[reports] to observe the comprehensive network for researchers in Japan local time on the evening of December 7th, near the famous scenic spots in Tokyo, the eastern Dujiang shrinep1030531.jpg shrine eight Tomioka occurred with the Katana killings. Where'

[/ observer network Xu Lei] recently, the whole world because the United States stabbed Jerusalem the hornet's nest and taut nerves in the middle east. But Trump, the president of the United States, seemed to be immersed in the pride of "fulfilling the pr

[observer network comprehensive report] in July of this year, the general office of the State Council issued the implementation plan of "prohibiting foreign garbage entry and promoting solid waste import management system reform", calling for a total ban

Recently, a 14 year old boy in Laiyang, Shandong, was accepted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. There are articles about the student's 6 year old design program, a 8 year old cloud computing platform, and a 14 year old MI

In the last few days, Lu Benwei was reported to hang up the incident heat continued to go higher, the Baidu index in 7 days increased by nearly 500%, in December 6th reached the peak. Image source: Baidu index micro-blog search Lu Benwei, jumping out of t

[/ observer network] Wang Jialu indeed decided Trump lit the Jerusalem, the Middle East barrels of gunpowder. According to the latest news of Huffington post December 7th, Trump admitted that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, and asked the US State Dep

[/ before the observer network video of Li Huanyu / Van only] Remember China insult cybersports players by foot to the Koreans? He responded to the matter recently, and seemed to be very dishonest. He said he wanted to apologize to Rosie, but the other si

[Video] Jin Du / observer network Russia was banned for 2018 Pingchang Olympic Games, Putin also put relentless? On the contrary, the emperor's response was very restrained. Local time on December 6th, in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod to visit the G

[/] Qianang Xu observer network president Trump since taking office, the support rate continues to decline, and the gap with the United States Democrats innate, the impeachment of Trump's continuous sound. Recently, the house of Representatives, Green (Al

According to cctv.com reported on December 7th, recently, Japan for China small moves frequently, a series of exciting funny things seem to play with two fine words are not enough to describe. In December 5th, the Japanese cross party congressmen joined t

"Where's daddy to go 5" today (7 days) collectors, and Wu Chun these two days, but because of a micro-blog on the point of public opinion. Wu Chun took his son Max to take part in "Daddy where to go 5" (photo source: Wu Chun micro-blog). When Wu Chun took

5, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Li Chuyuan announced the results of the study show that: the National 863 plan, can prolong the life of about 10% Wanglaoji drink. At the same time also said BGI CEO Yin Ye praise this point, but gphl Carter, Yin

In December 5th, after the closing of the world Internet Conference, Ma Yun accepted the media interview. When he talked with Zhao Wei, he said that I didn't meet Zhao Wei more than ten times, including at least five times because of public welfare activi

In addition to the tense atmosphere in the border area, India is also more and more aware of the crisis of Chinese troops entering and leaving the India sea, and is trying to extend the defensive line to Malacca Strait. India is stepping up its efforts to

[observer network Roundup] "the India times" reported on December 6th, India's defense research and Development Organization (DRDO) announced a Ciakashen missile shooting test in Chang dipple missile test, successfully shot down a drone banshee. As a guid

[/ observer network columnist Zhou Deyu] in the second half of the year, a "2" of the Wolfenstein: new giant hand tore the Nazi games caused controversy in the United states. The plot of this game is like this: because the Nazis acquired ancient technolog

[observer network comprehensive report] according to micro-blog reported by China Ocean Shipping magazine, at the International Maritime Exhibition in Shanghai, China yesterday, 4 heavy metal platforms and vessels were displayed. Including 20 thousand ton

The 6 year old 8 year old programming, construction site, 13 year old founder of the company, the 14 year old was admitted to MIT as preppy, former U.S. president personally sent a letter of invitation admission … … Shandong Laiyang Li Xiang

[/ observer network] sweet local time on December 4th, the southern California area affected by strong winds caused forest fires, the fire spread quickly, within a few hours spread to multiple areas, forcing the evacuation of more than 400 residents. By t

According to the Zhouzhi County of Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City Public Security Bureau official micro-blog @ Xi'an Zhouzhi County Public Security Bureau on December 6th news, the afternoon of December 4, 2017, Shaanxi radio and television reporters batter

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