According to the British media, "Daily Mirror" news, Real Madrid has not given up the pursuit of David De Gea, and asked David De Gea to give the final answer before May. And if David De Gea

Beijing time on March 13th at 03:452016-17 La Liga season twenty-seventh round started, Real Madrid will return home court against the Royal Bettis

Gas, what's wrong? Real Madrid's goal position is a bit of a problem now. The main goalkeeper Navas state compared with last season cannot be mention in the same breath. At that time, he inherited

According to the Italy kiss and tell "Chi" reports, C Luo and Miss Spain desi bud broke quickly picked up by a man named Georgina model. Not long ago

Beijing time on November 26th night at 23:15, 2016-17 La Liga season thirteenth round of a focus of the war, Real Madrid at Bernabeu Stadium against gijon.

Tuesday's Champions League group phase Real Madrid at the Lisbon athletics, return to Lisbon is very special to C Ronaldo, he will wear a commemorative edition for boots. In order to commemorate his return home,

Real Madrid are the league leader, the king's cup is also in steady progress, the Champions League will compete for the first group. And the White army is the five largest in Europe

Florentino then has Raul, Goody and Carlos's case, still generous signing of Figo Zidane, Ronaldo very influential, and Beckham, to create the first generation of the Milky Way ship.

Beijing time this weekend of the 2016-2017 season will be kicked off the Spanish (WeChat reply "B" get live information), Real Madrid took over in the middle of last season


Real Madrid superstar C Ronaldo in the personal INS drying out on his own and was recently leaving rumors surrounding team midfielder J Luo photo, recently in Columbia will be the Milky Way war

According to Spanish media "Marca" news, J Ronaldo in Bernabeu's future is not optimistic, Zidane told J Ronaldo to go to other places to try their luck, the club also has

Real Madrid is expected to receive a formal ban on the transfer of FIFA in the next one or two days, once implemented, Real Madrid will be banned in the next two transfer window to introduce new ball

As everyone knows, just at the Rio Olympics to achieve their three consecutive Boulter is a United fans, in a recent interview, he also revealed his other main

Recently, Real Madrid first C Luo micro-blog suddenly looked China domestic entertainment star Luhan, Luhan after learning this news very excited, laughing. Luhan

The football star has earning large quantities of gold each day, the car is It is often seen.. The Real Madrid first center Benzema on luxury cars also have their own taste. Benzema in

This weekend, Zidane set off for Real Madrid players. But back in the near C Ronaldo, did not enjoy the holidays. On C, Ins ROM released a video. Video in

Beijing time on August 20th morning, the League began, the fans are ready to stay up late? As the most competitive league in Europe, the Spanish League

We all know that Real Madrid defender offensive well, the Milky Way official website page issued a document like warships team's guards attacking ability. Real Madrid defender from the start of the new season to

In Real Madrid yesterday's training session, led Portugal to win the European Cup this summer, C Luo and Pepe have appeared in the training ground, in addition to the Portuguese defender Fabio Coentrao also owned

"Marca": Real Madrid has never considered Moussa Sissoko recently, France international Moussa Sissoko open to the Royal horse show, "I want Real Madrid to buy, I have to do

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