korea is in a troubled autumn, but there are still some college students who are willing to care about Hong Kong. However, these people have just shot

On the afternoon of November 14, the Ministry of Commerce held the second regular press conference in November, and the spokesperson released the recent key work in the business field. Spokesman Gao said that the three parties of China, Japan and South Korea have reached a consensus on promoting the overall speed of negotiations. Recently, the three parties of China, Japan and South Korea...

(Observer Web News) Recently, parts of the north central part of the UK were flooded, forcing more than a thousand people to flee their homes. On the 11th, British Prime Minister Johnson announced an emergency committee meeting to discuss the response plan. But refusing to apologize for the government’s slow response to the floods, he insisted that the government is doing a lot of work,

[Text / Observer Network 阮 Jia Qi] In the idol artists constantly changing the new South Korea, from the famous IOI, WANNAONE and other popular popular talent show "Produce 101" debut, has become the dream of countless practice students. But now 101

A student in Lyon self-immolated to protest poverty and sparked violent protests from French college students. French officials condemned: "Violence does not have a foothold in the university." AFP reported on November 13 that last Friday, a 22-year-old student Anas·K at the University of Lyon II

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on November 14, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang hosted a regular press conference. A reporter asked: A meeting on rare earths will be held in Brussels next week. Considering that the meeting may focus on the Chinese monopoly on the rare earth market that the Western countries are worried about, what is your comment on the...

Although the anti-China vanguard ruling headed by Rubio once again moved out of the guise of national security, even threatened by legislation, the Federal Retirement Savings Investment Board (FRTIB) still decided to invest in international index funds including Chinese companies. Bloomberg November 14

Korean media said that with the intensification of the repairs in Hong Kong, Korean students have returned to South Korea in consideration of personal safety. According to the Yonhap News Agency on November 14th, the Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong sent vehicles to help more than 40 Korean students studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong leave the city on the 13th.

According to Randy Konik, an analyst at investment bank Jefferies Group, the power of the brand is strong and the brand does not need Amazon. Nike broke up with Amazon. On Wednesday (13th), Nike has issued a certificate to CNBC

[Compilation / Observer Network Guo Han] On the 13th US Congress impeaching Trump's first hearing, Republican Congressman Devin Nunez was eager to reveal the Democratic Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in 2017. Anecdote: being played by Russian pranksters

[Compilation / Observer Network Li Huanyu] On November 13th, Korea’s largest newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, reported exclusively that Abe’s National Security Director, Ichiro Tanu, was secretly interviewed by a special envoy during the period from May to September this year. In the DPRK, the letter mainly mentioned the normalization of the relationship between the DPRK and Japan.

[Comprehensive / Observer Network Qi Qian] At 10:00 local time on the 13th (Beijing time tonight at 11 o'clock), the US Congress will conduct an initial public hearing on the Trump impeachment case. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party will openly confront each other to discuss whether Trump’s actions against Ukraine constitute a crime of impeachment.

[Text / Observer Network Zhao Noah] After becoming prime minister, Boris Johnson felt that it was difficult to take out the delivery... On the 12th, local time, the Conservative Party released the latest election in order to welcome the British election in December. video. In the film, Johnson walked around the Conservative Party headquarters and answered

On Tuesday (12th), Dean Foods & Ensp (Co), the largest dairy company in the United States, announced that it had filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law to maintain its business operations and to seek debt settlement when selling the company. But Dean Foods says it has earned 8.5

Since the emergence of the Hong Kong amendments, the Taiwan authorities have been supporting the mob and speculating on the situation in Hong Kong. Tsai Ing-wen first claimed to provide so-called humanitarian assistance to the people of Hong Kong. Later, when Chen Tongjia intended to surrender to Taiwan, she was obstructed. She even robbed the Hong Kong police on the 11th.

A few days ago, a thousand-year-old ancient ginkgo, which appeared to have exploded, was forwarded 56,000 times on foreign social networking sites. Chinese and foreign netizens were amazed at the beauty of the ancient trees, and they praised the golden light. Come and experience this splendid ginkgo yellow, and its unique growth &hellip

Zuckerberg, who regretted not learning WeChat four years ago, has a new action. On November 12th, local time, Facebook (hereinafter referred to as Facebook) launched the payment function Facebook Pay (hereinafter referred to as Facebook payment). It is worth noting that Facebook’s user traffic

(Observer Web News) Just as Bolivia’s former President Morales arrived in Mexico and received political asylum from the Mexican side, on November 12, local time, the country’s second deputy chairman of the Senate, Senator Democratic Party Senator Jenny Jeanne Anez is in the discussion

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