TV drama "evaluation of the Queen" held in Beijing on the line conference, starring Quan Yuli (Yuri), Jin Yingguang, Li Zhixun gathered at the scene. Activities, the right Yu said the most

Recently, actor Song Zhongji was transmitted in the Park Yu Chun incident incident entertainment, actor Song Hye Kyo, Eom Hongsig belongs to the brokerage firm UAA aspects to clarify,

Jellyfish entertainment company said its new group gugudan member Sally was born in Guangdong Chinese, as the only foreign members of the group

Lee Seung Gi aspects of the recent spread of rumors about the spread of the original rumors of Lee Seung Gi who is a A, is a communication club members, so that users are very affected by the impact. According to the media

Duo "Cha Tae Hyun and Hong Jingmin Hong Project" is open source car. "Hong car Project" hit song "refueling song" is the rhythm of the Ming

EXID women's first full-length album "Street" in the 13 song song suite essence, causing the users attention. It is reported that the new album "Street" by

Singer songwriter RoyKim, announced the upcoming concert in Taiwan will believe many fans, the fans are very excited! RoyKim in South Korea draft program "

In addition, "" will be launched in June 29th for any attachment.

"Good luck" new romance explosion acting adorable!

The members of the EXO LAY to determine the sixteenth protagonists become public channel "SM entertainment digital audio STATION". LAY will be in May 27th

Fashion magazine in the official website of the public actors Gu Hye Seon and Ahn Jae Hyun two of the wedding, and said: "Ming of a happy couple, romantic moments." It is reported that the wedding photo in 5

According to C-JeS's JYJ's entertainment news, a member of the Kim Jun Su fourth album "XIGNATURE" will be officially released in May 30th. Five

According to insider sources, the team will record KBS2TV crystal Boy Music talk show "Liu Xilie's sketchbook" in June. In this regard, YG entertainment to be

SEVENTEEN for the June issue of the Journal of photography pictorial publicity, show young mature charm. Different from the image of pure youth on the stage, SEVENTEE

In May 18th, YG entertainment announced that its men's team BIGBANG 2016BIGBANGMADE[V.I.P]TOUR

In May 18th, according to the relevant sources, by host Li Huizai, Ok Taec Yeon presided over the work team members of the 2PM SBS pilot program "Mama" (provisional translation) will

Song Joong Ki Chinese cover songs


In May 15th, the team members of the BEAST by Li Qiguang Instagram wrote: "look, my arm is okay? You don't have to worry about it.

Song Zhongji shows a striking endorsement effect. Make-up brand Forencos aspects of the morning of May 12th, said the May 9th launch of Song Zhongji's endorsement of the 7

Actor Zheng Youzhen, Li Taihuan, Li Shiyan and Jiang Qiyong identified in MBC television drama "W", "micro-blog partner Li Zhongshuo

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