On November 7, Baidu announced the unaudited financial report for the third quarter of 2019. Baidu's total revenue for the third quarter was 28.1 billion yuan, which was basically the same as last year. However, there were two versions of net profit and the difference was huge: US GAAP calculates that the net loss for the period was 6.4 billion

Now, if you want to ask what the basic standard of a mate is, perhaps most people will answer: at least have a room. People have shared such a paragraph: 60, 70 after contact, they will find that they generally have a kind of 80, 90 no light. The kind of

Source: pure science (ID:chunkexue); Author: Wang Tao why Hongkong as the most outstanding representative of the business elite, not think with the current wave of innovation in the large investments in Chinese science and technology enterprises, but to p

Zhejiang Wuzhen is opening the fourth World Internet Conference. This is a Chinese government led conference. It not only brought Wuzhen hot, but also successfully brought the world Internet center to China. Wuzhen gangster "dinner" World Conference on th

The Academy of Social Sciences recommends that the legislation of property tax should be launched next year: the front page author: reporter Jiang Mengwei Chang Zhang net: Yin Wenwu 2017-12-06, with the maturity of various mechanisms, the real estate tax

In recent years, the relationship between Apple CEO Tim Cook and China has been very close. But for the first time to participate in the world Internet Conference, Cook's recent trip and speech in China is still attracting much attention. Participate in W

Sweet Seoul city housing in Yanjiao to buy back to the first 1 million 700 thousand strangers? Legal Evening News (news reporter / opinion Fangzu) Lee et al respectively belonging to Yanda group Cheng Yue Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. signed a contrac

[observer network production] ten years ago, where did the middle class young people go for dinner? Possible choices are not many, pizza hut, certainly in the candidate list Hand-Pulled Noodle ajisen. But now, the two old words, Qi Qi, are in crisis. Firs

Instant noodles, at the age of 59, have never suffered since they were born in 1958. But when in over fifty years, suffered a crisis of life, has gradually lost the most favored it Chinese market. Once there was a sincere feeling... Chinese people love in

The author: the source of the pig: does the earth knowledge Bureau remember this phenomenon - class advertisement in the voice? This blunt advertising campaign has been sweeping the country for a time, but few people know that the boss and the leather fac

On the evening of November 27th in Beijing, jumei.com (NYSE:JMEI) Special Committee of the board of directors received the notification letter submitted by the privatization buyer's group, and announced the withdrawal of the non binding privatization plan

Red, yellow and blue education, in the US stock market, has rebounded for two or three days in a row. The conclusion of the Beijing public security department is also clear: there are certain phenomena, but more things are rumours. Remember, after the red

Titanium media note: after the event of Ctrip parent child Park, the red, yellow and blue child abuse case has once again become the focus of attention. According to reports, the beginning of November 22nd, there are a dozen parents reflect the Beijing ci

Out of desperation to relieve themselves but can not find the toilet? Today, online seconds can be done with smartphones! * source: Photo nets (Graphic unrelated) National 330 thousand toilet information available mobile phone second check according to Xi

The Saudi anti corruption storm has exposed the political struggle in Saudi Arabia has become white hot. And keeping away from politics has not allowed Prince Walid to get out of the bondage of power. During the Saudi anti - corruption storm that shocked

Tuesday, the new shares soared sharply, the emergence of a large area of stock trading scene. Voight shares triple board, Yu opened trading closed loop NC, Ming has a strong trading in magnetic, a stone hit the four day popular stocks rose nearly 40%. New

Another scandal in japan! This time, Kobe beef was also occupied! Source: CCTV news of Finance and economics October 24th news, Kobe cattle is one of the top brands representing Japanese beef. Yesterday, the Japanese Agricultural Association of Hyogo Pref

Another one hundred years of Japanese enterprises, deep in fraud scandal! In October 8th 10 fraud Road, forcing the Japanese Ministry of economy, Kobe steel held a press conference to formally recognize the long-term with aluminum and copper products fact


Beijing daily news (Reporter Lin Jiang Mengwei) October 12th, Beijing Daily reporter from the Chinese railway company was informed that since October 12, 2017, the railway departments launched successive transfer plan and recommended the EMU train self se

The thief after 2016 is a little different from the former thief: most of the time you worried about your wallet until 2016. After 2016, the only thing anyone could fear was a cell phone stolen. If China is catching up with the last bus in the tech era, t

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