[Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] Russia (RT) today ’s latest news on January 4 said that the United States-led spokesman for the International Coalition Forces said that no air strikes had been launched in the Tagi area in recent days. Earlier reports said that Iraqi Shia militia armed people's mobilization organizations (

Russian satellite network reported on January 4 that the Libyan National Army's top commander Khalifa Haftar announced a general mobilization in response to foreign troops. (Screenshot from Russian Satellite Network Report) Haftar stated in a video speech that today we announced the jihad and mobilized it fully. Do not

[Global Reporter Wu Yuanchun] Japanese media once again speculated that members of Congress accepted bribes from Chinese companies. "Yomiuri Shimbun" exclusively broke the news on the 3rd that in addition to Rep. Akimoto, five members of Congress, including former defense minister Iwaya Iwa, were suspected of receiving 500 Chinese companies.

After Suleimani was killed by U.S. air strikes, U.S. Department of Defense officials revealed that the Pentagon will send about 3,000 additional Army soldiers to the Middle East in response to tensions in the Gulf region. Local time on January 3, US President Trump at Mar-a-Lago

[Global Network Reporter Wu Yuanchun] We must not turn a blind eye to what happened last night. To be sure, there will be revenge, a cruel revenge. Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Majid in a CNN show on the evening of the 3rd

Major General Qassim Suleimani, senior officer of the Holy City Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Special Forces, Source: AFP [Global Times Comprehensive Report] The death of Qassim Suleimani may become the worst situation in the Middle East since the Iraq war Dramatic iconic event. According to the United States

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong East Network and other Hong Kong media reported on the 3rd that a senior executive of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, who is also an auxiliary police officer, has been suspended and under investigation. Ventilation report, leaked police deployment. According to Dongwang, this person is the computer director of the Hospital Authority.

[Global Network Reporter Li Dongyao] According to the latest news from France ’s 24 stations on the 3rd, local time on the 3rd, thousands of Iranian people took to the streets of the capital Tehran to protest against the US killing of a senior Iranian military commander in Baghdad. France 24 says protesters chant US

[Global News reporter] According to AFP news, just after the killing of Iranian general Solemani, US Secretary of State Pompeo said on Twitter on the 3rd that the United States is committed to easing tensions. In the early morning of the 3rd, U.S. forces attacked Iraq ’s Baghdad airport, killing Iranian Revolutionary Guard special forces

[Global Network Reporter Wen Jiayue] Iran has never won a war, but it has never lost a negotiation! On the morning of the 3rd, local time, US President Trump issued such a short tweet. Early in the morning on the 3rd, local time in Iraq, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's special forces

According to the order of US President Trump, U.S. forces airstrike Baghdad airport in Iraq in the early morning of the 3rd, killing Major-General Casim Solemani, a special officer of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy Army Brigade. According to the latest report from AFP on the same day, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the United States killed Iran

[Global Network Reporting Reporter Wen Jiayue] The U.S. military air raid on Baghdad airport in Iraq in the early morning of the 3rd caused the death of an Iranian general. According to Agence France-Presse, Britain and Germany made statements on the same day, urging all parties to ease tensions and exercise restraint. AFP says local time 3

After the U.S. killed Iranian military officers, Iran ’s supreme leader, Khamenei, vowed to retaliate severely. Iran ’s foreign minister condemned the murder of the United States as an international terrorist act. The former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran also said that he would retaliate severely against the United States. AFP news just now, Iran's supreme leader

[Global Network Reporter Ding Jieyun] According to British Reuters, U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said on the 2nd local time that there are indications that Iran or its supported forces may plan to launch more attacks, and he warned that the game has changed , The United States may have to take a pre-emptive

Chinese Kong Ming Lantern is the culprit of the zoo fire! Germany's "Photo News" reported on the 2nd that on the 2020 New Year's Eve, the Ape Museum in Krefeld Zoo, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany was destroyed by a fire and more than 30 animals died. Local police said on the 2nd that the fire was caused by three people firing Kong Ming illegally

[Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] Foreign intervention will make the situation in Libya more complicated. The US "Capitol Hill" reported on January 2 that US President Trump warned Turkish President Erdogan on the phone on the 2nd. White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley reportedly

[Global Times Special Correspondent Aoki in Germany] Chinese Kong Ming Lantern is the 'culprit' of the zoo fire! German "Photo" reported on the 2nd that on 2020 New Year's Eve, the Ape Museum in Krefeld Zoo, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany was destroyed The fire killed more than 30 animals. Local police

An anonymous U.S. Department of Defense official confirmed that the United States has struck two Iran-related targets in Baghdad on the 3rd. Reuters, CNN, RT and many other foreign media quoted a spokesman for the Shia militia armed "People's Mobilization Organization" in Iraq, saying that in the early hours of Friday local time, its commander Abu & amp;

[Global Network News] Russian Satellite Network has just quoted the US Fox News report that the source said that the US military was on alert after the death of Major-General Qasim Solemani, a senior officer of the Holy City Brigade, by the US air strike against Baghdad status. Earlier, several foreign media sources said that Iraq

Agence France-Presse: The Pentagon claims that it was President Trump who ordered an air strike on the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard's Holy City Brigade. Screenshots from Agence France-Presse report. Earlier, US President Donald Trump just updated Twitter with a US flag and no text was distributed. Trump Twitter screenshot earlier

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