On January 5th, the director of the Yumen Branch of the Yuncheng Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Province issued an open letter to the fugitives and relatives at the Yumen Branch, persuading Xie Liping, another female fugitive who was called a high-value murderer by netizens, and another murderer Chai Baojun came to justice. Xie Liping's branch director wrote in an open letter

On the afternoon of January 1, the central bank announced that in order to support the development of the real economy and reduce the actual cost of social financing, it decided to reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points on January 6, 2020. Finance company). This time

On December 30, the Procuratorate of Yunnan Province reported on the Lijiang Anti-Kill Case of Social Concern on December 30, saying that Tang Xue's defensive behavior was justifiable defense and did not bear criminal responsibility according to law. On December 30, the Procuratorate of Yongsheng County of Lijiang City withdrew the prosecution against the case, and

The reporter noticed that at present the house where grandparents Zhang Zixin lives is equipped with multiple surveillance cameras, both inside and outside the house. Grandpa said that this was installed by his son Zhang Jun after the incident. He was mainly worried about the mess in the house. He could see the contents of each camera through his mobile phone. What are we doing?

According to the Procuratorate Daily, I used to worship those 'social people', but I almost fell into their claws a year ago, and I was still reluctant to think of them every time I remembered. Now I don't have to think about these things anymore. Recently, the news of the final judgment of Wang Yunfu and others in criminal cases of evil forces was given to Taoshan, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang...

Red Star News previously reported that on December 9, a 20-year-old vocational school student Niu Moujie was killed after leaving with his girlfriend Xu. It was reported that a 20-year-old boy died after leaving his school with his girlfriend's family, and his father found the suspected remains in the fire below the woman's house.

I'm an actor. I just want to continue performing for the performance I like. On December 24, at the lowest temperature of -6 ℃ in the evening, outside the backstage of the Middle Theater near the foot of Xiangshan in Haidian District, Beijing, Zhai Tianlin said to the Red Star reporter. After 10 months of silence, that night

The sky is up, I am going to divorce. In the big business events in 2019, retirement is a keyword that has to be mentioned, and the divorce also left a strong mark & ​​amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; At the beginning of the year, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff

Seeing Xiao Pu's first ECG report, even doctors couldn't believe that the ECG suggested that the ST lead in the chest lead was elevated. This is a typical symptom of myocardial infarction. However, the young man is only 21 years old, 175 cm tall and weighs 200 kg 12-year-old guy with sudden myocardial infarction

Original title: Changan Ford 30-year-old engineer crashed, family members who have suffered from depression: Ca n’t read news from 120 working groups More than 80% of those alumni

At the end of last year, Ms. Xu, who was working in Beijing, went to Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University to freeze her eggs. However, she was single and was unable to provide a marriage certificate. Not long ago, Ms. Xu received a subpoena from the court. This general personality dispute case will be held in 201

As Christmas is approaching, in addition to Santa Claus, Christmas thieves also seem to be starting to be active. According to the British "Sun" on the 16th, Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of former Formula 1 (F1) boss Bernie, was worth 50 million pounds at home (

Until Hu Moao, the company's general manager, was arrested by the police, the company's talents knew that the man who lived with them was a woman. On the evening of December 6, Hu Moao was arrested by the police, and his identity that had been hidden for many years was also confirmed: the wanted person on the Internet, whose real name is Hu Leixiang, is a big deal.

Recent child sexual abuse cases have sparked public outrage in India. According to the BBC, a 12-year-old girl in India was raped at home every weekend for at least 30 men, some of whom her father knew. And the father will not only collect the money, but also call

According to the chat records flowing out on the Internet, the relationship between the two belongs to the type of modern guard. But what does not match this avant-garde is that the two have a very conservative or backward side. The aborigines of the Internet age have a crude idea that is not even as good as that of Cai Yuan 100 years ago

A large area of ​​burnt body still couldn't cover the deep cuts. 18-year-old Zheng Jianfei was beaten in a car beauty shop by dozens of knives, and then wrapped in a quilt, poured with motor oil, and set fire to his body. Later, passers-by found that a large amount of thick smoke was coming out, calling people, extinguishing the fire, and calling the police. Zheng Jianfei's body was found...

On December 8th, an article entitled "Zhenyuan County Library Organized the Collection of Publications, Inventory, Shelving and Centralized Destruction Activities" (hereinafter referred to as the "burning book report"), attracted attention and heated discussion on the Internet. Red Star News noted that the burning of the book was reported on October 22 this year 17

On December 8th, Red Star News learned from Qingying County Public Security Bureau in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province that the suspect, Hui Yonglin, who had escaped from the hospital has been arrested and brought to justice, but whether he has committed homicide after escape is still under investigation. The photos provided by local residents of Hui Yonglin were captured according to a bounty...

On December 6, the widely-recognized Chengdu chef Zhong Ke was knocked down by a dog on his way to work and was injured. The embarrassment of the work injury was finalized: Zhong Ke successfully obtained the written decision of the work injury, and his unit will pay him a salary. , Labor rights and interests are guaranteed. & amp; uarr;

On November 1st, the Bazhou District Bureau of Public Security Bureau of Bazhong City, Sichuan issued a notice of no filing for the 26-year-old female teacher He Mou's death. His father He Moumu refused to accept it and requested reconsideration from the Bazhou District Public Security Bureau within 7 days. On December 3, He Moumou got the police to deny the death of his daughter He Moumou

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