You can imagine a room filled with all kinds of guns, all precious. This room is called the gun shop, the annual European firearms magazine or website will be gun house selection, often have a room in TOP10, this is the heckler Koch Corporation of America

Recently, from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida professional is a special test work. They came to White Paterson air force base, using the 711st 711th Human Performance Wing, ZAKER, personalization recommended popular news, local authoritative media inform

In December 15th, Lithuania's defense ministry announced the first batch of just received two German boxer GTK wheeled armored vehicle coach car. All this is also mentioned in August 22nd last year. In Vilnius, Lithuania, the Ministry of defense and the E

In 1987, the Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland held a joint military drill in Pomerania friendship 87. The T-72 tanks, like the tide, have been awed so far. I am hawk26, the moderator of the original SC military map area, to provide you with original mil

In December 13th, China armed forces with the Russian National Guard cooperation 2017 joint anti-terrorism exercises, a training base in Ningxia in the outskirts of Yinchuan completed the training content, successfully concluded. This is a special combat

In December 6th, the president of the United States, Trump, declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, a widespread protest in the Islamic world. The millennial city in the whirlpool is the focus of attention. In the photo, the Palestinian uncle g

Save yourself, this is to destroy the enemy on the battlefield and tall golden laws and precious rules, tanks and armored vehicles to the battlefield with Camo to hide themselves, this is really a science. This is the world's oldest mobile tanks - Saint c

In 1930, the Mongolia army tank troops supported by the Soviet Union were conducting exercises. This is the T-27 ultralight tank they are equipped with, and it can be said to be a super - light tank produced by the Soviet Union. At the end of 1920s, the S

After the Friday prayer of December 15th, the angry Palestinians clashed with the Israeli army, protesting the president of the United States, Donald and Trump, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Israeli border police near Ramallah in the Wes

In December 2017, the seventeenth mechanized brigade of the Poland army was carrying out a practical exercise. I am the original SC military map area moderator hawk26, to provide you with original military content, thank you for watching. Use WeChat searc

In the summer of 1944, the 519th anti tank battalion camp of the German defense army was waiting for the enemy to emerge. They are equipped with a rhino self-propelled anti tank gun. The rhino uses the III/IV mixed chassis, the armor is very weak, the com

This is the 1914 type 370mm heavy attack City mortar equipped before the French war. The 28.6 ton monster was designed by Filloux, a famous French artillery commander in 1908~1912. Want to increase the power of artillery, mainly by adding - ZAKER, persona

In November 7th, my "Russia Great Patriotic War BK-13 armored boat wreck salvage reconstruction introduced Russian salvage WWII shipwrecks news world" in one article, now have a follow-up report. In November 5th, the Russian salvage department, near the V

This is a group of photos taken by the American Airlines pilots before liberation, which actually recorded the true features of China Airlines for 1946~1948 years. Due to the limited conditions, China Airlines had many American pilots at that time, includ

This is a group of propaganda photos released by the Ministry of defense of Poland in November, all of which were held in the joint military exercise of the BORSUK 17 in Poland and NATO in November. These pictures are beautifully built and highly artistic

In December 10th, Russian television broadcast a news nizhniy tagil tank plant. The video shows a picture of the production of T-90 main battle tanks in the workshop. Sharp eyed fans in Russia immediately according to the detail characteristics of camoufl

In 1900, the Allied forces of the eight countries invaded China. The eight countries, such as Britain, France, France and Germany, Japan and Italy, formed a joint army and invaded China. The initial total number was about 30 thousand, and then increased.

In December 10th, Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, held a grand parade to celebrate the recovery of all the territory occupied by extremist groups of Islamic countries. The parade is the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi proposed, the Iraqi army and interior

In the night of December 6th, a snowfall at Wushan air force base, the US ground crew emerged as a snowblower to clean up the snow on the aircraft. On 4~8 December, Han and the United States held a vigilant trump 18 (Vigilant Ace 18) joint air force exerc

In 1916, in an artillery school in France, cadets were operating the M1897 75mm cannon under the guidance of the instructor. This gun because of a TV drama "sword" is widely known to the audience Chinese, Italy become the latest artillery cannon nickname,

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