Legal Evening News. View news (reporter Zhang Ying) practice yoga is not a new thing, but the army officers and soldiers also practise yoga, have you heard of it? In the near future, a special brigade of the eightieth group army introduced the two sets of

Legal Evening News News (reporter Yue Sanmeng) - views before the Gansu Baiyin Committee of the CPPCC Chairman Guo Deqing, for the enrichment of about 11000000 jailed for 14 years, his son Zhao Ming was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 5 y

Legal Evening News, Yue Sanmeng, December 17th, Guangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Lu Zhifeng, the former general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, was expelled from the party and transferred to justice. The news reporter f

Legal Evening News view news December 9th, daily news release, the size of the structure and strength of organization reform, former army officers army guard, all 90% team members exchange office. Opinion reporters combed the 13 group army newly adjusted

In January 2015, the Deputy Secretary General of Liaoning provincial government, Wei Junxing, was a standing committee of the Tieling Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of Liaoning. There is no man jailed for the current public information. Th

Legal Evening News News on the front view of Hunan Province, former vice mayor of Huaihua Li Zicheng, daughter of Li Wenchu bribery case details. In April 27th of this year, the high people's Court of Hunan province sentenced Li Zicheng to the crime of ac

In December 6th, the former Secretary of the former county committee of Xiaoxian, Anhui, was open to public hearing in Shushan prison. Nearly 20 million of the bribes were sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014, and this is to be reduced to 22 years of im

Legal Evening News, news and views of a small arch corrupt official! The former deputy director of the Chengdu land reserve center Liu Guangrong (level) about 40000000 days before taking bribes was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Opinion reporter noted t

Legal Evening News News on the front view, Hunan, the former Changde Municipal Committee, vice mayor Lu Wufu for money over ten million jailed for 8 years, his wife Miao Xuhua guilty of accepting bribes, exempted from criminal punishment. View news report

Legal Evening News News (reporter Yue Sanmeng) on the view of Lu Wei, the former Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, vice governor of Liaoning Liu Qiang alleged serious violation of the receiving organization review, waiting for them will

Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Meng • view news editor Yue Sanmeng) the day before, has been out of active duty admiral Wang Dengping written a letter for myself, 5 years ago to the neglect of senior school students in Qingdao Ji Xu apologize. Opi

Legal Evening News News (reporter Zhang Ying view editor Yue Sanmeng) recently, Guangdong businessman Zheng Liecheng verdicts, due to bribery 2 million 500 thousand was sentenced to imprisonment, a fine of 300 thousand to 4 years, and sold two sets of rea


Legal Evening News (reporter Yue Sanmeng) - view news according to Xinhua news agency, recently, Hainan Water Department of the original members of the party. Chuanjun bribes 5 million 20 thousand yuan, was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, and fined 500

Legal Evening News News (reporter Zhang Ying view editor Yue Sanmeng) April 7 11, said the army, at an altitude of 4000 meters above the army outpost, oxygen has been incorporated into the daily schedule, and every day at least 1 hours of oxygen. For thos

Legal Evening News view news (reporter Zhang Ying editor Yue Sanmeng) recently, CCTV anchor Zhu Guangquan because broadcast a weather news and popular network, won praise scripts hand line. Journalists have noticed that this is not the first time that Zhu

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