Source: CNN Overseas Network, January 5th. At the evening of the 4th local time, the homepage of the official website of the US Government's Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was hacked. According to a senior US government official, this was a breach. Homeland Security The ministry is conducting the invasion

Putin and Trump (right). (Source: Reuters) Overseas Network, January 4th. Recently, in the book "Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos", US National Security Reporter Peter Bergen told the US President Subtlety with his staff

US forces in Iraq. (Data map) Overseas Network, January 4th. U.S. forces launched a drone air raid on Iraq on the 3rd, killing the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard's elite unit, the Holy City Brigade Sim Suleimani, which caused Iran's strong dissatisfaction and vowed to be severe revenge. Thanks

Overseas website January 4th. Recently, the former Japanese table tennis player Fukuhara Ai, who is very popular in both China and Japan, accepted an interview with Japanese media. With regard to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and his recent situation with his family, Ai Fukuhara talked about his journey. According to the Japanese "Hebei News" website

The Japanese National Police Agency announced on the 2nd that a 31-year-old woman had been arrested on suspicion of abandoning death by a person responsible for protection. She was suspected of leaving her newborn daughter at home for two days and causing her to die. According to the Kyodo News and Sankei Shimbun on the 3rd, the woman's name is Tomoda Ikeda and she lives in Tokyo.

Lebanese street parade (profile picture AFP) Overseas Network January 3rd. Carlos Ghosn, a former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., who had been trapped in Tokyo, Japan for a year, staged a Hollywood movie at the end of 2019. Fleeing. 2019 12

Maori (left) receives a certificate of merit (Daily News) Recently, a 17-year-old Japanese high school student went to school by tram and saw someone sick in the same car and vomiting. The high school student immediately took off his clean shirt to wipe the vomit and said Don't want society to turn a blind eye to everything. The move was awarded by the railway company

The Associated Press site map overseas website January 2nd. Recently, hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators rallied in front of the U.S. ambassador to Iraq and severely impacted the embassy to protest against US air strikes on Iraq. After the shock event, foreign media also used the camera to record a mess inside the embassy. According to American Fox News,

▲ A large number of trapped people are waiting to take refuge in the water (Daily Mail). Australia has recently experienced wildfires in many places, and Victoria has been required to evacuate nearly 30,000 people due to security concerns. However, as the fire spread rapidly, thousands of people in a local coastal resort town had nowhere to run, witnessing the sky changing from

Overseas Network, December 31. Recently, a strange case occurred in Tokyo, Japan: a 54-year-old man placed the body of his mother in his home and spent two full years together. Recently, he confessed to the police due to his unbearable mental burden. According to Japan TBS TV Network

A large number of trapped people are waiting for launching shelter ("Daily Mail") Overseas Network December 31. Australia has recently experienced wildfires in many places, and Victoria has demanded the evacuation of nearly 30,000 people due to security concerns. However, with the rapid spread of fire, thousands of people in a local coastal resort town have already

Obama (Photo: US media) Overseas Network December 31. At the end of the year, former US President Barack Obama exposed his 2019 annual playlist on social platforms, and Indian singers found that their work was not selected. According to Russian satellite news agency, local time

Overseas Network, December 31. When a Romanian woman with pancreatic cancer underwent surgery in a hospital recently, her body was ignited like a torch due to improper operation by medical staff, and she was seriously injured. According to Russia today, the 66-year-old woman last Sunday (29

United States Washington State Assemblyman Matt Shea (New York Times) Overseas Network December 30. A state congressman in Washington State has been exposed in the planning and establishment of the 51st state in the United States and named it free. He also Contacted local militia groups and assigned to other members of parliament

U.S. President Trump (Image: OAN) Overseas Network December 30th. Local time Sunday (29th). U.S. President Trump tweeted a message urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to comment Spread about the participation of his son Paul Pelosi II in Ukraine

Swedish environmental girl Greta Tumberg and her father Swant Tumberg (GETTY) overseas website December 30. The 16-year-old Swedish girl Greta Tumberg This year it attracted much attention and became

Ivanka (Photo: CBS) Overseas Network, Dec. 29. The US 1,000th Ivanka recently revealed in an interview with US media that if his father Trump re-elected in the 2020 election, she may leave the White House. According to Newsweek, Ivanka was interviewed by CBS a few days ago

The 45-year-old turtle overturned the bed light and caused a fire. He was unhappy after being rescued by the fire. (Source: Fox News) Overseas. December 28. Recently, a 45-year-old angry-faced tortoise in the UK overturned a family's lamp at home, which subsequently caused a fire.

Kansai Airport in Japan ushered in a peak passenger flow on the 28th. (Photo source: NHK) Overseas Network December 28th. New Year's Day is approaching, and Japan is officially welcoming a 9-day long vacation from this month. Airports, Shinkansen, highways, and other transportation hubs are full of people coming back for the New Year.

Photo source: Prince Harry and his wife. (Source: The Associated Press) Overseas Network December 28. Being able to be patronized by celebrities is something that many restaurants ca n’t hope for, because they can use the halo of celebrities to help promote their own business. However, the owner of a Canadian restaurant has recently turned down Prince Harry of the United Kingdom

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