At present, the three jobs have been reassigned. Earlier this month, President Trump opened the first Asian tour. But during Trump's visit to Vietnam, his entourage did not happen for the first time. Informed sources said that three U.S. military personne

Ma Ying-Jeou went to Soochow University speech [global network comprehensive report] Ma Ying-Jeou, former leader of Taiwan District, delivered a speech at Soochow University in Taiwan on 20, attracting hundreds of students to listen to the scene, half of

Saito Mayumi hid her baby body in her home, pictured in her apartment, and after a recent murder of 9 people in Kanagawa, and a vicious case in the family, a shocking incident of 20 years of mother and child remains in the Japanese society. 21, Japan - ZA

Earlier this month, President Trump opened the first Asian tour. But during Trump's visit to Vietnam, his entourage did not happen for the first time. Informed sources say three U.S. military personnel are under investigation for allegedly having improper

Wall Street Journal November 20th article, the original title: China is not terrible, the United States complacent only worried about the "Wall Street journal" reported screenshot, the author visited China last time, had tea with Deng Xiaoping. In 1978, t

Can drug addicts escape from legal sanctions? According to the British Daily Mail reported on November 19th, the British police announced for the first time, no longer arrested drug addicts and drug traffickers, but to check the potential problems of drug

According to foreign media reports 21, the White House confirmed that the implementation of the president's weekly broadcast speech indefinite suspension. And that's not surprising. After all, Twitter is simpler and more effective than broadcasting, but m

[global network military Roundup] November 18th, military expert Zhang Zhaozhong in CCTV "cross strait" program to respond to the aircraft carrier on the issue of -20. Zhang Zhaozhong said that this vision is facing too many problems, the possibility of t

Due to historical reasons, the relationship between the former suzerain Britain and the former colonial India has always been a very sensitive topic. For many people in India, the negative spiritual heritage of British colonialism and its sense of humilia

November 16th to 17, the army organized Peacekeeping Training in Queshan contract tactical training base. Chinese Army announced 18 days, the army launched the establishment of 6 categories of 19 dimension and standby forces. According to the Global Times

In April 1951, Germany Bateluobensitanshi, France's thirty-second artillery regiment for firing training. A lot of weapons were very penetrating at the time, such as the AMX 50100 heavy tank. AMX 50100 is equipped with a very advanced swing gun - ZAKER, p

[global network military report on November 21st] John Hiten, commander of the US strategic command, recently publicly stated that if he thinks the order is illegal, he will refuse President Trump's nuclear strike order. Although this openly challenge Tru

In short track speed skating, they love China attack players use "movement", then "sheer fallacy" to black China team. In the short track speed skating competition with South Korean team, the most exciting and intense is not the performance of the players

[global network military November 20th report], according to China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry official WeChat reported on November 19th, November 9th, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Wuhan shipbuilding group construction of Mauritania 1750 ton landing

In November 16, 2017, the Aqaba coastal area, a strange thing happened. Here, Jordan throws 1 decommissioned C-130 Hercules transports directly into the sea. The reason why Jordan wants to do this is to build artificial coral reefs - ZAKER, personalized r

The United Kingdom has tried to stop India from gaining the seat of the International Court of justice in the United Nations. The India times website made the announcement 19 days ago, saying that India and the United Kingdom will fall into the biggest di

Today, a national team soccer team U20 Chinese suffered "Tibet independence" elements in Germany [race] naochang news detonated China network. German media mainstream argument is almost one-sided, claiming that the Chinese people do not understand "freedo

The joint newspaper of Taiwan released the annual survey of cross straits relations this year. The survey showed that people dissatisfied with Cai Yingwen's handling of cross-strait relations increased from 48% last year to 56%, while another 47% question


[Global Times] - global network reported local time 18 days, China FA U20 selection team in Germany and Mainz Schott. During the game, the audience has a Tibetan flag. Chinese players withdraw from the court after finding out. But the German Football Asso

One to two or three, four or five village. Six or seven pavilions, eighty or ninety flower "… … it's the" village "is the Song Dynasty poet Shao Yong's yonghuai poetry, and video blond girl was on the fifth grade primary school. And her fath

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