As an Internet giant in China and the world, the movement of the Tencent has also led to the nerve of the netizens. Just like apple annual conference is known as the Spring Festival Gala of science and technology every year, all kinds of meetings of Tence

In December 16th, in an interview with the spread of the Internet a iron man Elon Mask in the video, Mask eyes moist, and choking. This video of 6 minutes or more can be said to be very emotional. There are many shots and words in it, which reviewed Musk'

I thought it was the same as open live, talking about some experience. I didn't think it was so difficult to speak a few crosstalk. The second half of 2017, but also the knowledge set collapse accident pay period. In August, Luo Yonghao announced that he

A goose factory girl today (December 15th) afternoon made a circle of friends: Pony turn pink love, on Zhang Xiaolong road to fly. Today is the 2017 annual staff meeting, the Tencent, Tencent jahzeiah Pony Ma Huateng, Martin Liu Chiping, Mark ZAKER, perso


I'm a victim, too, but I'm in Shanghai! What should I do? I am also students, I just for the refund, that is the end of the month, the man ran … … I dare not hope. Just don't sell the information we submitted. We can force them to sell infor

CICC today (December 15th) released a research report of week coot. The model of the black duck and the current situation of the company were analyzed and summarized in combination with the Research Report and other public information. 1. production mode.

Frankly to say, on the two day that "a 92 year girl by Zhou Hongyi: don't stare at us" caused controversy and then 360 and Zhou Hongyi's back, and not to be discussed in this article, even a tiny bit. For the usual linger in the garnet grass communities C

The first picture of this article is provided by visual China, without permission, please do not use it. V-mobile and ofo, regardless of who who are not merged, the impact on the capital. This is somewhat chegulu means, are people read the second half sen

If you know about Apple ecology, you must know what the black apple means on the Internet. Since Apple has been using Intel's processor, OS X can be installed on Intel CPU and some AMD CPU machines. It appears - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popul

Good evening, everybody. It's getting cooler and cooler recently. It's also cold and Jia Yueting's credit. Although Jia Yueting in the United States to continue his dream car next week, but the mess has to clean up. The arrears have been too long, and the

There has been a rumor that millet will carry out IPO next year, and the valuation in rumor also increased from 50 billion US dollars to 100 billion US dollars. Although Lei Jun did not say anything about it, we knew that it would be sooner or later. But


This paper, the editor of | Pu Fang (Note: the author works for some cinema history personnel) proven countless times, reflecting one of the most important weapons in the movie xuanfa. If applied properly, it will play a great role in word of mouth and fi

In the previous conversation with an old tech media player, we mentioned the nearest Kirin 970 and apple A11. The man told me very angry, kylin 970 NPU is Cambrian do, just put the Hass Cambrian research integrated on the chip, but like ZAKER, personalize

Maybe China can't find an investor like Zhu Xiaohu, who likes to find a sense of existence. Today (December 9, 2017), in 2017 China corporate leaders meeting, asked ofo and Mobell bikes will not merge the issue, a Jinsha River Director Zhu ZAKER, personal

Dong Mingzhu, the Jianghu person, Miss Dong, is not Song Dongye's "Miss Dong". Miss Dong very important character, outspoken dare say dare to love and hate, regardless of the friend or foe, all my discontent, I will attack the. Miss Dong was a phenomenal

In the middle of September, the state banned bitcoin trading, and the three main virtual currency trading platforms, bitcoin China, fire money network and OKCoin coin bank also announced that they stopped the domestic trading business. The bitcoin is grad

Once a year the The Game Awards (hereinafter referred to as TGA) has a gaming known as Oscar, is one of the game player who are most concerned about the game event. The award ceremony was formerly known as VGAs, which is known by all game fans. It is call

The apple App Store Editorial Board recommended that is already a lot of APP operators dream things, then become an annual app? Apple released its annual application in 2017 today, compared with the previous popular recommendation from iPhone, iPad and M

In December 1, 2017, BYD held a pure electric bus (K9) ceremony in Okinawa, Japan. Dozens of Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs came to the scene. The Chinese Embassy in Japan and the representative of the Japanese Ministry of environment sent a speech, a

Today, when I first heard the magic will be anxious to this name, thought it was a similar year to find the toilet products Baba oh. The results look at reports, just know is in the car placed on goods (mainly snacks drinks) the project name or from Hayao

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