A netizen recently announced that the owner took a walk from big Alaska and talked with a red Teddy. The two dogs played very well in the first second, and the next second, red Teddy did not know what to think and suddenly gave her face a few palms in Ala

[observer network comprehensive report] my drug does not consume domestic people, only for foreigners. People used opium to open the doors of China, and I should also be able to open their doors with ice poison. Today, @ a group of video screenshots publi


Yesterday (December 14th), micro-blog a dumbfounding photos scraper, I saw a pupils in school uniforms, stuck in the gate of the railing, hanging in the air, showing the strength of self hanging road gate rod. He was once thought he was the king of snake

Japan's economic news published an article in December 11th that China is leading the way to developing the infrastructure for developing countries, but recently, Japanese enterprises have begun to make a comeback. Based on the data of the two countries i

[World Wide Web Roundup reporter Zhao Yanlong] President Trump admitted that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel after the president of the United States admitted that a massive protest against the Israeli people in recent days and clashes with Israeli mi

[observer network] recently, a series of Anti China farce has been taken place in Australian politics. Since the end of the month, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull (Malcolm Turnbull) after a dinner attended a Chinese businessman, about the "leakage" and

All walks of life have some customary rules, and table tennis is the same. Recently, a Japanese table tennis brother summed up a table tennis collection of impolite behavior in reality, do it all over again it will probably be a good beating opponent. &he

Not long ago, one was entitled "wait."! Please look at what is the textbook shualai!" Micro-blog attracted many netizens' onlookers and heated discussion. Now, the intermediate people's Court of Tangshan City has frozen the Commission and assets of Huang

If you have a problem: Taobao bought the most expensive thing is what, the answer should be the main warlords. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on November 24th, the domestic judicial online auction for the first time since the auction of Boeing 7

According to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) local time on November 25th reported that Egypt's official media news, Egypt Sinai Peninsula mosque terror attack death toll has risen to 235 people. Egyptian President Cecilia after the attacks and said

[observer network Roundup] this is a humiliating blow! Since the founding of the International Court of justice for 71 years, Britain lost its seat of judges for the first time, causing great indignation among the British media. The reason for this was th

Even though, a versatile treasure can always contribute some stars to the same paragraph. However, the standard is the same paragraph, not necessarily is the stars through the same paragraph oh. In November 20th, Fan Bingbing was on the micro-blog Tucao w

How many crunches can you do in one breath? 20? 30? 40? Chengdu City People's Armed Police Detachment appeared "God level" warrior — — sniper He Dong, he can really do more than 5200 … … ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot new

How many crunches can you do in one breath? 20? 30? 40? Chengdu City People's Armed Police Detachment appeared "God level" warrior — — sniper He Dong, he can really do more than 5200 … … ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot new

Pedestrians are supposed to do things before crossing the streets, but some drivers don't seem to have that awareness. November 16th, @ Jinhua traffic police upload a surveillance video, video display, 15 am 9 points around 04, Zhejiang, Panan, Jinhua Cou

The 93 year old former U.S. President George Bush recently groping scandals. Previously accused of touching the female buttocks was wheelchair bound after 2012, while the last sixth women exposed to harassment occurred in 2003. At that time, victims only

The the Imperial Palace gatekeeper, who was recently found to be the hidden hand, was giving the golden sentence again! Since October 10th this year, the Imperial Palace officially implemented the whole network ticket sales, but for those who are not accu

Taiwan media reported on November 13th, the search for the lost of the mirage 2000 fighters with the latest progress of the Taiwan Air Force said on the 12, after repeated search, the navy has been gradually mastered, could signal the crash of mirage 2000

According to the American group Sina micro-blog morning news, for the Japanese APA hotel chain in the guest room to put right-wing books practice, the United States group travel in micro-blog said: this greatly hurt the feelings of Chinese tourists, but a

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam, Putin and Trone ordinary "encounter" to reach a consensus, said in a statement on the Syria war "no military solution"; in addition, Trump also mentioned to Putin of the "Russian". According to t

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